Dems Connect Christmas to White Power

The “woke” left are changing American values once again.

I mean, we shouldn’t be shocked that people like this exist. Ever since ‘wokeness’ latched onto the political Left like a barnacle, the hot takes have grown more insane. Whatever you thought was ‘too extreme’ quickly was turned on its head with these people. Since Obama, the ‘woke’ Left has thrust scores of pseudo-intellectual talking points into the social media universe in the hopes of making it mainstream. Yet, the most common is making everything into a vehicle for white supremacy and then bashing it. Ladies and gentlemen, these people think that a man who holds the door for a woman is a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. Are we shocked that they decided to put Christmas on the white supremacy list?

Even now, we can’t say Merry Christmas on certain platforms, who have opted for the more politically correct ‘happy holidays’ send off. But as Jen Bokoff of the Disability Rights Fund reminded all of us today, a lot of people don’t celebrate Christmas, so please be cognizant of that because “the default Merry Christmas as a normal greeting is also white supremacy culture at work.” Yeah, we’re not all mentally defective, Jenny. If I see someone with a yarmulke on, I’m not going to say, “Merry Christmas.” Also, this isn’t some random holiday. It’s not something where only half the nation celebrates. The vast majority celebrate Christmas. In fact, billions do. And not all Christians are white people. I guess it would shock Jen that a lot of people of color are—gasp—Christian.

The added idiocy with this ‘wishing merry Christmas is white supremacy culture’ take is that it carries this connotation that all holidays are relatively equal with regards to participation. Sorry, given the numbers, no one really celebrates Kwanzaa. I think more people attend ComicCon than those who celebrate Kwanzaa. We’re also the most religious industrialized nation. It’s not even close. The United States has a population of 331 million; 205 million are Christians.

It’s all part of the multi-pronged assault on other institutions that divert attention away from the power base that progressives think we should all trust without question and worship like God, and that would be the government. You can’t be trusted with firearm ownership, only agents of the state can be. We’ll give you free health care. We’ll take care of you from cradle to grave. The list goes on and on, but religion and its Constitutional protections present the biggest threat to the progressive agenda, the woke agenda, which is why they workday and night to eliminate these people from society. So, piss these people off, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas this year, next year, and for all time.

Sources: Town Hall: What in the Fresh Hell Is This? Wishing Someone a ‘Merry Christmas’ Is White Supremacy

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The depth of delusion of liberals apparently knows no bounds. They will use any excuse to demean reasonable people and advance their agenda.

  2. Blaming White people for all the lazy people in the world is a lame cop out. There are so many more programs for all the races to better themselves in today’s society. America has a high Christian population. If someone is of a different faith, they are more than welcome to share that greeting.

  3. I live in a highly concentrated Hassidic community. I wish them a Merry Christmas. They thank me, wish me one too and proceed to wish me a Happy Hanukah. I thank them and wish them the same. There are more of us against this woke culture than the left realizes and soon they will be put in their place.

  4. Every nation and ethnic group recognizes the birth of Jesus Christ. World calendars are A.D. and B.C. (although these libs try to call it something else). The most famous person in world history was born about 4 BC to 1 BC. Wish Merry Christmas to anyone you wish. Even to atheists and Muslims.
    You might even remember that Jesus was born Jewish and was never called a Christian until much later and after His death and Resurrection. It was in derision to some of His Messianic Jewish disciples.

  5. As long as the LAZY People, get that extra money, they will not go back to Work. I know people that are getting the extra money and not paying their Rent and Mortgages, so they can get more. Then they are going on Vacation and or buying Cars and paying CASH.

  6. No, Dems ATTEMPT to connect the two like they’ve tried to connect us and Trump to all of their criminal activities, but their trash never flies because we KNOW they lie worse than rugs.

  7. DemoCraps always has and puts All ILLEGAL ALIENS First and Foremost in front of ALL
    White People.Starting with Dictator Pollack aka Peloski. And O’ Butthead was no different

  8. Sorry you don’t Celebrate the largest holiday in the WORLD. Are you an atheist, or just someone with an attitude? Did Saint Nick not bring you presents as a child, or were you raised by those parents who told you it was a fake holiday so that they didn’t have to buy you presents?

  9. Show how retarded people gotten . OK first of all blacks go to church’s more then whites . And doesn’t the church teach that Xmas was the day jesus was born ??? So are they saying jesus is a white racists ??? If so why do you go to church knowing jesus is a racists to blacks ???? So then all the black preachers are white racists too ??? Xmas is a day to worship the birth of Jesus , or am I wrong ??? Stop using everything to get your way including godand son . So what their saying is , if you belive in god and his son and worship his birth … then your a white racists no matter what color you are ??? Dang now Iam confused 😨 . That means there’s more black white racists then whites or am I wrong again ???

