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CNN Is The Problem with America

CNN has been the posterchild of fake news for the last 20 years. They will get worse if Biden wins.

CNN has always been a left-wing, liberal echo chamber. They don’t report news, they blowup story lines to drive clicks. Trust me, I understand as much as anyone that it is important to drive engagement with your website and brand to generate revenue. A problem arises when that website claims to be an impartial arbiter of the truth.

Why is this a problem now? The liberal media has bashed President Trump for anything he has done during his Presidency. It has gotten to the point where CNN is pushing baseless conspiracy theories that the President is trying to overthrow the country in the hopes of winning his second term.

Conspiracy theories like this, while fun and entertaining, are particularly damaging to Democracy. It makes it sound like the President is a sore loser instead of having real and often verified concerns about voting irregularities.
The irregularities are enough that the Department of Justice has taken the unprecedented step of looking into the allegations themselves. And they should. If everything was done by the book, then we should know about that. If there were crimes committed, then we should know about that too.

The right to vote is the most important foundation on which America is built. If American citizens can’t trust the electoral process then Democracy is dead forever.

What role does CNN play in all this? For starters, their endless bashing and obsessive and pointless fact checking on President Trump on every little thing has whipped the left into a fury. No one who watches CNN regularly will believe a word the President says. They won’t even give him the benefit of the doubt that this should be seriously looked into.
Again, confirming that an election was legitimate is too important to brush aside. All allegations of voting irregularities should be investigated.

Second, CNN called the race earlier than many other news organizations. Why did they do this? To of course undercut the President they spent the last 4 years undercutting. They wanted to wrap up the election as fast as they could. The second Biden was ahead by one vote they called the election in his favor.

If President Trump ends up losing the election, a lot of it will have to do with how CNN treated him for 4 years and especially how they treated him on election night.

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I think CNN should be sued for misleading the public as being a reliable news casting company. Jeff is a creep & despicable. The news cast working for CNN should lose their jobs & never allowed back into the profession. They are dishonest & have shown it over & over!!!!

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