CA Teachers Exposed

A California high school teacher appeared to criticize conservatives in a quiz question given to students last week, prompting outrage from parents and a school investigation, according to local reports.The quiz question asked students in a social science class at Whitney High School in Rocklin, a city located about 20 miles from Sacramento, to identify “a group of complete idiots.” The possible answers were given in a multiple-choice format as: “A) KKK; B) all of Florida; C) Fox news; D) Texans.”
Parent Jessa Krissovich shared a screenshot of the question with FOX40 Sacramento, telling the station “it sounded unbelievable.”

“These stories have gone in one ear and out the other,” she said.Another parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told the station that this teacher’s one-sided political comments – most often directed against the Republican Party – have been an ongoing issue in the classroom.

“The question on the test is really blatant obviously and that’s out there,” the parent said. “This has been the first time it has been looked at of him crossing the line.”
A student told KCRA-TV that the social science teacher is known to “always make jokes” in class.
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“I understand he’s just trying to make a joke,” said student Joel Alquicira, who said he had the teacher in a previous year, “but that kind of stuff shouldn’t be on a test.”
Whitney High School released a statement on Saturday telling parents it will investigate the controversial question after students, families and the community raised concerns.Sources: FoxNews: California teacher’s alleged quiz question trashes conservatives, school investigating