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Crooked Democrat-Run Media Now Admits They Were Unfair To Trump

The media shows no remorse as they fake an apology for the past four years.

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough said Wednesday that the media’s constant focus on President Donald Trump had given cover to President-elect Joe Biden.

Scarborough said that the coming weeks could be a challenge for Biden since he would be building his new administration under the renewed scrutiny of the press once it was less distracted by Trump.


“Let me bring up something we really haven’t had time to talk about over the past several months,” Scarborough said. “Joe Biden through all of this chaos, of course, there have been many things that have been detrimental to a smooth start for the Biden administration.”

“But one thing that Biden has had is — is cover, because the media has been chasing one story after another about Donald Trump, as we have from the start and Joe Biden has not gotten the close look that most president-elects have gotten,” Scarborough continued.

Scarborough went on to say that Biden would not be the first to have an administration get off to a rocky start, mentioning former President Bill Clinton as an example.

“This is something Biden and his team are going to be noticing over the past — the coming weeks. They are suddenly going to feel the hot glare of those klieg lights that are being turned from Donald Trump now and going to be focusing squarely on them,” Scarborough concluded.

Sources: DailyCaller: Joe Scarborough Says Trump-Centric Coverage Gave Biden ‘Cover’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Now is the time when America, the media, big tech, and the whole world will miss president Trump. After all, he was not everything the media portraited of him. Unfortunately there will be so much suffering of innocent people. This is the time of sorrow for the American people. Those who remained silent and are true patriots of president Trump, will be the new members of the Patriot Party. God bless America! God bless president Trump and his family. Now we need to stay focus and call out every Democrat who is corrupt, cheat, steal and lie. We must pursue impeachment, prosecution and jail time for every corrupt politician, regardless which party they are from.

  2. OOOh Yes, I Am Extremely Livid With Anger, Frustration, Anguish, Flustered And Many More Expression’s Of Disgust, They Are Mixed Up That Your Extremely And Freekingly BIASED World Wide Web Electronic Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist Democratic And FAKE Never Trumpster Repub. Bought And Paid For Mouthpieces Have Been Sincerely Anti-US Constitutional And ILLEGALLY AGAINST WHO “WE THE LEGAL CITIZENS/PEOPLE AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS OF THE USA VOTED FOR, BOTH IN 2016 AD AND 2020 AD”, YOU THREE OR FOUR ILLEGALLY COMBINED CONGLOMERATES TRULY NEED TO BE SEPARATED WITH A MEAT CLEVER, BECAUSE ALL OF YOU ARE WAY TOO BIG FOR YOUR OWN BREECHES, Who Truly Should Have Lost Your Section 230 RIGHTS, FOR CONSTANTLY TELLING LIES ABOUT #45’S ADMINISTRATION, AND CONSTANTLY COVERING UP FOR THE LEFT SIDE OF THE US GOVERNMENTAL EQUATION, AND THEIR DANGEROUS, DEADLY VIOLENT, DESTRUCTIVE AND HATE FILLED AND FUELED ATTITUDED AND ACTIONED DESCENDANTS OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR’S ({[“‘THE WHITE KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN'”]}) ALIAS BLACK LIVES MATTER = BLM AND THEIR QUESTIONABLE COUSINS ANTIFA AND THEIR SPLINTER GROUPS, WHO WERE THE ONES THAT STARTED THE January 6, 2021 AD RIOTIOUS ACTIONS AT THE US CAPITOL, AND THE CENTERS OF PORTLAND, OREGON, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, AND MANY OTHER DEMOCRATIC GOVERNED STATES, CITIES, TOWN’S, VILLAGES AND HAMLETS! And it all started way before #45’s 2016 AD Inauguration Day, This Is When Someone’s Either Rented Or Owned Stretch Limousine Exploded With A BOOM In Downtown W. D. C., Which Was Reported By NBC, That Is IF Your Memories Serve You All Correctly, And Before That Time, When That Adamantly Questionable News Reporter Whose Name Is And Was An Up And Coming Fox Reporter, Missy Megyn Or Is It Mygen Kelly! You All On The Left Side Of The US Governmental Equation, And Especially Mr. Jerry “The BLM and ANTIFA Caller, That They Were ONLY Mythical” Nadler, Mrs. or Missy Maxine “The Loud And Rude Mouthed” Waters, Mrs. Or Missy Nancy ” #45’s State Of The Union Speech Human Shredder” Pelosi And Mr. Adam “The Schiffty And Who Truly Did NOT Have Any Pertinent Evidence Against #45, All Because It Was Truly Against His Side Of The USA’s Equation, Who Were The Actual Gangsters Who Committed All Of What They Accused #45 Of” Schiff, And I Can Keep Saying More OThe One And Only God Almighty’s HONEST TRUTH ……………………………

