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Congressional Republicans Furious With Top Official

Not only are they furious, but they have a right to be.

A new report is out detailing just how furious Congressional Republicans are over Bill Barr hiding the Hunter Biden investigation. According to The Daily Caller, Barr knew about the investigation months ago (which also leaves the question open as to why he didn’t know years ago). Instead of allowing the voters to be made aware of such a monumental development prior to the election, the DOJ paused the investigation and refused to confirm it existed.

Attorney General William Barr knew months ago about investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, but kept the information from spilling into public view even as President Donald Trump publicly called for investigations into the son of the president-elect.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Barr was briefed before the spring about investigations into Biden, which Biden revealed in a statement on Wednesday issued through his father’s presidential transition team.

Barr knew about this in the spring but didn’t tell the President, nor any members of Congress that would usually be kept abreast of such a high profile investigation into the son of a presidential candidate. Further, Barr allowed the investigation to cease during the election season despite the fact that such steps were not taken for the Hillary Clinton, nor Donald Trump investigations during 2016. Why did Joe Biden deserve this kind of protection? And how was it fair to the electorate to not give them all the facts? Now, we have a possible future president who himself could be tied up in corrupt overseas dealings in relation to his son’s activities.

Congressional Republicans are not happy about this.

According to The Journal, Barr took steps to avoid providing information to Republican members of Congress about the investigations.
“Congressional Republicans are furious that Barr never told us the news, even in confidence,” a source who works on Capitol Hill told the DCNF.

It’s also fairly amazing, though not unpredictable, that this news never leaked via other sources. Trump couldn’t drink a Diet Coke without it leaking and being pushed by CNN, but no one in the DOJ thought this was worth putting out there over the last three years this investigation has existed? That gives you a good picture of just how partisan our career public servants are. They will leak like a sieve if it hurts Republicans, but they suddenly become Fort Knox the moment a Democrat is implicated.

Further, the media knew this information by their own admission (CNN, for example, says they asked for comment on it before Hunter Biden released his statement). They covered it up to protect Joe Biden. Bill Barr decided to be an accomplice in that, whether he believes he was doing the right thing or not.

Barr also hid the existence of John Durham being appointed special counsel in the Russia-investigation probe. That was also something the American people deserved to know about. Instead, the DOJ apparently did everything they could to ensure Joe Biden wasn’t tarnished before the voting began.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done now. The swamp wins again.

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. BILL BARR, As a citizen of this great country, I am totally disgusted with the DOJ AND BILL BARR.
    I thought we had finally got an A.G. WITH SOME STONES That would clean up the corrupt DOJ.
    But all we ended up with was another Corrupt Rino in the department of INJUSTICES.
    I thought Justices was Blind and balanced, But ever since Obama became president, Lady Justice became corrupt.

    • I couldn’t agree more! He has done nothing & sits on information that should be investigated! They need a thorough house cleaning of DOJ, FBI & CIA! These agencies represent corruption & the fact that these allegations were hidden from us is not acceptable! They work for us, not the other way around! Grow some [email protected]$ for a change & do the right thing or quit!

    • Totally agree. Well before our elections I stated on face book that Barr had to inform the general public of the wrong doings of Hunter Biden and the Biden Family for the good of America. He couldn’t allow a corrupt person to lead this great nation especially the fact that that person had very serious national security issues with China. If Barr’s life was threatened he should have gone public with that also but he didn’t. He is a total corrupt person who cares only about his job and not the well being of the US.

    • I agree with you, thought he was honest and above board, guess that is what thoughts are good for. What is so special about Biden, he lies, is into illegal dealings, has dementia, what is the reason. You at least owe us an explanation, make it good.

    • Lady Justice used to stand proud,as a beacon of truth in the law,and its applications. Now,however,Lady Justice has been demoted by the Democrat/Communist left ,and now is available to screw the “Conservative Right”as she will be instructed to do in our frightening “Demo/Commie future. I

  2. Apparently its time for Barr to go away now…… nice job, exactly Whom is This guy loyal to? Cannot be US, the American public, and apparently neither party ALTHOUGH he did a good job of protecting GUILTY BIDEN and family.
    I know, lets Prosecute this Useless and Lazy fat ass and see how He likes it.

    • Apparently with all these people covering for each other the good old days of law and order at least at the upper levels are over too. maybe we got to throw everyone out of office and start again with new people and get rid of all lobbyists !!

