Dems Stuff Stimulus With Billions in Socialist Pork

They give billions and billions to their pet projects in other countries while leaving Americans out in the cold.

The text of the latest COVID-19 stimulus bill has been posted and Americans are noticing more than just the small portion that bestows them with $600 checks.

In fact, the long-awaited and much-demanded stimulus checks, to help Americans deal with the pandemic’s economic effects, make up a drop in the pork-filled bucket of taxpayer-funded handouts. Along with funding for coronavirus vaccine distribution and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, there is an eye-popping array of outrageous spending – and funding to other nations.

From climate change to horse racing, Congress has left no pork behind in the massive 5,593-page document that makes the $600 stimulus checks, versus the $1,200 checks in the initial relief package earlier in the pandemic, even more insulting to the American people.

The amount of tax dollars in the approximately $900 billion deal that will be shipped out to foreign countries, and that have nothing to do with providing relief to Americans, is staggering.

Those additions include infuriating handouts such as $10 million toward “gender programs” in Pakistan, as  Grabien Media’s Tom Elliott and others pointed out on social media.

“The people who are supposed to represent you actually hate you,” Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk tweeted.

The bill includes generous funding for other countries, as Townhall’s Beth Bauman and others noted in several tweets.

A “Climate Security Advisory Council” is established in the bill.

“Invasive Species assessment, mitigation and reductions” have been allotted $130 million and another $193 million is set aside for federal HIV/AIDS workers to be able to buy cars while stationed n other countries. Funding is provided to establish a museum on “the life, art, history, and culture of women” as well as programs to address underage drinking.

Apparently, lawmakers believed the emergency bill should include several protections for racehorses.

Of course, there were certainly some more government-related items, such as mandating diversity in the intelligence community and millions for Joe Biden’s transition team.

There is even funding provided to investigate a 112-year-old riot, according to Kirk.

Many other examples of unnecessary pandering to special interests are piled into the massive bill, and the highlights were shared by many on Twitter. A handful of lawmakers did vote against the relief package but, naturally, were being slammed for not caring about Americans who desperately need the measly $600 of their own money. Some praised the senators who voted no.

The waste of taxpayer funds to bankroll the interests of other nations ignited Twitter users who demanded to know what happened to putting America first.


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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. This is the kind of garbage that Saddam Hussein would approve of! Remember how the rest of us are thinking of you corrupt lying Democrats this Christmas!
    We wish you a Very Merry Covid-19 Christmas and a Very Happy Covid-19 New Year.

  2. We need to March on DC! Everybody that love AMERICA! No we don’t need BLM or ANTIFA with us! We will deal with them LATER! Just come to prepare for trouble with these two groups. But don’t come alone! Every who believe the polls was rigged need to show up! This is OUR COUNTRY AND MONEY THESE POLITICAN ARE USING! Time to REMOVE them if it means dragging them by their hairs! Our Founding fathers would TAR AND FEATHER THEM BEFORE PUTTING THEM ON A SHIP BACK TO ENGLAND! WE NEED TO SHOW THEM WE ARE THE VOICE OF AMERICA! NOT THEM!

    • Doc Holiday here, and Wyatt is RIGHT when 74 million of us show up in DC, maybe that will stop these CROOKS or just split the country in two, we the Constitutionalist Democratic USA and they can be the Communist Socialist USA! They can have Biden, Demwitt Senators and Congress, and we will take Trump and some of the Republican! They can take all the Sanctuary Cities, the Bankrupt States, BLM, Antifa, Soros, Hollywood, and Silicone Valley!

