Border Crisis Is Now A Human Tragedy

Deaths are rising as Biden fails to act.

Friday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) addressed the situation at the United States-Mexico border after recently taking a trip with other lawmakers to see the crisis firsthand.

McCarthy described the situation as “more than just a crisis,” calling it a “human tragedy” because of the surge of immigrants that he noted are not being tested for COVID-19. He urged Biden to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies to solve the problem.

“Two weeks ago, I did send [President Joe Biden] a letter, using to sit down with him to talk about this crisis on ways to solve it. The … president didn’t even respond with a meeting, nor did the administration respond. So, I sent him another letter yesterday after going down to the border with 13 members. And what we saw is it’s more than a crisis. This is a human tragedy,” McCarthy emphasized. “What you are finding is what he needs to do very clearly we put solutions in this letter. He has to be very clear to tell people not to come. You know, back in the debate in June, he told immigrants to immediately surge the border. He needs to finish the wall — the portions that were being built. He needs to reinstate the Remain in Mexico. He needs to keep Title 42.”

He continued, “The facility I went to that the secretary hopefully will go today is a brand-new facility built under the Trump administration –98,000 square feet. They thought they would never hit capacity. On Monday, they hit capacity. You saw children everywhere. It’d break your heart. At the same time, they were moving 1,000 children to Midland, 3,000 to Dallas and to more cities across this nation. And they are not testing them for COVID.”

Sources: Breitbart: McCarthy on the Border: ‘More Than Just a Crisis — This Is a Human Tragedy’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. OH, BETTER IDEA!!…nstead of movin’ these illegal alien ‘kids’- most r 13-17- N2 the country…move them OUT back 2 their own countries, 2 their own parents…

    Their parents r sendin’ them!!

    Americans r sick and tired of payin’4 all these kids!!…now they’re usin’ FEMA money 2 pay 4 them all…

    That’s not what FEMA is gettin’ a $110 million 2 do…

    What happns when there is a another natural disaster, like a flood or hurricane…and the FEMA resources r bein’ used 2 pay 4 all these stupid kids?!?!


  2. This group of heathens do not care They are not there I want to know why we are spending tax dollars to fly illegals to northern states and if that little smart mouth that is supposed to be in charge of our homeland security and that does not mean you lat illegals to roam free in the northern states We have immigration laws WTF These people need to be charged and the illegals need to be returned to their country This is our country and not theirs Biden says he is going to raise taxes It will be on all of us the son of a bitch It looks more and more like we will have to a all new government and jail all of these law breakers That means also Clintons Obama and his clowns now Biden and Pelosi I hope they take every penny they have I would be happier than a pig in shit

  3. Oh that also means the shit head in the CIA He always looks like someone just shit in his face and there have been on the demwit side that have done worse So it is like Hank Williams Jr It is a family tradition

  4. I would like to know who is prepping joe biden each and every hour he is not sleeping. On the other hand he may be doing this on his own—-sure he is he has to be told everything he cannot think for himself he cannot even board a plane with out a problem> next he will have an escalator to board air fore one . How in the hell did this guy become in charge of our country!!!!!! He appears to be a very confused man. I have alzhiemers and i can do better then what he is doing . Friggin idiot opened the borders what is wrong with him?? Aoc and the gang are actually running this country—did anyone vote for them!!!!! F NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are worse then my typing

  5. The Border Crisis is a Left Wing BIDEN Tragedy. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  6. What is wrong with Biden? He should never have been made President. He made a remark a while ago about backing out and letting Harris be President and even had a slip of the tongue and called her President Harris. Who is running things right now, her or him? Our country is a mess. These illegals aren’t even being tested for Covid, and the fact that he’s distributing children throughout the country is just wrong. These people need to be sent back to their own country and let THEIR country care of them. The only thing I can think of is that once they get here, he has promised citizenship and I guess that’s so they can vote for the Dems. We have a mess here already with the Covid virus and are JUST starting to try and even get everyone vaccinated, now we have more to worry about. So many of our people are out of work, losing their homes, have no food and now we have all these illegals who are in the same situation. Of course, who is going to pay for all this is us, taxpayers. Someone with some sense needs to take control on Biden’s mess. Don’t know where he left his brains but it’s not with the people of our country. Now we have the Putin, Korea, and China situation!! Can’t we get Trump back in?? He did a great job and no one walked on us and he took control of all the issues at hand. Biden is just hiding out and not facing up to his duties.

  7. Clearly this disaster is of Bidens and Harrises doing, they need to clean up their own mess, pay for hotels medical needs etc. out of their pockets
    Americans should not foot the bill for their mistakes. Better yet Harris should start a “go fund me page” like she did last summer for BLM and Antifa. These two are millionaires would be a drop in the bucket for them.
    There are soooo many Americans who are sorry they voted for these two, only because they are democrats, now wished they had voted Republican.

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