CNN Anchor Emberasses Himself On Live TV

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, who jerked off in front of his co-workers during a Zoom meeting, said Wednesday that that he thinks Kyle Rittenhouse is lucky it’s not “illegal to be an idiot.”
During a live CNN segment about Rittenhouse’s Kenosha shooting trial, the former The New Yorker writer said he did think the 17-year-old has a case for “self-defense” while calling him an idiot multiple times.“What kind of idiot 17 year-old gets a giant gun and goes to a riot?” Toobin, the network’s legal analyst explained. “He has no license, he has no training, he thinks he’s going to scrub graffiti off with his AR-15?”
“I mean the stupidity of this is, ‘what could possibly go wrong,’” he added. “Well a lot went wrong. The good news for Kyle Rittenhouse is that he’s not on trial for being an idiot. He’s on trial for homicide and in that respect I mostly agree with Joey that this is a tough case for the prosecution because it does seem like he has a plausible case of self-defense.”“And you know if it were illegal to be an idiot the jails would be even freer, even more crowded than they are now,” Toobin continued. “Homicide’s a different matter and you know he may have a defense here.”
Jeffrey returned to the network in June after being fired from The New Yorker magazine after he was caught masturbating in front of his coworkers in the middle of a work Zoom call in October 2020.Sources: Daily Caller: Jeffrey Toobin – Who Jerked Off In Front Of His Coworkers – Thinks Rittenhouse Is An ‘Idiot’