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CNN Changes Their Reporting Approach For Biden’s White House

Major changes are coming to how CNN plans to cover Biden’s presidency, and Republicans are calling them out.

CNN is an anti-Trump network. There are some people who aren’t on-air talent who work there that are fine. I get that. I’m not directing fire at them. Yet, Jake Tapper has become insufferable. Anderson Cooper is an elitist snob. Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon are like the braindead brothers. And Jim Acosta is the attack dog that always gets the Michael Vick treatment from the Trump administration when he tries to bite them. The man has been a punching bag for this administration for the past three years. He’s taken the abuse. Like human wave tactics of the Chinese army in the Korean War, he just kept on coming at the Trump White House.

Three years ago, it was reported that his antics were all part of a long interview process. He wanted his own show. With the 2020 election over and Joe Biden about to take office, CNN has decided to make some changes. Acosta is getting his own weekend show and having his title changed to chief domestic correspondent. Kaitlin Collins is now chief White House correspondent. The move had some within DC media circles questioning it. Spectator USA’s Amber Athey aptly noted the move days before the Biden inauguration as something to keep an eye on regarding if CNN will be just as aggressive keeping the incoming Biden administration accountable. Place your bets, folks (via Fox News):

CNN announced major changes to coincide with President-elect Joe Biden’s upcoming term on Monday, including moving Jim Acosta out of the White House and expanding Jake Tapper’s role, as critics feel the hyper-partisan network is preparing to take it easy on the incoming administration.
The most glaring change is CNN’s decision to take performance artist Jim Acosta off the White House beat. Talk about showing your hand,” conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News.
“Acosta will probably get shipped off to cover Mar-a-Lago where he can yell at Trump from outside,” Barron joked, but Acosta will actually anchor a to-be-determined weekend show and serve as chief domestic correspondent.
The Spectator’s U.S. Washington editor Amber Athey used to work alongside Acosta when she was the White House correspondent for the Daily Caller. She finds it peculiar that CNN would replace Acosta, who emerged as a household name and hero of the so-called “resistance” to Trump with his aggressive style.
“It certainly seems odd that CNN is pulling Acosta from the White House rotation right as a Democratic president is set to take office. He insisted repeatedly that his style of shouting questions, delivering monologues, and heckling White House officials was merely about holding powerful people accountable for their actions,” Athey told Fox News. “Is CNN effectively saying that they don’t want to hold the Biden administration accountable in the same way?”
He was recently mocked for claiming that covering Trump was “an experience that might merit hazard pay.”

Now, given that Biden doesn’t take questions from the media, we may never know what will come of this shift. It certainly makes the network more insufferable than it already is, but we’ll deal with it. Look, let’s not be shocked that the liberal media was going to revert back to its creampuff days once a Democrat, any Democrat, got in there. With old, frail Joe Biden, they will be especially soft on keeping this new White House in line. The puff pieces will flow. Trump’s achievements will be reported as Biden’s in what could be an epic gaslighting exercise. It’s going to be bad, but we’ll deal. We’ve been here before. In good times and bad, we’ll keep going.

Sources: TownHall: The One Question Surrounding CNN’s Move with Jim Acosta

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Joe Biden is a vial disgusting human being I ever seen. I never liked him when he was Vice President to Obama. The man has dementia and does not belong in the White House. He belongs in a nursing home period. He did not win the election like they said. Trump won the election fair and square. Trump really did win the election. There was absolutely evidence of voter fraud like they said. CNN is wrong in the way they treated Trump. That’s why I watch Fox News. This letting Joe Biden slide is ridiculous. He’s no different then anyone else. He should never have ran for President if he was so frail. He’s already showing his true colors. He already made it plain he will not help white small business owners because of the pandemic. He said on TV to the press that he was only helping Black, Latinos, Asian, African American along with women business owners. I don’t understand why no one else is outraged by this especially the people that voted for him. I didn’t vote for him because I knew he was a liar to begin with. He sat on his behind along with Obama for 8 years and did nothing to help the American people. Trump turned the economy around when he took office. He brought jobs to the American people along with other things. CNN needs to get their act together and start doing their jobs or they will start losing viewers. I sure hope this happens. They make me sick.

