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Crisis At Border Spurred By Biden’s Rhetoric and Policies

How much longer will illegal criminals be allowed to enter the country at their own free will?

RIO GRANDE VALLEY — The illegal immigrants that walked past us on a trail south of McAllen, Texas, on Friday had been waiting for more than an hour for the last members of their group to catch up. The sun had already set and Emerson, the quasi-leader from Honduras who was traveling with his wife and kids, told me and U.S. Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera they were lost.

Emerson was worried because the lost members had almost no water and were carrying small children. After Cabrera, a medic with Border Patrol, called back to U.S. Customs and Border Protection to tell them what was taking place, we set out to find the lost group. Cabrera, who is also vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307, and I had originally set ourselves up on a trail that goes through private land. So much illegal foot traffic runs through the owner’s land that he built signs to point migrants where they need to go to turn themselves in to Border Patrol.

Once we were further down the trail, Cabrera used a flashlight to try to see if there were tracks from the lost group. The problem was there were too many footprints in the sand, making it impossible to tell if they belonged to those we were searching for. A few minutes later, we saw the small flicker of a flashlight up ahead.

“Is that them?” I asked.

After we got closer, we discovered it was a different group of illegal aliens with small children in tow. We continued down the path and ran into another group, and then another, and then another. We passed a total of five different groups of illegal aliens before finding the ones we were looking for. While we walked back, two women holding very young children, one being seven-months-old, were having trouble keeping up with the rest of the group. Cabrera offered them his water and carried the seven-month-old the rest of the way.

Once we brought the lost group back to where we had started, and merged with another group that came from taking a different route, Cabrera told them to continue following the path to turn themselves in. In the time we had left, more immigrants had gathered, waiting to be told where to go.

Cabrera and I spent around three hours in the area, and in that time we saw 263 people make their way from the Rio Grande River to the site Border Patrol recently created to streamline the processing of the illegal immigrants. The groups were comprised of families, unaccompanied minors, and small children, some only a few months old. Coughing and sneezing among the different crowds was a common sound.

Unaccompanied minors said their parents were either back in their home countries or they were already in the United States. Among them were an 8-year-old girl and boys ranging from 13 to 17-years-old. Their intended destinations included Houston and North Carolina.

Their parents sent them to the United States alone because they didn’t have enough money to pay the cartels for the entire family to make the trek.

In February, CBP apprehended 100,441 people trying to enter the United States along the southwest border, a 28 percent increase over January 2021. CBP completed 72,113 expulsions from the border under the CDC’s guidance for Title 42 authority. Of the 100,441 apprehended individuals, 29,792 were unaccompanied children, with 2,942 of the minors being under 12-years-old and 26,850 were aged 13-17-years-old. The dramatic increase in illegal foot traffic comes after President Joe Biden reversed several policies from the Trump administration.

Each time I asked the illegal immigrants if they liked Biden, in my very poor Spanish, it was always met with an enthusiastic yes:

  • “He tries to help people and support those of us who need it.”
  • “He is giving us an opportunity to be reunited with our children who are in the north.”
  • “Yes, we like Biden. He supports the children a lot.”
  • “We like Biden because we can help our children get ahead in life and where we are from in our countries, we cannot do that.”
  • “Yes, we like Biden and we plan on asking for asylum.”

“Think about it. This was only three hours in one portion of one sector along the southern border on one day,” Cabera said, noting what was happening was a crisis, but “a crisis implies we didn’t see it coming. We knew what was going to happen with the removal of [Trump’s] policies but no one cared to ask us.”

Cabera said more than 700 illegal immigrants turned themselves in to Border Patrol during the shift on Friday when we were staking out the trail. The massive number of people coming across the border has resulted in detention facilities being overcrowded once again.

