Democrats Playing Games With National Guard In D.C.

They have humiliation the National Guard.

Local and federal law enforcement authorities requested National Guard assistance in the wake of the January 6 Capitol building breach and asked them to remain through the January 20 inauguration. Their numbers reached as high as over 26,000 in January.

Their mission is slated to end March 12, but on Thursday, lawmakers revealed there was a request by Capitol Police for the National Guard to remain another 60 days.

Senate Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Jim Inhofe (R-OK) said in a statement he is “outraged” they are being asked to stay without clear and specific information about why.

“I’m outraged that U.S. Capitol Police have requested to keep the nearly 5,000 National Guardsmen at the Capitol Complex for another two months without presenting clear and specific information. I haven’t been satisfied with any explanation Congress has received at numerous briefings that all these personnel, resources and barbed wire are needed,” he said.

“The Capitol Police have clearly stated that no specific credible threat exists — and what’s more, they haven’t provided the Department of Defense with any of the information needed to justify this request,” he added.

Inhofe noted that keeping the Capitol Complex safe has always been a federal civilian law enforcement responsibility.

“We can and should make improvements to how the Capitol Police protect the building, and there are plenty of options available to us, such as changes to the U.S. Capitol Police force structure, availability of a non-military quick reaction force and mobile fencing,” he said.

He added:

What this solution should not look like is keeping the National Guardsmen here indefinitely, as has been rumored. This is not their job or their mission — and the image this would paint on the world stage is concerning. I look forward to working with law enforcement agencies and my colleagues to improve Capitol security and get our Guardsmen back home to their families.

Last month, the Pentagon disclosed that the National Guard mission to protect the Capitol through mid-March would cost taxpayers $487 million. That figure will rise the longer soldiers stay.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL), a National Guard colonel and Green Beret, has consistently asked for a briefing from the Pentagon on why National Guard troops are being asked to stay in D.C.

He said in a statement Thursday, “Speaker Pelosi continues to play politics behind closed doors regarding our security on Capitol Hill and lawmakers have been left in the dark for too long.”

“Before any extension for National Guard presence is finalized, lawmakers should be briefed on the latest intelligence threat assessments to determine the necessity of keeping our servicemembers away from their families and fulltime jobs,” he said.

“If more security is needed, it should by our Capitol Police with better planning and intelligence, not drawing from National Guardsmen and women that are needed for other missions such as vaccine distribution, natural disaster and overseas deployments,” he added.

Some Democrats also expressed concern about the request.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), a former intelligence and Pentagon official who revealed the request in a tweet on Thursday, tweeted that it was “critical” that Congress be briefed on decisions being made.

“Whether an extension has been requested or the mission is indeed terminating on March 12, it’s critical that members of Congress get a briefing on what’s behind these decisions,” she said.

Sources: Breitbart: Top Armed Services GOP ‘Outraged’ National Guard Troops Asked to Stay in D.C. Without ‘Credible Theat’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The National Guard needs to be instructed by the Governors of their states to arrest and remove all the tyrant and pro communist politicians and government officials and employees from Washington D.C. and help to restore a Constitutional Republic for the people and by the people.

    Those who are arrested are to be sent to Guantanamo Bay for incarceration and to stand trial. Trump failed to do this, and although he had monumental distractions during his Presidency with no Military or tactical training along with seriously poor cabinet choices along with way too much attention to foreign governments failing to see the coup developing around him. Trump was often blinded by his own ego and taking advice from his family members who had zero knowledge of how the real world works, the skill of performing real estate deals doesn’t work in a much diverse world political environment. So the outcome was Trump didn’t drain the swamp, the swamp drowned Trump. If the country is to be saved it is literally going to take a revolution to obtain it.

    As the left has been preparing for their revolution for years in the schools the colleges and universities along with the television media. This past summer the Democrat leftist released it with BLM and ANTIFA burning down and trashing cities while Trump sat and did nothing. Do to his inaction to quell the leftist communist revolution that just empowered them to devise a plan to steal the election by paying those who had no morals or patriotism with promises and money that they will never deliver on as executive order Joe is cancelling the rights and freedoms of the American people with these lockdowns while the venal opportunistic demon politicians take control over the country to enslave the population like China.

  2. Governors and Mayors representing the cities plagued by true riots for months and months refused to call in the Natiinal guard or ask the Federal Government for help. These antifa and blm lead riots that cost an estimated 2 billion dollars in property damage, saw citizens killed, raped, beaten and harassed with the support of the dscf (democrat/socialist/communist/fascist) party, the press abd big tech saw no call for the National Guard. Yet one vastly nonviolent incursion into the Capitol responded with calls for thousands of National Guardsmen after the incursion was over abd not repeated. In my view there is only one reason to retain the troops in the Capital. That reason is that the dscf plans on instituting still more un-American and unconstitutional programs and fear the just backlash from frustrated American Patriots.

  3. I strongly believe all the military force must act now in getting our country back, we must take those in the congress starting with the leader also in the senatorial area, and take them in custody for treason to the republic and against the people of the Republic. They are destroying the country and what we all believe also what was founded. This should be a real coup for AMERICA FREEDOM. We must show to the world who really we are and how much we practice and respect our Constitution.

  4. It’s time for all the governors to stop Chinese communist Biden. It’s time for the National Guard and the military to fulfill their obligations and to come to the defense of the republic, NOW! And it’s time for the American people to do what they do best: LET BIDEN KNOW THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL NEVER BE SUBSERVIENT TO CHINA OR TO BIDEN.


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