Dems False Accusation Backfires

That’s a win for DeSantis!

During the daily White House briefing on Monday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki went after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and falsely accused him of downplaying the need for Wuhan coronavirus vaccinations.

Team DeSantis wasted no time firing back against the accusations and reiterated the governor’s long time support for Operation Warp Speed to develop the vaccine.

“By dismissively ignoring Governor DeSantis’ efforts to protect vulnerable Floridians, Psaki is the one playing politics with the pandemic,” DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw released in a statement to Fox News. “The White House should be more concerned about the flip-flopping of the CDC, which is inadvertently promoting vaccine hesitancy with their confusing, contradictory public communications. Stating that vaccinated people should wear masks and socially distance is implying that the vaccines do not change anything, which is the wrong message for our federal government to be promoting.”

“The truth wins when you fight for it,” she continued on Twitter.

When the vaccine became available earlier this year, DeSantis prioritized Florida’s most vulnerable and senior population. The Left criticized him for doing so.

Sources: TownHall: Team DeSantis Scores a Victory Against Jen Psaki

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. psake is just as her boss is; tyrannical in thought, actions, and thoughts!
    I would not want to be her kid right now! Although, with the DEMON RAT motto:” do as I say, don’t do as I do”, maybe the kids are safe?

  2. WHAT did you EXPECT from LEFTISTS who are RETARDS? . . . Truth and KNOWLEDGE?!? You’ll get POLITICS instead! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  3. What will they say to Americans when the real effects of the GMO Vaccines i.e. deaths, loss of limbs, further sickness etc. becomes known? There are medical, non Socialist web sites, reporting the awful results right now.

  4. In Canadia the court threw out a case where A man was arested for a social gathering facing a fine of $1200 because they can’t brove covid-19 exisist. So did the Dems just admit to it? I want proof it does or if they try to make me take the shot I’m going to sue the Fedral Goverment. I’m tird of there bullshit trying to take our freedom.

  5. This is just as much the fault of all YOU Americans for allowing the anti-American democrats, rhinos and their tools the medias to get this big and to get away with anything and everything so shut the hell up and bend over pathetic Americans for not having the guts to have a massive nation wide resistance to their Domestic tyranny! no government is too big to fight or fail and stop having blind patriotism to democrat corruption because of fear! Stop having the liberal lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all exist! Voter is a private matter, Republicans and especially the anti-American democrats and their tools the medias Lie and are corrupt, but You the Majority of Americans far out number the very minority of democrats, and medias corruption, so act like it , The powers that be is only as strong as YOU the people of America allow them to have over you. They get wealthy all while screwing You Americans over by taxes!

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