  2. Oh your in trouble Betty, Come on Man tough guy is going to take you behind the Gym! You are right, this shell has no spine, just follows orders! However he is cunning as he and the Biden clan have been raking in millions if not billions over the years! It is amazing that Dem voters are so brainwashed that they could not see straight, unlike the Black communities that signed up with Trumps “what do you have to lose” and have already seen more employment and higher wages, plus long term commitment for schooling and FREEDOM to chose schooling instead of being kept in ghettos by the DEMS! Let’s see if Biden reverses this!

  3. Biden is not a new King. And I’m not going to act like he is. He is Not above the law. He changes his mind, and he lies.
    Stop acting as though we need to put him on a pedestal.
    He has crimes. He is human. And he is a cheater.
    Whst is CNN going to do about their integrity and reporting of truth?

  4. Say Mr. Acosta, sir, why aren’t you berating Mr. Biden’s Son for his Anti-Constitutional Activities and getting Filthy Rich ( WHEN HE NEVER HAD THE PROPER EDUCATION CONCERNING BURISMA IN UKRAINE, AND THIS WAS BEFORE EX-UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT YANUKOVICH FLOWN THE CHICKENS COUP BACK TO COMMIE SOCIALIST RUSSIA IN 2014 AD?, AND IN THE VERY SAME YEAR , MADE DEFINITELY UN-CONSTITUTIONAL AND UNETHICAL DEALINGS = MONEY = WITH THE COMMIE SOCIALIST CHINAESE MILITARY GOVERNMENT = DOCTATOR RUN GOVERNMENT, AND A LITTLE AFTER THIS RECEIVED A LARGE SUM OF MONEY FROM THE EX-MAYOR OF MOSCOW, MOST LIKELY THE VERY SAME WAY THAT ILLEGALLY TRANSPARENT EX-US SOS MRS. HRC, YES, HITLERY CLINTON, AFTER SHE FOUND OUT THAT HER UN-USA.GOV-PROTECTED HAND HELD COMMUNICATION AND COMPUTER DEVICE HAD TRULY BEEN HACKED BY GUCIFFER 2.0, from Foreign Countries and made huge amounts of money by making friendly speeches to The USA’s Arch-Enemies, like Communist and Socialist Russia, Communist And Socialist China, And That BLOOD THIRST IRAN, Who Does Not Give A Rats Arse About “The USA’s Middle East Ally And Friend The State Of Israel”, Or Are You And Your Demwit And YOUR IGNORANT GREEDY AND POWER HUNGRY ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL FAKE REPUBS. ALIAS THOSE BLIND AND DEAF LEFT LEANING SINFUL VANITY STRICKEN FRAUDELANT RHINO REPUB. PUPPETS, WHO ARE DEFINITLEY TRAITOROUS ANTI CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN MEMBERS OF THE UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA!!! After all of this ear wax filling rage that I am giving you, Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Acosta, since you truly do NOT know IF you a man or a female, or something in between, who can out perform a Naturally Biologically Born Female, Who Just Love To CHEAT IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE, LIKE WHAT TRULY DID IN FACT HAPPEN, IN THE 2020 AD US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION! Oh, by the way, Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Acosta, sir or Madam, here is a News Flash, according to the FACTUAL Census of The USA’s Total Legal Registered Voter Population as of 2010 AD by a Information Expert Mr. Binney, who is a Pateiotic American, without any of those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens, happens to be close to 241,000,000 Legally Aged Registered Voters in The USA’s Boundaries! #45 = The Legally Elected US President in 2016 AD, Mr. Donald John Trump accumulated around 74,000,000 VOTES of that total, for anyone with a factually proper education, NOT a Indoctrinated Education, that would leave ONLY around 67.5 Million Legally Registered Voters!! My question to you and all of those Ignorant Left Leaning Commie Socialist Questionable People In The US Government, From Where Did All Of Those 13,000,000 Extra Votes Came From!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Acosta, I would love an Honest and Sincere Answer, Please, I Pray This Would Never Be “Cancel Cultured”, and I am Counting On Reality Stats Too, NOT Fantasy Neither/Either!?!

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