  3. I hope the GOOD Republicans (not Romney or want to bees) keep getting madder & madder and start figuring out ways to either impeach these elected officials & also start firing DOJ, FBI, CIA etc. criminals & prosecuting them all & putting them in prison for their crimes where they belong!!!

  4. The DC Swamp makes the Florida Peninsula Swamp look like a playground….it is full of nasty creatures of the NIGHT and that seems to be what is happening at the Capitol Bldg. now. Slithering reptiles out to score a hit or big bucks or take down another Republican. It is appalling and not something I thought really possible in America…..we should be standing tall over third world countries and large Communist strong holds in the World, but seems we have gravitated to a smelly and slimy swamp right in the Nation’s Capital. Shame on AG Barr and his cohorts for being such back stabbing RHINOS. Shame on a big part of our Congress (from the top on down) for not thinking America First, Shame on the SOB’s that orchestrated the disaster of an election in 2020….that took years of planning. Thank God for the good guys and gals remaining along side our President in a time of need….and I don’t think that would include SCOTUS.

  5. Trump has tried his best to make peace with the RINO’s and every one of them stabbed him in the back including his nominees for the Supreme Court. Trump should have appointed Giuliani four years ago as Attorney General and he would be President elect today. Trump’s biggest fault was the trust he gave to people who turned out to be traitors to the American people.

  6. I am not American but I really think Mr Barr need to apologize and leave his post.I believe that Mr Trump was chosen by God to clean up, the evil in all parties,all department ,all states, all people.We continue yo.pray for the President who is the President of the USA for four more years..Any good that This man has done will it be entered in the grave and this evil will live on.

    • You have more intelligence and common sense than many American’s. Glad u can see the light and please pass on your knowledge and love of this great nation before we sink even lower.

  7. It is a shame that the Rino Republicans have more allegiance to the Democrats who have never accomplished what Trump has in less than 4 years. Time has designated Biden and Harris as Person of the Year. Why wasn’t Trump named Person of the Year for the vaccine that was made available in record time? I am a senior and have never witnessed such division in our country. And Biden thinks he will bring us together?

  8. I can’t believe how President Trump could have appointed a committed liberal communist/socialist like Barr to such an important position.

    The mere idea that some one like Barr could be the Attorney General who President Trump leaned on to protect him in all things turns out to be a member of the Deep State all along, well, it’s terrible.

    I think he should be immediately fired, all of his prior decisions overturned, and he be place in prison waiting for trial for disloyalty to President Trump.

    • Trump is like us. It’s hard to know who to trust. People like Barr have built a phony façade of honor. Perhaps it’s time to drag a known Police chief in to take Barr’s place. Lord, help us.

    • exactly! Democrats are the protected elite, nothing ever happens to them and all the corruption which we all know they have the proof but ignore it! Let it be a Republican they go straight to prison! disgusting, Barr and Durham saw an opportunity to get big money and took it being paid off by China’s spies thanks to ERIC Stallwell, suppose his spy mistress slept with Barr and Durham as well?

  9. I honestly though Barr would do what was right, but I guess I was wrong. Why would he protect someone like Biden when the fate of our nation was in play? Is there anyone besides Donald Trump that is for America and her people and not just out for themselves and the monies they can accumulate either legally or illegally?

    • Bi Barr was appointed by George Bush who does not like Trump. When it mattered most Bill Barr showed his true colors.

    • I asked that question before I chose who to vote for. Left ALL the MSM ideas on the subject out of my decision…and used the fact Donald Trump was wealthy before running for office…and didn’t take any salary for the 4 years. Biden was in public service for 47 years…anything he accumulated was as a result of what “We The People” paid him. Net worth he is reported to have proved we treated him VERY well. No salary taken by Trump told me he was in this for Americans…ya, I know visitors spent lots of money in his hotels etc over the 4 years…but can’t remember any prior president who didn’t take an annual salary. I also don’t remember a president who has been totally brutalized by MSM and political adversaries, yet got more done than any president I’ve seen, or hjeard of. I for one believe he has been the best president I’ve ever had the chance to live under, or who I heard who came before him…am only 76, so haven’t seen that many. Ya, I DID vote for him…actually for him AND against Biden. Watched Biden for his entire 47 years, and still haven’t been able to find anything he did in all that time (that was beneficial to Americans).

      • John F Kennedy did not take a salary. The only other President in current history that I know of was JFK. Of course they assassinated him.