      • Amen! 74-75 million Americans and just to be safe and show these thieving Worthless politicians the “We The People” have had enough we need to make sure that at least a couple Million of “We The People” are Our Veterans and Active Military to send a Huge Message saying put Right this Underhanded use of Our Earned benefits and removal of or closing of our Programs that are so badly needed help for those like our veterans and seniors. You say our Founding Fathers would Tar & Feather these politicians and return them to England. I feel that tar & Feather would be the beginning of punishment. Our founding fathers today seeing the absolute perversion of our Constitution would send them into a frenzy that would require them to call up a militia of TRUE PATRIOTS of this day, (and yes there is Patriots in every state ) would be called into action as a police force to round up every corrupt EVIL politician that would face TREASON charges of the highest order found guilty and sentenced to death for attempting to overthrow America and Her people. It would be insane to see but there would NOT be any tree within Washington DC or surrounding area that would NOT have a Traitor politician hanging from every weight bearing branch. Gallows builders would be making bank rope sales too and those politicians left over would face firing squads. And We The people along with all patriots would do our best to repair the damage. One of the first major changes would be TERM LIMITS FOR ALL SENATE AND CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS. We The people would also have the power to have Any Renegade politician or Socialist or foreign entity attempting to change our country to benefit them while profiting of the American people will be removed by any means stripped of all power and their property bank accounts and personal property confiscated Sold and all proceeds goes back into the community programs to benefit those like our Vets Seniors Disabled and the like. While the removed politician gets a modest wage and basic home and vehicle plus ordered to maintain employment and live like We The People Do under their rule. But their life will be EQUAL to the average person or family. It must be done it needs doing if for no other reason then to show them what EQUALITY for all is. Your an Average American No better No worse. It’s Time To take Our AMERICA BACK and end the wicked leaders.

    • you people who voted democrat have already showed them your voice for got exactly what you asked for.America was progressing under 1 term with Trump.then you dem. voters got stupid again and voted demonrats again.trump already had stopped our pork barrel from going every where but America,well you screwed that up people that voted democrat are to far in the past to even realize what is going take the offering of a hat or a pack of smokes and trade your vote to lying democrats and think you made out big time. you have put America in serious situations you can’t even realize. you have reaped what you have sowed.

  3. VETO that BS!! I’d rather get nothing than a slap on the face with this proposed 600.00 for us 1800.00 for Illegals and Billions on foreign aid and all the other BS!! GFY Pcs. OS!! Time to Hang these corrupt bastards masquerading as public servants!! After they’re tarred and feathered like someone suggested.

  4. Once again our congress proves that we should eliminate ALL lucrative political careers, ALL lifetime appointments, and ALL taxpayer funded golden parachute retirements. We must also eliminate all legal protections for those politicians that put others ahead of our own country.

    Congress continually proves they are incompetent and overpaid for their PART TIME JOBS.

    We Americans must reclaim our democratic capitalist republic

  5. If they think we like this so called bill they are all crazy. They don’t care about us the American people just illegals and other countries.Their power is something so bad that we the American people better wake up soon. We all know how they stole the election are we going to let them now destory us for good? AND still keeps us lockdown. They better wake up we won’t let them be dictators anymore. We are supposed to be free Free Free. ???????

  6. Whats worse is that the Republicans went along with it . Next election be prepared to lose your seat . You disgust me.

  7. Congress is doing what Congress always does. If your surprised then you just started looking at the truth. Go ahead and vote your monkeys back in but your only getting $600

  8. Congress has money for every nation but only provide pittance to take care of their own. Globalist want a one world order. Well us little people who pay your salaries are just about as poor as the other nations. Congress threatens to close the nation every year. Last minute they say they worked so hard for us to get us a deal. Then they all go for expensive lunches and laugh all the way to the bank. The
    Democrats and Republicans should all be thrown out and start over. We need Trump. He is the only one for the American people. I don’t know how to get this wrong fixed but it needs to be done and get Trump for the next 4 years or we the people will be getting our meals at the soup kitchen while illegals get everything we do not.

  9. Are we still in America ?????? I am so disgusted —– my temper is about to go off ! Stand back everyone….this is NOT going to be pretty….!

  10. We also need to push that the laws passed in Congress be stand alone bills and voted on as such. Any politician tying their pork funding projects to these bills/laws should be censured and removed from their positions. Until there is a consequence for these abhorrent behaviors, they will continue.
    It is very evident that all of this excess money is the swamps way of perpetually funding their careers and their family fortunes. They do not concern themselves with how their immoral behaviors hurts the average American because it doesn’t affect them at all. No matter what happens, they and their families, will always be insulated from the repercussions of their policies and practices!
    Well said Thomas. We do need term limits and to eliminate all of the perks of office. The founders never intended for their positions to become a career because of the negative effects we are seeing proliferate more and more as time progresses.

