Dems Admit To These Massive Fraud Claims

Why are they finally admitting it?

As Landon covered earlier today, it turns out that three of the Texas Democrats have tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus after they and nearly 50 others fled the state to Washington, D.C., in order to deny their legislature a quorum for considering voter integrity bills.

One of the Texan Democrats who traveled was Rep. Gene Wu (D-Houston), who, as Katie highlighted, has some pretty insufferable tweets.

In his one of his more recent tweets, Wu quipped he is going to ask to ask President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to institute a mask policy, as he mockingly responded to a tweet.

While this article was being written, the tweet Wu was responding to became unavailable, as the owner deleted the account. It was of Vice President Kamala Harris speaking to the members in an indoor room, while she and others were without masks.

Despite CDC guidelines and federal mandating all passengers, regardless of vaccination status wear a mask while at the airport, on the airplane, and using other methods of travel, Wu and his colleagues all appeared without masks on their charter bus and private plan to D.C.

Wu is the member who tweeted about his first meal as a fugitive.

He’s also used profanity when mocking the appearance of a Republican colleague, state Rep. Briscoe Caine, who has Asperger Syndrome.

A statement from Saturday evening indicated that Vice President Harris and staffers will not be quarantining as they “were not in close contact” and are “fully vaccinated.”

For fully vaccinated people to test positive is rare, but can still happen. If they are fully vaccinated and do contract the virus, though, the case is likely to be very mild.

Correction: A previous version of this story reported that Gene Wu had been one of the three Texas Democrats who tested positive for COVID.

Sources: TownHall: Texas Democrat Who Fled to DC Tweets About Making the Rest of Us Suffer with a Mask Mandate

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Don’t be fooled, the Dems want more scare tactics about “Variants” so they can “Lockdown” everyone one more once to play the savior and gain “Control” qagain

  2. WOE is WU!!!
    To be STUPID one DEMON RAT has little to do! It is innate, I think. And WU is on a World Record timeline.
    All the DEMON RATS who vacated Texas have contracted some sort of virus: some COVI-19, and ALL OF THEM pure Stupidity! Two bangs for one buck!
    I simply pray fervently for them to stay in DC, so they do not come back to infect the rest of the population already in danger because of the ILLEGALS pouring in! Thanks to STUPID senile chinese stooge biden the imbecile!

  3. So those who have been vaccinated are coming down with a mild case of Covid. Many who have NOT been vaccinated, also came down with a mild case. So if the vaccine doesn’t keep you from getting Covid, then what good is it? That’s like saying, get vaccinated for Polio, you come down with Polio, Oh, but it’s a MILD case of polio, but that’s okay. Excuse me!!! No, it isn’t, either vaccinated people are safe or the vaccine is a farce.

  4. Liberal Democrats do nor recognize objective truth, for if they did, their promotion of abortion would be terminated. Truth is that taking the life of an unborn child is murder.

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