Democrat Run Cities See Spike In Crime

Homicides surge 58%.

The mayor blamed the increase in Atlanta homicides in 2020 on the court system, which “effectively shut down, people lost jobs, loved ones died, and our crime began to spike.”

According to a report, “90 police recruits are currently in the pipeline, and that she is working with the City Council to enact a retention bonus for officers.” The department currently employs 400 officers under Bottoms’ authorized level.

Bottoms said the ability to finance the new officers will come from federal money given to the state from the coronavirus relief package.

She also plans to spend the funds on “crime reduction programs and two new centers in southeast and southwest Atlanta to improve community policing efforts,” noting the old facilities are “too small, too old and not up to technological standards.”

Additionally, Bottoms requested a “change in culture in policing,” expressing that support for police and “holding officers accountable for improper conduct” are not “mutually exclusive.”

Sources: Breitbart: Atlanta Mayor to Hire 250 Police Officers After Homicides Surge 58%

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Mayor of Atlanta. You are the one who can’t control your own City. Don’t PLACE BLAME WHERE IT DOESN’T BELONG.

  2. When idiots keep electing idiots & expecting a change for the good, they will always be sorely disappointed. I’ll guarantee you haven’t seen the worst of this yet! Get your cheeks out from between your cheeks, Mayor, & face the reality you have caused! Moron!

  3. Shows this woman is a weak leader who was elected to do a job which shows she is not competent to do.

  4. Face it we now have the Democrat Cult of Mob Rule ruling the Country with the High Priestess Pelosi leading. As a common Citizen we no longer have any control or voice. If one looks a any City controlled by the Democrat cult of mob Rule it is a total war zone. So ending I just hope that the Woke or Cancel people try to shut me up. 92 year old Veteran and a Conservative and will do all I can to put down these Criminal Crime Bosses like Biden and his corrupt slime people.

  5. I agree with Mr . Robert Morrow 100percent. It’s a shame seeing our country being destroyed by a socialist / Communist mindset. People don’t seem to realize we are heading towards the downfall of our republic. It reminds of The Fall of The Roman Empire .

    May God have Mercy on our Nation.

  6. There is no mystery here. Crime occurs for one of two reasons: 1) Permission is given to commit the crime and 2) Need of drug addicts to get money to buy drugs or murder to get them. Democratic cities are 100% guilty of both permission to commit the crime and legalization of drugs which ALWAYS leads to huge increases in addiction. So why do the Democrats do this? First they know that they have also committed the crimes and second they are frequently drug addicted.

  7. We need to Exterminate and Eliminate every single DemoRat CockRoach in our Entire Government. Then we will see almost all of our country’s problems disappear. Get Rid of the DemoRat Swamp Infestation of these CockRoaches before we have no America left.

  8. you have a spike in crime cause like Oregon criminals know where they can do what they do & get away with it!!!

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