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Democrats Are Already Giving Up On Lazy Biden

You know it’s bad when your own party turns on you.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) called out President Joe Biden during an interview with Fox News for recently claiming the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is now under control.

Biden pointed to how the number of unaccompanied children in overcrowded Border Patrol stations, which are not designed for long-term detainment, had decreased significantly in recent weeks. He went on to blame former President Trump’s administration for not being prepared to handle a surge in terms of beds and space.

Cuellar noted Biden barely talked about the border and immigration during his address to Congress last week.

“There is a border crisis, no ifs, no buts about it. The numbers are still high. They’re doing a little better at moving the unaccompanied kids from Border Patrol, let’s say in Donna, from the Border Patrol station to those five tents that HHS has next door. So they’re doing a little better on the outflow itself but what about the inflow? That is people coming in. Those numbers are still coming in,” Cuellar said.

“I mean look at the people that they release on process control discretion, it’s about 8,500 people that they’ve released on the honor system and they’re not even part of the — have not been given a notice to appear, they’re not part of the immigration system,” he continued. “So to say that we have everything under control — you know I’m supportive of President Biden, I’m a supporter of his, but you know we’re not paying attention to the border’s communities and — and it’s — this is not under control, I can tell you that.”

Cuellar has been one of the only Democrats to be openly critical of the Biden administration’s handling of the immigration crisis, which has been spurred in part due to their open border rhetoric and policies.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has reported the largest increase in apprehensions along the U.S.-Mexico border in the short time Biden has been in office, with over 100,000 illegal immigrants caught in February and over 170,000 caught in March. April’s numbers are expected to be around the same amount.

Sources: TownHall: Texas Democrat Knocks Biden for Claiming the Border Crisis Is Now Under Control

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. You Are CORRECT, That I Am ANGRY, Because That Delusional So-Called Questionable Human Being In The US White House, Who Took That Oath To Serve And Protect The US Constitution And We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA From All Domestic And Foreign Terror Groups And Organizations!!! And He Even Put His Right Hand The Holy Bible, When He Took That Oath, Which Anti-American, POINT BLANK!!!

  2. biden was and still is the most dumb founded idiot puppet of the democraps and will bring down the democraps to a point of nonessential politics. Hip hip hooray for the democraps leader he will shorten their reine. Short live the democraps their days are numbered. Hooray for the dilbert who wants a socialist USA. Now that people’s eyes are opening to the truth, patriots must make sure the elections are not compromised so we as true Americans and no illegals can vote with confidence our votes will go to the righteous folks who love God and America.and not get stolen by the cheatin lyin stealin democraps.

  3. Biden claims the crisis at the southern border is under control. He’s out of his mind and lying. As far as moving children out, he’s only dumping as many as he can all around the country to lower the numbers. It’s a sham, they’re still coming here in record numbers and neithor He or princess SPREAD EAGLE have visited the border to see first hand how bad it really is. They prefer to stay away and just lie about it improving. TYPICAL DEMOCRAT TACTIC. Even their own party members are beginning to openly criticize them for their non action and ignorance.

  4. The Biden’s don’t care what U think. Dr Jill and Senile Joey Beijing do what ever they Want
    and U don’t Count. Why do they call her a Dr. She’s not a Dr. Of Medicine she’s only a Dr.
    Of Education and U can find One of them Certificates in a CRACKER JACK BOX with
    Nuts and Popcorn.

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