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Dems Can Go Cry Over The Results Of This Poll

It’s nice to see that at least the majority of Americans have common sense.

A new poll spells bad news for advocates of the progressive-backed “defund the police” movement. According to a new survey conducted by Heritage Action, 64 percent of Americans oppose the movement to “defund the police,” and 52 percent of those registered voters strongly oppose stripping law enforcement of funding. Respondents also felt that President Joe Biden is not standing up for law enforcement enough; similarly, only 31 percent of those polled agree that crime has been controlled better under the Biden administration.

Far-left Democrats are the architects behind the “defund the police movement,” which gained traction in 2020. Still, the White House tried to pin blame on Republicans, who are overwhelmingly committed to supporting law enforcement.

In reality, the support for defunding law enforcement comes from Democrat lawmakers and activists.

Cities run by Democrats that have voted to defund law enforcement are seeing a spike in violent crime.

Sources: TownHall: Poll: Americans Reject Defunding the Police

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Donkeys are LIARS, Jan Psaky is a big LIAR. The first Defund the police sign that was ever shown and that’s when this insanity started was Bill Di Blasio writing it on the STREET IN FRONT of Trump Tower!! Together with his commie cuban wife.

    2nd. Tell me ONE, just ONE country in the planet that functions without a police force! NAME ONE!
    Can’t, can you? Thats how INSANE and by design this movement is! AMERICANS:! fight this communist assault on our country.!

  2. Jan Psaki is a big LIAR, the first time the defund the police movement was wrtten in NewYork STREETS infront of TRUMP Trower ordered by Bill di Blassi and his communist cuban wife. Thats when this INSANITY started. Its being done on purpose.

    2nd. Can you name ONE just ONE city in this planet that functions without a police force? NONE!
    So stop the madNESS! AMERICANS: DEFEND the POLICE and lets show the domestic terrorists OUR STRENGTH! NOW! Don’t WAIT!

  3. COWARDS. A non American is censoring this post, shame on you. If you want a reply., let others read the replies. QUIT CENSORING!

  4. Name one, just ONE country in the planet that functions without a police force! NONE! So, stop the INSANITY!

  5. When are Dem voters going to learn that DemocRAT politicians don’t CARE what the majority of Americans want, they’re going to do what they want to do! Look at Obamacare: 60% of Americans were against it but we had “to vote for it so we can see what’s in it”!! OMG! If people didn’t catch on then, the stupid DemocRAT voters were NEVER going to change!!

  6. As fan of old western movies and television shows I say that Biden and his toadies, the mainstream media speaks with a forked tongue. Or as my old grandfather used to say those people would climb a tall tree to tell a lie rather than stand on the ground and tell the truth.

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