Climate Change Is The Most Important Thing On Biden’s To-Do List

Has he forgotten about COVID and unemployment?

Existential Threat of Our Time™ Update:

So that didn’t take long. Among Joe Biden’s flurry of executives orders designed to cancel Donald Trump and his administration, the old “climate change” warrior has directed his team to retool metrics used to project the “costs and benefits” of “combatting climate change,” a move he could then use to justify stricter emissions controls.

In other words, Barack Obama 2.0.

Fellow “climate deniers,” ask yourselves: What could possibly go wrong?

As part of his climate executive order issued on Wednesday, as Washington Examiner reported, Biden directed federal agencies to review and update the so-called “social cost of carbon” in an effort to reduce “climate pollution.”

First things first. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,  the social cost of carbon is an estimate and is defined as:

An estimate of the economic damages associated with a small increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, conventionally one metric ton, in a given year.
This dollar figure also represents the value of damages avoided for a small emission reduction (i.e. the benefit of a CO2 reduction).
In its simplest terms, the SCC is a figure that tries to place a value on the damage done or damage avoided by emitting a discrete amount of carbon dioxide.

And according to an EPA fact sheet,

The SCC is meant to be a comprehensive estimate of climate change damages and includes, among other things, changes in net agricultural productivity, human health, property damages from increased flood risk, and changes in energy system costs, such as reduced costs for heating and increased costs for air conditioning.

“Shockingly,” the SCC metric was initially developed by the Obama administration, as noted by Washington Examiner, to “quantify the costs of global damages caused by rising temperatures” [rolling-eyes emoji] Federal agencies would then use that “value” in assessing the overall costs and benefits of regulatory actions. [In a completely unbiased manner, of course, wink-wink]

As the story goes, the regulations that curb greenhouse gas emissions, therefore, would produce benefits by avoiding climate-related damages.

Sounds so “progressive” and “green,” doesn’t it?

According to Kevin Rennert, who directs the think tank Resources for the Future, without the social cost of carbon to account for the costs of greenhouse gas emissions and the benefits of reducing them, “you’re actually missing a big piece of that analysis and missing some of the real benefits of costs of the actions you might take.”

So how is Trump involved? Here’s background via Washington Examiner:

The Obama administration had set the social cost of carbon at roughly $50 per ton. Under the Trump administration, federal agencies “dramatically slashed” [parentheses my emphasis, in a jab at WE] that value to between $1 and $7 per ton to “help it justify” rolling back or “weakening” climate change mandates.
The Trump administration did so by changing two key elements of the metric. It used a higher discount rate, which determines how to weigh the costs people incur in the present with the benefits people would feel in the future.
Environmental economists have generally suggested a low discount rate for the social cost of carbon because many of its worst costs won’t be felt for decades.
Secondly, the Trump administration limited the social cost of carbon to look at the costs and benefits only within U.S. borders, as opposed to globally.

Catch that last part? “Globally.”

From the Paris Climate Accord to the United Nations Secretariat Climate Climate Action Plan, to global-warming whackos like Al Gore and John Kerry, “climate control” is and always has been about massive wealth redistribution, in which wealthy countries (America) ship billions of dollars to “developing” countries.

And included among so-called “developing countries”? China, Russia, and India —all three of which are exempted from the goals set by the Paris Accord.

Incidentally, in reference to “legit” “developing countries — formerly referred to as “underdeveloped” countries — it’s the 21st century. Trillions of dollars of aid, decade upon decade. If you are still underdeveloped, chances are it ain’t gonna happen. Just sayin’.

So how far will Joe go?

Let’s first revisit. Obama’s administration set the “social cost of carbon” at roughly $50 per ton. The Trump administration reduced the cost per ton to between one and seven dollars.

Biden will undoubtedly be pushed by far-left lawmakers and others to dramatically increase the SCC value, based on “more recent research” — by climate change advocates — that finds “the economic damage from climate change could be significantly worse.”

Moreover, they already have an SCC value in mind.

Michael Greenstone, former chief economist in the Obama White House [Who knew?] who, as reported by Washinton Examiner, led development of the initial social cost of carbon, recommended in research published earlier this month that the Biden administration quickly set an interim value of $125 per ton.

Jeff Holmstead, who led the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation under the George W. Bush administration, is all in on $125, as well.

“If they adopt a number of $125, that justifies a lot of efforts. If that’s used throughout the federal government, that can have a huge impact.”

Catch that? So jacking up the SCC cost from somewhere between one and seven dollars to $125 “justifies” computer projections by climate-change advocates.

Shouldn’t that work the other way around?