  10. Connecting whites to Christmas? How stupid can you get? Oops, did it again. Challenged them to be even more stupid. Oh well, they do it without prompting anyway. Whites may make more to do of Christmas than others but anybody that reads or listens or even crawls out from under a rock, knows the story started in the Middle East where, (surprise!) there were no “whites” except the Romans, who looked down on all of what was going on. No body is stopping anybody from celebrating the season in their religious fashion, except maybe the ones here who cannot stand the story of what happened. Let’s see where else has something like that gone on?

  11. This JEN Bozokoough is a real winner. I have a statue of the Lord on my property and actually pray for someone to vandalize it. For they may be going to see him for judgement very soon, KEEP the FAITH !! MERRY CHRISTMAS NEVER SURRENDER GOD BLESS AMERICA- PAUL THE JARHEAD 79-82

  12. Commie joe bozo biden stated last week that people in this country of european ancestry will be the minority in this country by 2040 and that`s something he is proud of and is fighting for! This guy BOZO JOE is his own race hater and he will tell you so, He is nothing but a puppet for China and the far left! HE is a disgrace to his country and Scranton PA . I`m embarrassed to have him born in the great state of PA. A fake catholic for sure, He will not see heaven that is for sure , St. Peter will throw him out on his commie ass when he gets there along with all of his corrupt commie cronies in the demoncratic party , may they all rot in hell where they belong Paul the Jarhead 79-82

  13. I don.t care what she thinks! What i hate is that she thinks she has right to tell us we must change.
    If one is offended they can tell me. if they are polite about it, I”ll apologize .If they are rude. we’ll see.
    The Biggest racists are the lunatic WOKE culture.

  14. This all is getting too comical….. If the people writing anything about white supremacy can’t come up with more intelligent items to discuss, wish they’d not waste computer space with this nonsense!! I make it a point to say Happy Holidays my Jewish friends, and send them Happy Holiday cards, and other friends I do the same. Another thing, guess the White Supremacist will have to stop supplying money for good causes to the folks that gave us the label White Supremacy??? Let’s just stop all this, and concentrate on important subjects!!!!

  15. This all is getting too comical….. If the people writing anything about white supremacy can’t come up with more intelligent items to discuss, wish they’d not waste computer space with this nonsense!! I make it a point to say Happy Holidays my Jewish friends, and send them Happy Holiday cards, and other friends I do the same. Another thing, guess the White Supremacist will have to stop supplying money for good causes to the folks that gave us the label White Supremacy??? Let’s just stop all this, and concentrate on important subjects!!!!

  16. How ludicrous & stupid, I tell you opinions are like a__holes everyone has one. Just have a few questions, I’m sure you have heard of Jesus & that is why a whole lot of us celebrate HIS birth at Christmas. Jesus came to save all mankind (not any particular color but all mankind). So why are you saying it is white supremacy culture?? I have heard many black preachers preach & they even said Jesus loves all people, did you miss church a lot?? My next question is why are there so many people legally & illegally trying to get into the USA?? Is it because we are one of the most tolerant & un-prejudiced countries in the world & the countries they are fleeing are 100 times worse than the USA. No we are not perfect & most likely will never be, but we are much better than the rest! So if you do not want to celebrate Christmas fine BUT DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD SAY, OR HOW I SHOULD CELEBRATE LAST TIME I CHECKED THIS IS STILL THE USA WITH FREEDOM OF RELIGION! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. If Christmas is white supremacy. . . Then virtually the entirety of civilized inventions are, too.

    If you’re not white, please stop culturally appropriating everything whites have invented.

  18. These people calling everything under the sun racist are the worlds biggest losers. They are also just plain old angry fools. Angry at the world! What….you come from a broken home? You were never in a two parent home? You were ignored as a child? You weren’t wanted as a child? You’ve had to go without? You’re unattractive? You are poor? On and on and on. We have all experienced one or more of these things but most of us don’t sit around and cry about it. Such weaklings and it only gets worse.

  19. The United States is primarily a Christian nation and always has been. People of other religions need to accept that and stop trying to push their agendas onto us. If they don’t want to see Christianity in progress, such as Christmas, Easter, statues, art, etc., then they need to seek out a country that matches their religion and go there. There is no race or color to Christianity. Prior to Obama, America had no racial problems–if there were any it was more individualized and not systemic. More interracial marriages are present today than even 20 years ago, which proves this fact to me. It’s past time for the dissenters to get off their soapbox.

  20. All Liberals need to be sent to China or N. Korea, where there are No Holidays, other than having an extra hanging or shooting!
    If only this Trash would get out of America, and leave us alone, because we love xmas, and all our holidays!!

  21. Why would you refer to them as people? People have brains. Respect. Class. One celled life forms have no brains. Respect or class. These things would have to improve 1000% to achieve one celled life form.

  22. A lot of people don’t “celebrate” their birthday either but, it’s still their birthday and I would greet them as such. This babbling idiot has no other way to grab attention but to latch onto a ridiculous cause and pretend she’s righteous. Totally pathetic! If white supremecy exists why then hasn’t it eliminated the degenerate or mutant form she represents?

  23. These people are relentlessly clueless – they must fabricate problems where none exist. Try to deal with reality for a while – get your head out of your trash bag.

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