  11. The American people should get the names of the people who designed this relief bill and have them to explain themselves for their actions. I would expect most of the money being given to foreign countries and projects will be returned in the form of donations to each congressman. This bill is not helping the American people who are hurting, just giving money to countries who hate America. Shame, Shame, on the U.S. congress, you have harmed your citizens and brought shame on what you stand for.

  12. Get your veto pen President Trump!!! Don’t sign the bill!!! Make then go back and earn the money they are paid by getting a reasonable bill for RELIEF for the AMERICAN people! Leave the other stuff out!! So tired of this! And if you shut the government down no problem! They’ve done it before. This is stupid and we all know it!!!!

  13. Our money should be spent on us not the world. Let Pakistan handle their own gender crisis. That has nothing to do with us. Money to spend on keeping our government going should be just that. Not special interests. Americans need help financially so help them first. Other countries don’t help us no matter how much aide we give them. So give the Americans, not illegals as they are not even supposed to be here, but Americans the $2000 and cut the other nations out of our budget.

  14. What happen to America first. Why are they spending so much on other countries when USA is crumbling underneath there feet. We have a fraudulent government where 8/10s are getting bribes from China an the rest are sitting with their thumbs up their ass. They have left our President to almost stand alone because of thier greed. .I am sure they included a big fat raise for themselves cause 25 d0llar a quart ice cream gets a little costly. DO we really have a bunch of kindergarden children running this country. Oops sorry kids you probably do a much better job

  15. President Trump should veto the bill and tell Congress no money for foreign nations!!! Our Congress is a failure and a disgrace. They need to put the American people first, not last. For the next primary election vote out all Democrat and Republican members of Congress who voted for this bill!!! We need to rebuild Congress as this country is in trouble.

  16. I am APPALLED at the RELIEF BILL that has been put out there!! I agree that LEGAL AMERICANS should get $2000. & $4000. per couple! However, I think that people who have stayed employed & maintained their income through the pandemic should NOT receive aid!! I am one of the fortunate families that did not have a change in income, therefore I should NOT be getting it!!! I also think that ALL OF THE OTHER PROGRAMS should be deleted from this pkg! Once you see that it was wheeled down the hallway on a cart because it was too heavy to carry (6000 pages) you can plainly see that there’s a BUNCH O CRAP in it that doesn’t apply to COVID AID TO AMERICANS!!! One more thing .. I don’t agree that people should make more being on unemployment than they did when they had a job!! That is basically encouraging people to stay at home & not get a job! You would be surprised how many of those people would get a job if those benefits were slashed! This needs to totally be rewritten .. cut the pork, help LEGAL AMERICANS who are in need, help SMALL businesses .. NOT the LAUNDRY RESTAURANT who got $10,000,000 last time around!! We should have learned the last time when Pelosi said “you have to vote on it to see what’s in it”!!! They have a habit of rolling things out last min so there isn’t sufficient time to review it! Who was there when this was put together? Vote them out!!

  17. Thanks to the Senators who voted NO! Matt Gaetz, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz ,Marsha Blackburn. I know there are six can’t remember sixth man. Finally Thank God we still have A few that know right from wrong Not just stupid followers!!!

  18. You saw who stood arm in arm slobbering about how great this deal is, Queen Nancy and the Turtle! Veto it and force em to work over Christmas to come up with something that helps us, not every fu**in special interest group in the world!

  19. Guys-Put this on facebook and ask your liberal friends to try and explain how “their way” is the BEST way to help people during this crisis…..

    …this needs to go VIRAL!!! $600 to us, but $10,000 for trannys in Pakistan?!?


  21. This is the reason President Trump threatened to veto the relief bill, not because there wasn’t enough money for individuals, as consistently being put forth by the news media. If the pork were eliminated from the massive bill, there would have been more money to go to individuals within the same total amount, to do more real good. Now the vote-buying-hungry Democrats will vote on a bill to increase the payments to individuals to $2000 each without cutting a dime from the pork. I won’t be surprised if they add more pork to the follow-up bill.

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