It gets worse. In Biden’s executive order, he suggests he will use a social cost of carbon value beyond regulatory calculations, while calling for agencies to provide recommendations by September about where the metric should be applied, including in budgeting and procurement decisions, according to WE.

Toss in Biden’s November announcement that he would not only name John Kerry as his Special Presidential Envoy on climate change, but also that Kerry will sit on the National Security Council, and you get a clear picture of where the “climate change”agenda is headed for at least the next four years.

Speaking of global-warming activists, before we close up shop on this one, let’s revisit one of global-warming prophet Al Gore’s greatest hits.

In December 2009, Gore histrionically predicted the North Polar ice cap could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.

“Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire North Polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years,” he claimed.

According to data from last summer — eleven years after Gore’s 5-7 year prediction — the lowest point Arctic sea ice volume barely dipped below 5,000 km3, and by September, started growing at a record-early pace.

Ah, but fear not, global-warming people. Just move the goalposts, right? That’s what you do with every other prediction you make that fails to become reality, isn’t it?

“Only 12 years to save the world.” So along comes Joe, with the intrepid John Kerry in tow, to continue to tilt at global-warming windmills.

Sources: RedState: Priorities: Biden Orders Federal Government to Overhaul ‘Social Cost of Carbon’ in Effort to Reduce ‘Climate Pollution’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. A fake non-issue, a scam designed to put billions into the hands of Democrat thieves. And that’s the first and most important thing. Restoring the trough these pigs feed on Tax Dollars from.

  2. Crazy as we all know we have issues a lot larger than climate change , the should shove the green new deal and stop ruining American by reversing things like the pipeline , they are hurting so many people for their own personal power !
    Takes a lot for me to get angry , I’m damn 😡 angry

  3. Biden is an idiot and he will destroy the U.S. as we knew it!!! So much hatred and divisive behaviors and thievery and the American people will be the ones to pay for it!!

  4. 12 years to save the world. While China gets to do whatever they want, I find it difficult to take even the most moderate climate change advocate seriously! If it is really 12 years then ban all airfreight, all wars, all fishing, all ranching, mass migration of people, and just let people freeze and starve to recoup the world. Follow the science! Another leftist joke, because there is no science to support the 12 year statement or for that matter global warming. MSM gas been hiding the record cold winters in Russia for the past 9 years, but would explain it as somehow expected and caused by the warming, 9 years! How can the earth be getting colder and warmer? Science has become just another belief system, and technocrats are using to justify stifling rights!

  5. Hurry Joe, get that cost of carbon per ton. We need to send billions of our dollars to China, Russia, and India (who don’t have to follow the rules we do) and make sure they do not suffer because of our uncharitable greed. Make sure to figure in you and your cronies kick backs. We don’t want you to suffer either.

  6. The scum of the earth are running things now. Before the 4 years are up this country will be completely bankrupt. They must overload everything in order to bankrupt us and then bring in the New World Order– One World Government.

  7. We’ve always had climate change. The ice age ending proves that. What caused it? The dinosaurs? There was no people there. I have heard predictions of the world ending for 50 years and we are still here. If the world ends, I don’t think climate change will have anything to do with it.
    AOC says the world will end in 12 years. That was 4 years ago, so we only have 8 years left. Al Gore says the ice caps melting will cause the ocean to rise and flood the world. That’s why he bought a big mansion on the coast, I guess, so he can go swimming in his living room.
    Think about this, The earth used to be all sod and rock. When it rained, most all the water soaked up. Now look at the paved roads, and building with paved parking lots, city streets and paved side walks. When it rains, it can’t soak up so it runs into the gutters, to the creeks and rivers and eventually ends up in the ocean. Would that cause a rise in the ocean level? The ice caps melt every summer and freeze back in the winter. I think it is just another scam. People are getting rich promoting it. while they ride in jet planes and drive their cars every place they go.

  8. COMMUNIST biden & all the OLD TRASH COMMUNIST DEMORATS, will not be long on this earth to see any changes in the Climate.

  9. Corrupt Quid Pro Joe is willing to sacrifice millions of American jobs, in order to cave in to the radical left and their climate change agenda. Don’t think for one moment that Joe cares about the average American worker. Whatever Corrupt Quid Pro joe does to America doesn’t affect Biden and Family.

  10. They start with the Climate Change is important. COVID is more pressing than anything for most of us followed by Employment, Feeding our selves and our families, Paying the rent. but NO he has to waste time on Climate Change while China is experimenting creating weather changes. This man has his head where the sun doesn’t shine.

  11. If you read the realistic facts about climate change and their so called scientists It is made up to seem that the whole world is going to hell which it is not The only country that is to do anything is the US the people that agree with this seem to think the government will never lie read the whole thing and believe what you see

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