Dems Give Up On COVID Checks For Americans

Republicans are planning to finish stimulus bill without the Democrats.

On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Cavuto Live,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) stated that it is “less and less likely” that there will be a bipartisan deal on coronavirus relief, and that Democrats want to “chip away at the Trump tax cuts that have been so successful.”

Wicker said, “I think we’re less and less likely to get a deal now. We had the vote-o-rama that lasted all night on Thursday night, and really, it smoked the Democrats out on what they’re looking for. What they really want to do is chip away at the Trump tax cuts that have been so successful.”

Sources: Breitbart: GOP Sen. Wicker: ‘Less and Less Likely’ to Reach Bipartisan COVID Relief Deal, Dems Want to ‘Chip Away’ at Trump Tax Cuts

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Would you PLEASE forget Trump and help YOUR OWN PEOPLE for a change!!! Or is that not allowed?!

    You SAID when you were first elected that you were going to help us with covid-19 money. Are you not going to be as good as what Trump was and KEEP YOUR PROMISES?!!!

  2. Trump pushed that immediate 600$ thru in spring …& they STILL have not followed up next payment-!!! Wow!!!!
    Thats awful-

  3. They are liars!!( democrats) they promise a chicken in every pot they don’t tell who’s chicken it is(china) they hate America and mostly they hate freedom. They our are enemy also they have been attacking the American family for years now and the school systems they are like cancer and need to be cut out!!!!

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