Dem’s Infrastructure Plan Is A Complete Joke

Have you read their explanation? You won’t believe it.

Democrat lawmakers in both chambers are under fire for the hefty price tag attached to their proposed “infrastructure” bill, which minimally focuses on real infrastructure progress. Just 5 percent of the proposed package is allocated toward tolls and bridges, while the remainder of the legislation includes funding for tax increases, provisions of the Green New Deal, childcare programs, and other unrelated spending items.

New polling shows that Americans want Democrats to answer for the contents of the “infrastructure” package. A recently-commissioned Harvard/Harris poll found that 80 percent are concerned about “wasteful spending” within the bill, while 64 percent are concerned about consumer prices increasing as a result of passing the package. The same poll found that those surveyed do not equate climate change or wealth distribution with infrastructure; 64 percent said that wealth inequality is unrelated to infrastructure, while 56 percent said the same of climate change.

Polling also showed that Americans are opposed to tax increases present within the package; the same Harvard/Harris poll shows that 84 percent of respondents want taxes to remain the same or be lowered, and 60 percent said that they are opposed to paying more for gas in order to fund the hefty legislation.

Business owners have also sounded off on the legislation, citing potential for slowed wage growth and reduced investments. If passed as the Biden administration hopes, the package would cost the economy nearly 1 million jobs, one study found.

Sources: TownHall: New Polling Shows Opposition to Democrats’ Hefty ‘Infrastructure’ Package

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Not a big surprise on any of it. If there is not somekind of stand taken. The United States will knowlonger exist. This is more than democrats well,being democrats. This is people than are paid off of our tax money.Bringing our country to total complete destruction. Even our military is being turned into circus freaks. Join the military to become a girl. At the expense of tax payers. I dont believe i seen that in the U.S. Marine corps. manual.Years ago. They are taking away soldiers that stand for the people of our country. Cops are walking off the job.Who can blame them. Companies already shutting down. At this pace.It will not even take 4yrs.

  2. To save our country, we must get rid of Biden. He likes China he can go live there. He is overthrowing our Constitutional Republic.

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