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COVID Bailout Money Is A Free Treat For Dems

The Democrats are the only ones benefiting from the bailout money.

Scott, a former Florida governor, said Republicans want to pass targeted relief to help Americans suffering from the economic effects of the coronavirus; however, he added that they should not bail out liberal states such as New York, Illinois, and California. He also noted that liberal states are starting to see tax revenue growth, which further calls into question the need for state and local government aid in a coronavirus package.

He explained:

Senate Republicans are all in for getting targeted relief to Americans that are still hurting from this pandemic. But President Biden and the Democrats want to spend more than $350 billion to bailout their friends in New York, Illinois, and California. And they are lying about the need for this money. Congress has already given states roughly $400 billion to combat this crisis. States across the country are seeing increases in revenue — in some cases, well above projections. Now, we are learning that 47 states show an average decline of just 0.12 percent compared to 2019, and twenty-one of the 47 states show positive year over year growth of tax receipts. Over half of states reported positive growth, including California, New York, and Illinois.

Scott, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), said Democrats say the state and local aid would serve as a “payback” for their friends who aided their campaigns during the 2020 elections:

This is great news for our states – but Democrats don’t want you to know this. The Democrats have made it blatantly obvious that this isn’t about helping people – it’s a payback to their friends for helping with their campaigns. Less than two weeks into the Biden Administration and Democrats have already completely abandoned their inauthentic calls for ‘unity’ and ‘bipartisanship’ just to push through massive spending and get tax dollars to their buddies. You can’t make this stuff up. These wasteful states just have their hand out to the federal government in hopes that American taxpayers will plug the long-standing holes in their budgets and pension systems created by decades of mismanagement and the poor decisions of failed politicians.

“That’s not fair to Floridians and all the states around the country that have been working hard to protect taxpayer dollars,” he added. “We can’t let it happen.”

Sources: Breitbart: Rick Scott: Democrat Coronavirus Proposal a ‘Bailout’ to Liberal States

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Well what a surprise, the states that let rioting, looting, burning, and murder happen on a huge scale will get the big bucks. Sorry red states and cities, you did not stand for this sort of crap to go on so you will be punished. The communist party rolls on and the American taxpayer will pay for it. Go Biden Go, your plan to destroy the nation is going as planned. What a legacy you’ll have, but I’m sure the propagandist
    media will cover it up for you once the China Flag is waving over the White House.

  2. We don’t get to vote for governor of these states while the people of these states continue to elect ineffective politicians. They now want to be bailed out at the expense of the rest of the country. In this country we used to call that taxation without representation. We fought a pretty big war about that! No bail out money. Direct payments only. Like their lord and savior Obama said, election have consequences.

  3. Well Mr. Scott, and all the rest of you Republicans.. Put a stop to these idiots that hate us.. I just read where these idiots want the people that voted for Trump to be put on a terrorist list.. They are the terrorist..
    They are trying to change America like nothing we’ve ever witnessed before. You Republican that are our elected Representatives must stand your ground and not allow their agenda to destroy our way of life. God has blessed America and now these ungodly people want to do away with not only the American way of life, but our God as well… It is our Representatives that must stand tall and come against these power hungry people..

  4. all u people that know the truth about whats going on should stand up and do what has to be done , stop bitching abiut this and that and fight for what is ours that was taken away unfairly , and to u dems that now are starting to see how much your president loves and cares for u and your well being, u too need to stand up, before everything is gone inclusing our constitutional rights ect,ect. cause if we don’t stand up than who will, don’t let these corrupt people take what is rightfully ours

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