Democrats Use Trump As Excuse For All Their Problems

The truth is they are actually scared of Trump and what he stands for in America.

In an op-ed at Fox News, the co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus observed Democrats are hoping a sham impeachment trial – for now private citizen Trump – will shore up so much disdain for him that he is sure never to run for office again.

“It’s been almost a month since he left office, but Democrats still can’t let go of President Donald Trump,” Jordan wrote. “That’s why, as our country faces many urgent challenges, the Senate will set aside its real work this week and instead focus on yet another political impeachment charade.”

The violence that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, as wrong as it was, is not the real concern for Democrats, Jordan explained, since, unlike Republicans, who have consistently condemned acts of political violence, “Democrats have not, and now they are casting political blame for what happened at the Capitol.”

Jordan stated plainly, “President Trump did not incite the violence of Jan. 6”:

News reports suggest the FBI knew in advance that violence would occur. The U.S. Capitol Police also reportedly understood that there was a “strong potential for violence” that day. Pipe bombs had been placed before President Trump’s speech. So how can Democrats accuse President Trump of inciting violence when the violent acts had been planned in advance?

Instead, as anyone who has actually listened to Trump’s speech on January 6 knows, the former president invited those who came to hear him to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Jordan pointed out Democrats, aided by their allies in the media, have ignored all of these facts, as they also ignore the Constitution.

In the House, there was no due process for Trump, “there was no process whatsoever,” Jordan emphasized, and, now, the Senate is poised to conduct an unconstitutional “impeachment trial” of a man no longer president.

The congressman noted the extremes to which Democrats’ fear of Trump has led them in their charade.

“Last week, Democrats threatened President Trump that if he declined to testify during the Democrats’ impeachment charade, they would use it as proof of his guilt,” he wrote. “That may be how trials work in socialist countries. But that’s not how it works in America.”

“Democrats are going to these lengths because they are obsessed with canceling President Trump,” Jordan explained. “They’re scared of him. They know he works [for] the American people, and not the Washington Swamp. Unlike most politicians, President Trump did what he said he’d do. Hopefully, one day, he’ll get to do it again.”

Sources: Breitbart: Rep. Jim Jordan: Democrats ‘Scared’ of Donald Trump

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The main problem with dems is they have a blind spot in their agendas the more they bash TRUMP and the more they trash America then the more we as Americans will change the outcome of the swamp. You can only push America in a hole so far down that the PATRIOTISM explodes out the hole an brings America back. That’s why there is slogansMAGA and WWG1WGA take head you swamp dwellers.

  2. The problem with finding proof of voter fraud now is SO WHAT the election is over and there’s a new or older party in power and they just want to get America into the dumpster again. If the repubs won’t do their part and build America backup or stand for America and Americans.Start impeachments on all swamp creatures that want America’s downfall then we’re stuck with socialism Marxism communism take your pick.Even the military had their chance and blew it cause of swamp dwellers in the hyarchy . And more on the move into government. Makes life harder knowing how corrupt or gov. truly is.

  3. J Kerry another – do as I say not as I do – goodies for me not for thee – power over the people not of for or by the people – swamp dweller.

  4. The towel head thief of the American peoples taxes and savings then keepin the money in the family. Hope she gets caught red handed . send her back to the corrupt country she came from with her 3rd husband intow .

  5. biden doesn’t have an energy plan he’s already put the USA back 20 years or it will be if we don’t fight against the power over the people – democraps. Attack with all the patriots left in government doing what is right and legal. If that doesn’t work well there is a phrase in the 2nd amendment that gives power back to American patriots.

  6. The hypocrisy of the left is unbelievable. The democratic party is the party of violence, just look at the mayhem they caused this past summer across our great country. They are out to destroy America and everything she stands for.
    They are determined to completely destroy Trump because they are afraid of him returning and making America great again.

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