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Biden’s California Visit Fuels Speculation: Is He Passing the Torch to Gavin Newsom?

President Joe Biden's recent visit to California stirred a wave of speculation among reporters and political pundits alike as rumors swirled regarding his future...
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Unexpected Consequences For New York After Verdict in Trump’s Fraud Trial 

Investors have taken notice while Letitia James is doing a victory lap around the courthouse to celebrate her “victory” in former President Donald Trump’s...
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Dem States and Cities Diverted Millions in COVID Funds to Illegals 

In a shocking new twist on Democrats’ America Last agenda, it was recently revealed that funds meant for Americans suffering financial ruin during the...
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Arrests Made in Chilling Case of Girl’s Body Encased in Concrete and More

The City of Pueblo Police Department has reported the arrest of Corena Rose Minjarez, 36, and Jesus Dominguez, 35, on charges of murder and...
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The First Argument for AI Chatbots Being Its Own Entity Fails

Air Canada has now made history as the first company to try and have their artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots recognized as its own thing...
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Town Makes Lavish Purchases After Being Found $7 Million in Debt

When you are in debt up to your eyeballs, the first order of business is to scrimp and save, right? Well, one Chicago suburb,...
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Biden Throws a Fit Over Mayorkas Impeachment

If you haven’t heard, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, was impeached by the House of Representatives on Tuesday. And Biden and his...
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Former Biden Business Partner Opens Hearing with Claim Joe’s Been Compromised by China

If you didn’t already know, Joe Biden has had a rather rough couple of weeks. Sure, he won’t be charged with classified document handling,...
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Trump’s SCOTUS Confidence Skyrockets


5 of the Most Conservative Cities in the US

Thinking of moving? We have the conservative cities that can provide you with the values of old. 1. Pepper Pike, Ohio Located on the shores of...