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Democrats Plan To Promote Fear

That’s their plan to gain more power.

We all know New York was never a beacon of leadership on COVID. The state was the mecca of COVID. The state had the most deaths and infections, some of which we found were unnecessary given Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home policy which forced facilities to admit COVID-positive patients. The New York attorney general’s office said the deaths from these locations were undercounted by 50 percent. Cuomo’s goons prevented their disclosure.

It likely spread the virus. Thousands died as a result. In fact, so many died that New York lost a congressional seat. So, how did the Empire State take the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on masks? The fully vaccinated no longer have to wear them inside, but Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio aren’t shifting away from easing restrictions. So, they’re anti-science now, right? With these two clowns not wanting to follow the science, confusion is setting in among New York’s residents (via NY Post):

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s refusal to follow federal advice by easing indoor mask mandates has sparked confusion — and conflict — among New Yorkers who are hazy on which advice to follow, business owners griped Friday.
“Today my second client walked in without a mask. She said she thought it was allowed because the president and the CDC said it was OK for vaccinated people,” David Plasse, a personal trainer who runs Plasse Strength & Fitness in Queens told The Post.
“I explained to her, actually we’re waiting for Cuomo to make an announcement. I got her to wear the mask but she was pretty pissed.”
The unnecessary lack of clarity has also triggered several clashes at Big Apple restaurants, including at least one pizzeria in Queens.
“We had five arguments with customers yesterday,” the pizzeria owner, who asked not to be named for fear of retribution from the State Liquor Authority, told The Post.

It shows once again that this state was always a COVID nightmare. It allowed the virus to spread like a brushfire, they made conditions that allowed its most vulnerable to become infected and die, and now with CDC’s changing its tune on masks, they’re not changing. So much for ‘follow the science’ Cuomo, huh? And the guy wrote a book, won an Emmy, and was seen as some crackerjack crisis manager during this whole fiasco. The dude killed people and now wants to keep them masked up desire the ‘science’ saying otherwise.

Sources: TownHall: Keep Fear Alive: New York Refuses to ‘Follow the Science’ on Masks

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Well, hell.
    Here in Texas, the illegals are not only unchecked for Covid, but given large manila envelopes full of cash, and put on a jet and flown to the “interior”. When they ARE checked, many test positive. When one Mexican lady was asked if the cash was from DHS, she stated “I don’t know, there were several men, and they all had suits”. She spoke not one word of English.
    So, is the Covid that dangerous? Evidently, DHS doesn’t think so.

  2. Fear turns to hate of the right which puts more control to the left which makes the USA more inept to keep inflation DOWN which puts the country into a socialist exsistance. EFF THE left!!!

  3. SHAME on cuomo and debaldsio!!! ( all intended).
    They do not deserve to be in their respective positions.
    They should be considered MURDERERS both.

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