      • tk you said it right and I thank you for that! President Trump is the best-of-the-best!! I too am 76 and I don’t know of any other President who did what Trump did in the first term of his presidency. I am so, so disappointed in Bill Barr. I thought he was very good at first but now what he has done to President Trump in just unforgiveable! You would think that he would help the President get through all this corruption and help him win the 2020 election. I am so totally upset over this that I cannot stop thinking about it. The President did actually win when you take away all the fraud that went to Joe Biden and his numbers would be much, much, much lower and never in no way would he have been elected. I cannot believe he got 80 million votes. NO WAY!!! He didn’t even go out and campaign nor do hardly do any rallies because the whole thing was fixed and that’s why they told him to stay in his bunker and not worry about it. What a F’N joke!!!!!!! I could keep going on but will end here as I am sure you all have much to say also. Thank you for listening…

  10. Looks like the “swamp” won again. And by the looks of Biden’s proposed cabinet all the critters that had to leave when Obama left are returning fully ready to continue to subvert what’s left of our Constitution…no reprisals for for anything. Demons of Hell are doing their “happy dance.” Their comrades are back and have found a new way to make sure no semblance of Christian values ever have any future power. Sacrifice of innocents to Molech & Baal can continue unabatted. We just need to remember how to effectively use Dominion Voting Systems and it will forever guarantee our swamp critter friends will never have to leave our DC swamp home.
    Wonder if Barr was really thinking about the well being of Americans with his hiding of these Biden issues? And is he really certain Joey is NOT “The Big Guy”—owner of that 10% unidentified interest in Hunter’s China business deal? Could Barr actually have had a part of the social media censoring of the NY Post’s story in October. Per later polls showed 17% who voted for Biden said they may have voted differently had they known Bidens had “issues.” Withholding the info definitely affected the elections in favor of Biden. With all the clandestined activity involved with this election…if the vote count is left uncorrected…or explained America doesn’t deserve to be free, and we have our leaders to thank for scuttling the best form of government the world has ever seen. Greed ; deceit & corruption of our ruling elite will have left the country with no redeeming values

  11. AG BARR should be DIS-BARRED for hiding these facts from the President and the American Citizens in order to protect Joe Biden and Hunter Biden from the Courts of law. Joe Biden should not be running for President and he would not ever be able to be running for DOG CATCHER with the background like he and his family has in loved in so much CRIME.

  12. When you follow everything Barr did or did not do as AG you will see a pattern of nothing. All talk no action. Trump never knew how many people were against him.

  13. This hiding of information probably got Biden gone/Harris president elected. They will bury the investigation of Hunter Biden and the $1 billion dollars that China paid to own Biden and his family. Hell of a four years coming. I hope that we survive it.

  14. Along with the Supreme Court they’re a bunch of are they not smart enough to know what will happen to this country with the dems in office we will be a communist country , do they not think of our kids and grandchildren what will happen to them , very disappointed and ashamed that they don’t have the guts to do the right thing

  15. The people of the us are letting the communists come in and take over our country how stupid are the people that voted him in I want you to remember what you have done too your country and to the patriot get prepared it coming only God can change the out come mayGod have pity on our country

  16. Ya, this election was tainted by two wrongs…important information about one of the candidates kept secret…and censored when a MSM outlet tried to air it, and Trump Derangement Syndrome that so affected election officers they allowed likely the loosest election cycle (changed processes without setting up effective internal controls to insure those processes didn’t cause irregularities. Then stonewalled any attempt to get to the REAL truth about how the results came to be. “We are all busy insuring ALL votes are counted…operative word is ALL…don’t think they implied ALL LEGAL votes..
    Nah, Biden will insist on trying to rebuild unity. But IMHO if he had any part, or received ANY benefit from Hunter’s business dealing…promoting his father’s name recognition as U.S. V-P as services rendered…how can I consider him as president?…he should be in jail instead of the Oval Office.

    • I, did not Biden’s son was running for president. Do not forget about Trump’s kids. They too have a basket full of dirty laundry. I am sure Biden;’s son cover his bases. Also do not forget Perdue and Kelly also made millions by assuring the people there would be no problems with the virus.

      You can bet Trump wishes he could fire the Judges he supported. I said in the beginning the choices made by his staff to nominate I greed they would make honorable Judges. I am sure the Democrats would have considered nominating the same You can be sure Trump had in mind the no merit law suits filed the Judges would have agreed with him. If they had not fulfilled their duty disregarding the constitution in four years Trump would have file suits to disband the voting process we have in America.