Indeed the illegal foot traffic in the Rio Grande Valley was not just limited to that one portion south of McAllen. Early on Friday morning, I traveled about 20 minutes to La Joya and drove along the first public road near the border. Sure enough, I came upon a small group of illegal immigrants, which included three unaccompanied minors, who had crossed during the night. They were waiting for Border Patrol to find them so bus transportation could be arranged in order to be processed further inland.

Border Patrol said in a press release it had apprehended “a group of 102 illegal aliens” around the same area south of La Joya on Wednesday morning, with the crowd consisting “mainly of families and unaccompanied alien children.”

The relaxed stance taken by the Biden administration is a black market boom for the cartels. The cartels are able to take more of the immigrants’ money now that demand to cross is up, and because Border Patrol is often busy trying to find and process the family units and unaccompanied minors, their drug smugglers have an easier time evading U.S. authorities.

In face of the staggering numbers, the Biden administration has refused to call the ongoing situation a crisis, though their actions indicate their realization of what has been wrought. On Saturday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas directed the Federal Emergency Management Agency “to support a government-wide effort to safely receive, shelter, and transfer unaccompanied children who make the dangerous journey to the southwest border.”

Sources: TownHall: Spurred By Biden’s Rhetoric and Policies, Illegal Immigrants Are Crossing into the US While They Still Can

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  2. With all the American s we loss with covid 19 democrats plan now is to lets all these illegals in. and destroy America and our great, wonderful country.. This was their plan along.. Crazy Joe will never measure up to any former president.<<liar,crook sick mind what he has left of his mind,not hardly nothing at all. he s like loser Obama.,, both are a disgrace to America and it s people. like Pelosi and the rest of the democrats in office. The Media just lies all the time afriad to tell the truth. No guts low life reporters. They think America s are so dumb we cant see what s really the truth. They have no guts to stand up for what is right or wrong to Crazy Joe,,Pelosi and the rest of those evil democrats. in office. America is going to Hell because of these Evil people and we are suppose to lay back and take it. We have to make America Great with Trump s help again and stop being the laughing stock of the whole wide world. China and the rest of them. I love America and it s American people

  3. It is not just Mexicans crossing the board really legally but there are people from Africa China Iraq Iran Yemen basically the entire Middle East along with Central America and biden’s answer is that’s good cuz of all the money he’s going to make off of this he’s quite proud of how many people are going to get killed in the United States he is a total psychopath him and the Democrat party want every legal American citizen dead then they can turn his country into a monarchy and they can rule over all the people that drug in from every other country they are all basically low life’s and they will do anything they tell him to do all they have to do is give them free medical free housing free food and all of my egg and put their hand the problem is these people don’t work so it’ll be no taxes to collect so guess what comes to an end

  4. In my estimation, Biden doesn’t “have a Flippen clue” as to what’s going on at our border, only what he’s being told by his “handlers”. The border states need to take affirmative action and tell Biden to shove it up his ass that they are going to prevent illegals from entering their respective states for it is their constitutional right to defend their borders!!!!!

  5. All of the “happenings” are so terribly sad!! Makes me sick. I know the voting was
    rigged and our Arizona Governor is a traitor!! He didn’t even wait to hear the information from
    Maricopa County poll reporters and wouldn’t take calls from President Trump. I have contributed money several times to “Fight against Socialism” and my monthly income of $850 just doesn’t allow for much more to be given. I feel that VP Pence betrayed all the American people as well by not demanding the voting machines be inspected and get all this sorted out before going forward. I am 83 and try very hard to get the “word out”, but so many people are feeling like it won’t do any good anymore because we know that this election was rigged and “nothing was done” ! If your Republican Vice President and your Republican Governor won’t “support” the majority of votes and insist that it be a ‘fair election’, then what the (blank, blank) are “We the People Supposed to Do??” I thought we had ‘True Fighters’ in the Congress after President Trump had fought so hard for 4 years.

  6. They should all be impeached as sent to jail for by what they have done. The migrants have COVID and are Being released all thru the country to take down our country pelosi should be put in jail along with Schumer and Biden god we need your Help now.

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