Civil Rights Restored as Red-State Citizens Can Now Buy Ammo at the Grocery Store

SolidMaks /
SolidMaks /

No civil right in American life is currently more restricted than the Second Amendment right to defend yourself against criminals and radical communists in the government. Very few states will even admit that they have completely stripped their citizens of this basic, God-given right. In a story that is sure to have the heads of gun-grabbing liberals exploding everywhere, a patriotic vending machine company is now selling boxes of ammunition at grocery stores in select red states.

If you shop at a grocery store in Arkansas or Oklahoma right now, just look for the red-white-and-blue vending machines from American Rounds. These miracle machines will allow you to walk out of the grocery store with fresh eggs, milk, and boxes of 9 milly and .223 rounds for overthrowing tyrannical governments.

Think about it for a moment. Does the Second Amendment even exist in your state if you can’t purchase ammo at the grocery store?

It doesn’t! You’re obviously living under horrific tyranny and it’s time, as Thomas Jefferson noted, to water a certain tree.

American Rounds says that its ammo vending machines have built-in Artificial Intelligence, card-scanning capabilities, and facial recognition software to ensure that buyers are at least 21 years old. Multiple Fresh Value stores in Alabama and Super C Mart stores in Oklahoma are already equipped with these “revolutionary” ammo vending machines.

The president of the company says that more than 200 stores in nine additional states are asking for these Second Amendment miracle machines to be installed. Hallelujah!