      • Joe is implicated in hunters laptop info and its co-oberated by a partner who was involved. That was just ignored. Trump’s children haven’t done anything..

  17. This doesn’t surprise me, with all the crap and craziness going on … all theses Democrats sold there sol to the devil … We ALL need to PRAY to GOD

  18. I, did not Biden’s son was running for president. Do not forget about Trump’s kids. They too have a basket full of dirty laundry. I am sure Biden;’s son cover his bases. Also do not forget Perdue and Kelly also made millions by assuring the people there would be no problems with the virus.

    You can bet Trump wishes he could fire the Judges he supported. I said in the beginning the choices made by his staff to nominate I greed they would make honorable Judges. I am sure the Democrats would have considered nominating the same You can be sure Trump had in mind the no merit law suits filed the Judges would have agreed with him. If they had not fulfilled their duty disregarding the constitution in four years Trump would have file suits to disband the voting process we have in America.

  19. barr should be fired without retirement pay. FBLie should be cleaned out. DOJ should be cleaned out. They have treated the American people like scum. They aren’t working for the people. They are working for the left. Having the laptop and not doing anything about it, allowed hunter molest more little girls. biden is a sick freak he should be arrested a long with hunter.

  20. Very sad state of affairs.

    There is no department in our government that isn’t corrupt.

    Now we have to live under that corrupt regime for years to come.

    God help us!

  21. Everybody including FOX News has done zero investigating of this appointment. Which Family in America took the biggest hit from Trump. DING, DING……..THE BUSH FAMILY. WHO GAVE BILL BARR HIS FIRST BIG JOB. BUSH 1………THIS IS PAYBACK FROM THE BUSH FAMILY….BUSH 2 CALLED AND CONGRADULATED BIDEN. NO SELF RESPECTING CONSERVATIVE WOULD MAKE THAT CALL UNLESS HE WANTED TO POUR SALT ON THE WOUND. How this is not being reported just shows how clueless all News outlets are. Wake up America….the Bush Family helped build the Swamp.

  22. Oh look who the hell s in office the biggest corrupt, plus asshole ever to be president , trump, a dushbag of corruption, good job Barr.

  23. Barr is a snake in the bush.He is definitely a traitor to our country. I have other words I could use, but I won’t say them here.

  24. The Socialist Democrats do not favor the same judges as President Trump, since values and priorities are vastly different. Hunter and Joe Biden were dealing with Communist China, making big money and outsourcing American jobs. From 2012-2016, we lost 8 more industries and 145,000 farm acres, which includes a meat plant.The laptop reveals info for 2017-2018. Joe Biden was supported by the Communist China Party, CCP, and some of our government officials are part of the Communist Party U.S.A.. Marxist, Kamala Harris was associated with Maoist Communists, so this isn’t about a woman of diversity, but a Socialist or Communist in our goverment position. A Communist official said, they hope to dominate America by 2027, at this rate. President Trump stood in the way of their aggressive plan, Hillary was supposed to continue. Marxist Kamala is associated with the Marxist BLM, praising them, which was encouraged by Socialist Communist leaders, with Obama, Maxine Waters, who said to confront Republicans, and Pelosi, who said to have a Resistance against Trump. Socialist George Soros had contact Associations with the Smartmatic and Dominion Voting machines chairman, which he just made chairman of his Open Society Group. Kamala’s aide belongs to Socialist Soros’ group. There are more schemes and big money thrown into this goverment overthrow, just as in Venezuela. The history of these machines go back to Chavez. Unless Americans wake up, we wil experience more oppression.

  25. Maybe some are watching the wrong news channels. I have known about Biden being investigated for a while, certainly before the election. So what were you guys doing all of this time? It makes me think you are just as willfully ignorant as the Democrats. But then, the disqualification for Biden is that he IS a Democrat.

  26. I think Barr should be outright fired. He’s allowed all the filth that the demacrats put our President through. Who paid him off? He should be under investigation too! He’s not too good for it.

  27. Joe Biden and his family belong in JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the very most corrupt family living on this planet. He should never set foot in the White House as he just does not belong there. Who in their right mind would want a corrupt President and one who is illegal. Also I am so very disappointed in the Supreme Court not allowing Texas to present their case. They didn’t even give them a chance to present it as they just didn’t want to even listen. How terrible is that! They too must be one sided and covering for Joe Biden. How sad is that.