  3. You all know what to do , Right, is to come CLEAN and Spill All Of The Beans, Of What The Left Side Of The US Governmental Equation Did, And That #45 Did NOT Break Any Part Of The US Constitution, including that Lie about which US President started The Caging of those Illegal Immigrant-Alien Children, which actually did start in 2014 AD too or also! The Left Played The Blame Game, which ONLY IF you World Wide Web Mouthpieces Would Tell/Inform The Whole World The SINCERE AND HONEST TRUTH OF WHAT TRULY HAPPENED! Starting with who became Super Rich By their Sale of The New York City 301 Park Avenue Waldorf Astoria Hotel To The Communist Chinese Government, for a Woping $1.95 Billion Dollars, back in 2014 AD, yes, during #44’s first Term as The US President, I don’t know, but I have my own susspessions!!???!!


  5. Hope all the stupid asses & the stupid news people who were so sure that we needed to side with the Biden’ lies are now happy .We were better off with Trump he at least stood up for AMERICANS FIRST. NOW SEE WHAT YOU ALL DID. God is going to make you all pay too . God Will not condone LIARS AND THEIVES. You Better watch you 6 maybe God will have mercy on you because we won’t, you lied and cheated all over the place and you know who you are and so does God. I pray for God to Bless AMERICE AGAIN and Bless Donald J. Trump and his family and keep the patriots of America Safe & bless us too.

  6. I think VERY expensive lawsuits against the MEDIA by Trump would be well in COMING for the LIES being told and are PROVEN WRONG, especially by CNN. What a GREAT way to FUND the NEW Patriot Party!

  7. Joe, whose fault was “lack of coverage?” Are you saying you will now cover the Hunter Biden story? I doubt it. Too many “news” people are thrilled by “the awesome” Biden fireworks display (MSNBC) and “pretty lights as a loving embrace” (CNN) and “the greatest inauguration speech in my lifetime” (Fox’s Chris Wallace).
    No time for the destruction of women’s sports (trans EO), the loss of 10,000 union jobs from the XL pipeline (1000 immediately) – infuriating union leaders who foolishly supported him (XL EO), open borders and on-coming COVID-laced caravans (Immigration EO), trillions of dollars and millions of jobs thrown away in the Paris accord (Paris Accords EO), fracturing of peace in the Middle East by supporting Iran (Iran Treaty EO) — every one of these a detriment to the Republic, the USA.

  8. I can say i wish the three well Pelosi . Harris and Biden ,but most of all I wish them on the fast train to HELL. There they could meet their Father SATEN but then they would try to overthrow him. They have done enough here on earth.

  9. We are so happy that even though our extreme whiteness and over the top racism is beyond excuse; you can admit you were not really fair to Trump and his excessive deplorables. Maybe with re-education interment camps we will be able to see the democratic/socialistic light and become good little comrades of your communist party and be grateful that you allow us to live.

  10. Here’s a little tune for CROOKED BIDEN!!…Walk so tall, to be so small never met a man that’s stranger Sold his soul to China FOR THE DOLLAR SIGN , and to deal with him is Dangerous !! Well he’ll knock us down after President Trump put us on our feet , and Now I’m a Soul much wiser, I’d rather quit and move out of the Country than to deal with the money MISER!!!! Owwoooo oooo Well Let us cry for the Bad Man ooolooooo let us cry for Joe Biden!!

  11. It is A Very Sad Day in America when you don’t feel safe posting on the internet. My Alexa is even going off when not spoken too. I think you should take a poll on how many people feel like I do.

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