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Dems Have New Plan For Kamala

You won’t believe this…

We’ve seen that Joe Biden is deeply underwater in the polls and the Democrats’ possibilities as we look into the future at the 2022 midterms, then onto 2024, don’t look good with him at the front of the ticket.

Kamala Harris was put in as the backup. But the problem with that is that the only person more unpopular right now than Joe Biden is Harris. He was at 36 percent approval in a recent Quinnipiac poll and when the last number was given on her earlier in the month, she was at 28 percent approval. So Harris is basically a dead weight around the neck of their election possibilities. But now they’re stuck with her.

Or are they?

There have been reports about rifts between the Biden and Harris camps and even speculation about Pete Buttigieg entering the picture, or Buttigieg and Harris forming a ticket. You know they’re desperate when they’re thinking of replacing lightweight Kamala Harris with even less qualified Pete Buttigieg. Speculation about a Buttigieg-Harris ticket also indicates that the Democrats realize that Biden isn’t going to be in play, come 2024, as a viable candidate.

Now, there’s a new report about how they might be able to ease Harris out of her position — that Democrats are whispering about a “nuclear option” — nominating her to the Supreme Court — according to The Telegraph.

The idea of a Supreme Court nomination for Ms Harris was first reported by CNN which, while calling it an “Aaron Sorkin-style rumour” said the “chatter has already reached top levels of the Biden orbit”

If that seems unbelievable, it should. Harris has absolutely no credible experience that would qualify her for the Court. Making the Biden team unhappy and being too unpopular to be re-elected isn’t a qualifying credential. She has no judicial background and if they want to put her through confirmation hearings, be our guest! That would be something to behold with all the questionable actions that she took while San Francisco DA and California Attorney General. Even leftists would likely balk because they thought she was too extreme. It’s how she earned her nickname, “Kamala the Cop” from them. It would backfire on them big time because it would expose all her faults and lack of qualifications, making her even more unlikable.

Plus, maybe I’m missing something here, but there isn’t an open seat on the Court right now — are they planning on someone quitting or dying? You don’t just get to nominate her without a seat being open, so what’s up with that?

The Telegraph also notes in their report that operatives are preparing for the possibility of a contested presidential primary with other people taking on Harris for the nomination. But then that’s problematic with them attacking each other for the seat. This, on top of people being very unhappy with the job that the administration has done. That kind of move would likely help the Republicans even more than leaving her on the ticket.

The bottom line is that they picked her for identity politics reasons, they didn’t take into account why the public rejected her in the campaign and how unpopular she truly was. Now they’re having to deal with that. She doesn’t add to the ticket — she has a lot of the same problems that Joe Biden has, such as being constantly gaffe-prone and getting everything she touches wrong.

There isn’t any easy way out of the problems they’ve created for themselves and they deserve to sink like a stone, come the election.

Sources: RedState: Could the Biden Team Actually Be Considering a Supreme Court Nod for Kamala?

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I suspect if the move is on to get her to the Supreme Court, the “hit squad” will do a sitting judge in. whomever said politics was a clean game. It has to be an ease out for the VP. Black, Female is a major situation to push out. Agreed, she was at the bottom of the pile for all who were in the the primary contest, and when picked it was only for her race and gender. No thought about any other value. The could not select a woman who PRETENDED to be a part native american
    I shall see what others wish to add to my comments HAPPY NEW YEAR

  2. The two, the buffoon and heels up harris was a joke on the Nation perpetrated by the grandest fraud even done in the 60 years I have been voting. All Orchestrated by the democratic party with help from the Chinese communists in their dark cash and the opportune use of the Wu Flu from China and mail in fraud ballots and states that were willing to cheat the at the ballot box.

  3. I don’t feel sorry for the corrupt DemocRAT party: they cheated in the election and now it is Karma time! I hope they lose so badly in ’22 & ’24!!

  4. To NOT nominate her to SCOTUS because she’s “not qualified”? When has that EVER stopped Democrats from doing ANYTHING ?—Just LOOK at who’s sitting in the oval office !!!

  5. Don’t even consider Harris for the Supreme Court. Especially with no term limits. She’s too biased for that job. Too Radical.

  6. Kam, hate to tell you this, but you have aged 20 years and you just finished your first year in office. Bless your heart.

  7. MAY be there is an OPENING as “MADAM” in one of those “DESERT HOUSES OF PLEASURE” in NEVADA where she can continue her Carreer

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