Dems Compare These People To The Taliban

That has to be a joke.

By comparison, fewer Democrats consider the Taliban (44 percent), China (44 percent), socialists (19 percent), illegal immigrants (20 percent), Russia (37 percent), and defund the police activists (24 percent) as a serious threat.

Republicans, however, chose the Taliban (66 percent), defund the police lunatics (62 percent), and China (58 percent) over Trump supporters (9 percent) and the unvaccinated (29 percent).

Independent voters are much closer to Republicans than Democrats.

This poll helps to explain the recent behavior of His Fraudulency Joe Biden, who just armed the Taliban with tens of billions of dollars in operational war equipment and handed them hundreds of American hostages, while, at the same time, he and the media are much more focused on waging war against Trump supporters and the unvaccinated.

As much as I despise the Democrat party and Biden, if someone were to ask me if I see “Biden supporters” or “Democrats” as a serious threat to the country, my answer would of course be no. I have friends and loved ones who are both, and they are not a threat to anyone.

But this hatred, fear, and othering of Trump supporters and the unvaccinated is what elected Democrats and their fake media allies have wrought. The demonization campaign against Trump and his supporters, the dehumanization campaign against the unvaccinated, perfectly mirrors how Hitler scapegoated the Jews, by twisting them into something diseased and dangerous and standing in the way of prosperity and Hitler’s socialist utopia.

And the more you think about it, it’s just plain nuts to fear the unvaccinated (especially if you are vaccinated) and Trump supporters more than the same Taliban who made 9/11 possible, who gave safe harbor and support to the same people who murdered almost 3,000 innocent American by flying passenger planes into buildings.

At the same time, only 57 percent of Democrats see Trump supporters as a threat, which, sadly, is a lower number than I would have otherwise expected.

Sources: Breitbart: Nolte: More Democrats Fear Trump Supporters and Unvaccinated than Taliban

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. It is very strange to me that the dems point fingers at people and say these people are like the Taliban when all the time their actions, since they are the controlling party, support the Taliban by their decisions and actions taken.

  2. The unvaccinated had zero to do with people voting for Biden. We had no vax or mandate to vax when he stole the election. Please stop behaving like a liberal idiot in your articles. I do not know a single Republican who hates Trump supporters or unvaccinated people either. What are you talking about? Just quit it already. You say “Republicans, however, chose the Taliban (66 percent), defund the police lunatics (62 percent), and China (58 percent) over Trump supporters (9 percent) and the unvaccinated (29 percent)” Huh? Bull.

  3. @ Dennis Summer

    U should fear the DEMOSOCOMS their object 2 criminalize ALL who disagree with them. Then U can punish the “CRIMINAL OPPOSITION” by their standards it means mass genocide. THEY can easily B compared 2 POL POTS regime & soon will train 4 nazi deadhead SS efficiency.
    P.S. 4get about FAIRNESS!!! They don’t know the meaning of the word !!!

  4. I suppose we are to think that “Senile Old Joe’s” compatriots are as clean as the driven snow, wouldn’t harm a flea. Sure, and I can snap my fingers and fly! The Commucrats are just as evil as the Taliban as has been plainly shown since this illegal administration took over OUR White House. If given the circumstances they desire, they would not hesitate to use force against the American people if it would give them complete and the ultimate control of every are of our lives. Example: WHY IS MORE FENCING WITH RAZOR WIRE ATOP IT CURRENTLY BEING PLACED AROUND THE CAPITOL; IN ADDITION TO WHAT WAS ALREADY THERE? This is the people’s house and it is to be open to and for the people regardless of what Piglosi and Heir Schumer think.

  5. The Democraps are the biggest threat to the USA. They are evil. hateful, untruthful, unworthy, corrupt and damn damn dumb. You don’t dare turn your back on them. Look at the despicable job biden is doing. Wouldn’t invite him over for dinner.

  6. Let me guess…in your mind, the Taliban and guest terrorists ask Americans this:”Are you a Democrat”…if the answer is “Yes” their response is”OK, you can go on”…if no, it’s “You’re coming with us…we’re holding you as a hostage”. In real life, any American will not be treated well by the Taliban, if past practice is any indication. They’re not checking USA political affiliation, your probable beliefs notwithstanding.

  7. What these Democrats do not seem to get is it is us, the Republican Party, the party of the people now, are the normal everyday Americans that go to work every day, pay their taxes on time, follow all of the laws and have followed them since birth, We are the ones that support our nation, say the pledge of Allegiance at school as well as civil events, serve in the military when called to duty, as well as show respect for all others. We were surprised when these new liberal Democrats tried to call us “extremists” and “White Supremacists”, names which are totally and completely untrue. They also try to call us “racists”, which is the farthest thing on our minds. While this too is hurtful, it is totally completely untrue. They seem to hate us because we are successful, usually after years of sweat and toil, while they mostly live with their mothers.. That is basically who we are. Most people know what they are.

  8. I an 77 years young and in all my life as an AMERICAN CITIZEN have I ever heard of or see myself the actions going on in our GOVERNMENT. It has become a cesspool of hate just because several Senators and HOUSE members are stirring up hate for their own satisfaction, the speaker of the house for instance should be fired and charged with treason, dereliction of duty and not performing her office for the reasons she was sworn in because she is HATEFUL. Where as Biden is not actually the PRESIDENT because he is being told what to do and say by BACKROOM IDIOTS, some one else is running this country, and when caught should be charged as impersonating’s the PRESIDENT.

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