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Dems Getting Harassed For This Crazy Reason

What is she going to do about it?

Activists with LUCHA Arizona confronted Sinema outside her classroom at Arizona State University (ASU), even following her into the restroom as they attacked her for not supporting President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act.

Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-AZ) have been reluctant to back the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act, which would serve as a radical transformation of America’s social welfare programs and climate change programs. Since Democrats have a one-member majority in the Senate, Sinema and Manchin represent the pivotal swing votes necessary to gain a majority to pass their radical legislation.

Biden called out Sinema and Manchin as the “two” people blocking his legislative agenda.

In a statement, the Arizona Democrat attacked the leftist activisits for engaging in “unlawful activities,” even though she has engaged with LUCHA Arizona.

She said:

Yesterday, several individuals disrupted my class at Arizona State University. After deceptively entering a locked, secure building, these individuals filmed and publicly posted videos of my students without their permission — including footage taken of both my students and I using a restroom.
In Arizona, we love the First Amendment. We know it is vital to our democracy that constituents can freely petition, protest, or criticize my policy positions and decisions. The activist group that engaged in yesterday’s behavior is one that both my team and I have met with several times since I was elected to the Senate, and I will continue engaging with Arizonans with diverse viewpoints to help inform my work for Arizona.
Yesterday’s behavior was not legitimate protest. It is unacceptable for activist organizations to instruct their members to jeopardize themselves by engaging in unlawful activities such as gaining entry to closed university buildings, disrupting learning environments, and filming students in a restroom.
In the 19 years I have been teaching at ASU, I have been committed to creating a safe and intellectually challenging environment for my students. Yesterday, that environment was breached. My students were unfairly and unlawfully victimized. This is wholly inappropriate.

“It is the duty of elected leaders to avoid fostering an environment in which honestly-held policy disagreements serve as the basis for vitriol — raising the temperature in political rhetoric and creating a permission structure for unacceptable behavior,” she added.

Sources: Breitbart: Kyrsten Sinema Decries Leftists Harassing Her as ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Unacceptable’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Say Ms. or Mrs. Sinema and Mr. Manchin, I know that you 2 are going in the Correct Direction, by Voting NO to that ILLEGAL TAX BURDEN, That The Communistic Progressive Liberal Democratic Donkey Party has been trying to push through The US Congress! All because that questionable Legislation is chalk full of spending that they want to ILLEGALLY Steal Even More Of We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA’s Hard Earned Taxes, To ILLEGALLY Turn Right Around And ILLEGALLY Give Away Those Stolen Taxes To Those Illegal Aliens , Which Also Include All Of Those IA’s From The Middle East Country Of Afghanistan (Acting Like They Are A Bunch ILLEGAL RobinHoodlum Thugs), Who ILLEGALLY Use The USA’s Southern Border, Like It Is An Old Fashioned Department Stores UNSECURED Revolving Front And Back Doors, Who Truly Should Have Stayed Inside Their Former = Previous Foreign Home Countries Own Boundaries, By First Going To The USA’s Embassies, To 1st Fill Out That US Immigration Application Truthfully And Sincerely, Then Follow And Complete That US Immigration And Naturalization Act’s Own Rules And Regulation’s, Then Wait For A US Immigration Agencies APPROVAL, Before Even Starting Your/Their Trek To The USA’s Very Own Boundaries, The US’s Constitutional Way!!!

  2. If you support DEMOCRAT OR LIBERAL, COMMUNISTS do yourself a favor GET OUT OF THE ONLY FREE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Take your pick were to move! Denounced your birth certificate and get the HE##OUT! YOU have no clue about what in the bills! Just what a bunch of LIAR POLITICIAN TELL YOU! If you want to PAY MORE TAXES THAN YOU TAKE HOME! THEN YOU ARE ONE DUMB FOOL!

  3. These people crossing the border are indeed, ILLEGAL aliens, or at best, TRESPASSERS They are not here to become Americans, they only want to take advantage of the systems and relocate their native slums, barrios and ghettos here.
    The xiden regime doesn’t know, or care, who they are, whether gang members, thugs or carrying virulent diseases. These ILLEGAL aliens have no marketable skills and likely are illiterate in spanish as well as English and will easily become dependent on the government. The only possible rationale by the demo-coms (communists), is that they would likely vote for more demo-coms.

  4. It is too bad that the indoctrination of our kids was not found out earlier. Mrs. Sinema, You are standing your ground for a really good purpose that should have been stopped 15 years ago. But just because these ruffians are on the prod do not lose hope. There a bunch of us Americans who are cheering you on.

  5. I don’t care which party, but does this seem to be “strong arm” procedures, let alone harrassment; in order to get one’s own favorite legislation passed? Even more so when the person has proposed it himself/herself? Does it show one’s real self?
    It is not the subject matter that counts, it is the tactics used!
    Our Representatives are to make up their own minds, being responsible to their constituents, NOT peessured into a personally favored decision by outsiders!
    Outsiders: those who are not constituents!

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