  28. The Press, the Socialist Democrats, RINOs, and most of the Washington Federal Bureaucracy have proven themselves in league against the Republic, the Constitution, and Trump who defends them both
    > Freedom of Speech and Religion (1A)
    > Freedom to Self-defense (2A) — first and second for a reason
    > Fair elections (transparent, honest, verifiable)
    > Borders
    > Military
    > Judgment by content of character rather than skin color (MLK Jr)

    The FBI (James Comey and Christopher Ray), the DOJ, (Sessions, Barr), the SCOTUS (exc Thomas and Alito) all failed to protect the above list.

    Democrats in 2020 openly lied, cheated, created ballots, used biased machines, registered and voted the dead. No one but Trump and his supporters care.

    Pelosi knew Swalwell (D-CA) was compromised by the China Communist Party in 2014-2015, and appointed him to the House Intelligence Committee anyway (by their own admission). The FBI knew and “gave him a defensive interview” rather than rounding him up with a SWAT team in the middle of the night like Roger Stone (who was innocent).

    But Joe Biden and his Crime Family, Jim the co-conspirator, and Hunter the bagman, now that is the Swamp Icing on the Rat Cake.

    So we will watch it all happen just like Braveheart and traitorous Scots who stabbed him in the back for lands and wealth from England. Trump is Braveheart, and China is England. And the American leadership class scoop up Chinese millions as they sell US down the Communist river.

    But prayer is not dead, nor is the God Who Answers. Perhaps His Answer will be further judgment for our greed, death, drugs, and perversion. He created this country of freedom, and He can raise it up again, just as He did Israel — dead as a nation from 70 to 1948 AD. But then again, beloved, “in the End Times” (and many think we’re there), Israel stands “alone against the world” (without her greatest ally). Could we be seeing the death of Israel’s greatest ally happen before our very eyes?

    God gave us a choice in 1A and 2A, religious liberty, faith in God, borders, law enforcement, and the Constitution (Trump). The nation and its leaders have now chosen corruption, speech codes, censorship, depravity, open borders, promotion based on skin color vs. content of character, violence, perversion, and hate (Biden).

    Sounds like another round of judgment is coming.

  29. Barr and biden and Harris and all Democratic politicians are now guilty of treason therefore the democratic party should be shut down immediately and all of them put to death by hanging


  30. I feel like I already live in a third world dictatorship. Do any of these people believe in God and the truth. I have lost all faith in this government. They may think they can commit all of these offenses and get away with it, and they can for awhile, but someday you have to pay for what you have done.

  31. So America, what do you think ? Shall we stand together and tell our acting GOPs and Democrats that we want an impeachment or hold another immediate Presidential vote without a sing Dominion ? Let’s use our valid drivers lic and voter id’s to eliminate dead voters ! Whose game to go and vote again for TRUMP !!!!! We can do this ! Insist on another chance to vote !

  32. Republicans were fine with the FBI destroying Hillary’s presidential campaign and now they are angry with AG Barr for failing to do the same to Biden. They seem afraid Republican candidates can not win an election without throwing dirt on an opposing candidate. Not an ideal understanding of Democracy.

  33. pee on barr scotus dems andkamala scotus needs to go after shoplifters i guess but first they need to learn constitutional law barr should be arrested for concealing info and poor joe wont know what hit him wgen the dems get done with him i cant believe his wife is letting it happen china is getting what they want is that where joe and hunter are going to seek asylum


  35. Don’t forget there’s Republicans involved in this too I am a republican myself but Republican party nowadays is nothing like it used to be it’s the same way with the Democrats they’re all corrupted up there we need to clean house and clean house fast I’m talking about with the FBI to CIA all of them need to go there are none of them trying to help President Trump they’re all against him we the people need to start helping President Trump and clean house get rid of everybody but him

  36. Barr needs to be frog marched out of DC & kicked to the curb. His huge bank account he has accumulated must be confiscated & used to correct all the misdeeds he has allowed to go unpunished, going all the way back to the Impeachment & Slutty Avenatti claims against President Trump. Barr should be permanently expelled officially & publicly from the legal profession with no chance of ever being reinstated to even practice law in a back alley office catering to snake handlers.

  37. I was excited that Bill Barr was going to the DOJ. I also thought that finally we would get someone in there to clean the mess up. But we got more of the same.

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