China Now Advising Dems On How To Control Americans

Socialist principles and values are on full blast in D.C.

Friday on FNC’s “Your World,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) argued that similar to what one might see in a third-world country when a strongman “takes over in a coup d’etat,” the American left was engaged in taking over the way American citizens communicate, which could be a way to maintain power.

The Mississippi Republican U.S. Senator warned such an effort could threaten free speech, protected by the First Amendment.

Transcript as follows:

NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: All right, the big issue, big tech censorship.

And along comes Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, who wants to know from all the social media companies about the pile-on to silence that crowd, that speech, that point of view.

He hasn’t gotten any answers, just sent the missives out. The senator with us right now.

Good to have you, Senator.

So, you’re trying to get to the bottom of this, right, what made them decide to not only take down anything having to do with Donald Trump, but oftentimes those even remotely associated with Donald Trump or his speeches.

SEN. ROGER WICKER (R-MS): Neil, thank you for having me on.

Yes, this is bigger than Donald Trump, and it’s even bigger than the 25 million conservative people who have chosen voluntarily to use Parler.

We’re getting outrage from the right and the left. I mean, there’s a reason that our allies in Europe are frightened about this. There’s a reason the socialist president of Mexico has spoken out about this, the ACLU.

This is — this is a frightening, troubling misuse of the power of these big techs. And, yes, we are most interested in getting answers.

When did they decide to do this? Who did they talk to?

CAVUTO: But, Senator, is part it of these companies — [Jack] Dorsey says it’s bigger than Donald Trump, hinting that this is going to go wider than Donald Trump.

What did you make of that?

WICKER: Well, it already is bigger than Donald Trump.

And — but it amounts to a stifling of free speech. And so, I mean, they’re opening themselves up. We’re certainly going to keep talking about the Section 230 liability. At this point, there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t operate like Neil Cavuto has to do.

You say what you believe the truth is, and you take your chances under the First Amendment. They have a special protection under the statute. People of the right and left are going to want to reexamine that.

But, also, we’re about to spend billions of dollars building out broadband and making it easier for these people to connect with Americans. I think we have to ask, don’t they have some obligation to make sure that they don’t stifle information and stifle free speech?

When a strongman goes into a third-world country and takes over in a coup d’etat, the first thing they do is go to the information centers and take over the television stations. In this case, the left has taken over a large part of the way Americans communicate.

And, yes, we need to know, did they collude with each other? Who did who did Dorsey and Zuckerberg and Pichai, who did they all talk to before making these collective decisions?

It’s a — it’s a coincidence. And my…

CAVUTO: Do you think, Senator, that they took this calculated risk?

They took this risk. Maybe some have been very nonchalant about saying it was legal cover your you-know-what with some of the harsh, violent language, and they wanted to get ahead of that, if it happens in the future, and they were to be sued if something even worse happened.

Another point of view is, Republicans aren’t in power. Pretty soon, you won’t have the Senate, you won’t have the White House. You don’t have the House. And they roll the dice to say, more Republicans are upset at this than are Democrats. And this appeals to Democrats, who aren’t keen on your point of view anyway.

What do you say to that?

WICKER: It may appeal to Democrats at this particular moment in time.

But, listen, I have seen majorities come and go. I was a member of the Senate when there were only 40 Republicans. And I have been a member of the Senate when they were 54 of us. Elections come and go. People retire. Majorities change.

This is about the First Amendment. And if this — if this doesn’t send a chill up the spines of people, of our left-wing friends who want to defend the First Amendment, then it ought to. The majority will change, and…

CAVUTO: Are you surprised that, as of yet, as of yet, it really doesn’t?

WICKER: I don’t — I don’t know about that.

But I know, obviously, there’s a lot going on in Washington.

CAVUTO: Right.

WICKER: But I am disappointed that there is not more outrage from some of our elected officials.

I’m glad to see voices that have spoken out in favor of free speech when it’s popular and when it’s unpopular. And I’m glad to see people internationally condemning this.

But we have to get to the bottom of…


CAVUTO: No, you’re right.

It’s an eclectic group, from conservative leaders, Angela Merkel, the leader of Britain, the leader of Mexico. It’s — you’re quite right. It’s universal.

We will watch it very closely.

Senator Wicker, be safe yourself. Be well, Senator Roger Wicker of the beautiful state of Mississippi.

One of the things that…

WICKER: Thank you for calling attention to this.

CAVUTO: Thank you. Thank you, Senator.

Sources: BreitBart: GOP Sen. Wicker: ‘The Left Has Taken over a Large Part of the Way Americans Communicate’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The weak GOP eff em they just now complaining of civil Liberties sure when it was just American TRUMPers it was fine now since their liberty is being attacked ,WHOA STOP THE. PRESSES. IF THEY HAD. ROUNDED UP THE WAGONS AND STUCK TOGETHER we would not be in this mess. So now another obammy era is upon us America strike back even harder with a new CONServative party not Republicans and not dems so to heck with all ya in the SWAMP time to really drain the swamps dirty water and fill with clean water and new fish. The beginning of the underground movement to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ,WWG1WGA, AMERICA FIRST AND FOREVER, GOD BLESS AMERICA AND TO SATAN ALL THE EVIL DOERS.

  2. The world is right to express concern of our censorship. Just think what it will be like if the Chicoms infiltrate the United States and gain control. Who will be there to defend the rest of the world from tyranny? That would wipe out an extremely large number of defenders of Freedom while putting all citizens of the world at great risk of extinction of their Liberties. I lay this at the feet of every politician in the United States government. This ship needs to be righted.

  3. The liberals will call it racism, but its a fact. I lived around negroes in the Caribbean Islands and that’s exactly how they behave including Africa. Go visit those third world hell holes see for yourselves. This what Obama left. Its in their DNA and that’s a fact!!

  4. The censorship that is going on in America is unconstitutional. But will anything be done? Doubt it.
    Many in congress are a feckless bunch of over payed idiots who care nothing about the people in America. They are good about lip service, but lack conviction to up hold the constitution that our forefathers put so much thought into. They are probably rolling over in their graves.
    I mean, when leaders in other countries question what’s happening in America, you know something is wrong. Even Russia commented on the censorship that was happening.
    Wake up America!

  5. Biden CANNOT be the president. The 14th Amendment of the Constitution forbids it.
    Nor any of the people whom he chose to be his cabinet. SOROS has financed so many of them, they can only do the bidding of FOREIGNERS.
    Which is forbidden by the Constitution.
    Corruption is so out of hand, it is reprehensible. But the left only wants CONTROL so it can help china destroy the ONLY country in the world that gives HOPE to the world.

  6. There is no longer a Democratic Party nor is there a Republican Party. It’s the American Liberal Socialist Party vs the Patriot American Conservative Party. Stay strong and stay armed.

  7. Say Ms. or Mrs. Barbara, you have said a mouth full! The Biden’s and the Whole Progressive Liberal Democratic Party and Their Triatous Puppets = The Never Trumpster FAKE Repubs. of The likes of Chief US Supreme Court Justice Roberts, The Ex-US AG Barr and many others, including The Main Stream Media/Propaganda Mouthpieces and The Cheating and Collaberater’s, of the likes of The Soros Family, who squealed of his Questionable Jewish Friends, when he used to live in The Country of Hungary, before and during WW2, with that Secret Jew Whose name was Adolph Hitler, have been compromised by The Commie Socialist Chinese Dictatorship/Government, with the help of those three CEO’s of Mis-Information =, and, all because they are Greedy and Power Hungry!!!

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