Dems Try To Add Republicans To Terrorist Watch List

Their actions are causing more division than America has ever seen.

Left-wing columnist Harold Meyerson has published a column at the American Prospect, a prominent liberal publication, in which he suggests that the entire Republican Party belongs on the domestic terrorism watch list because of the presence of members like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

He writes:

Go to Greene’s Twitter account and you’ll find her liking tweets that called for shooting Nancy Pelosi and executing FBI agents for their “deep state” persecutions of Donald Trump. I suppose the equivalent of that would have been Democratic members of Congress applauding the shooting of House Republican Whip Steve Scalise—except, no Democratic members of Congress did that; rather, they all expressed horror and condemnation.
But the Republicans’ indulgence of the Greenes in their ranks—and there are many such—is of a piece with their overwhelming refusal to hold Trump responsible for the insurrection at the Capitol, much less their own current colleagues, such as Arizona’s Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, who also encouraged the January 6 rioters. Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution says that no government official can hold office “who, having previously taken an oath … to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” That surely applies to Trump, but it increasingly appears that it should apply to most Republican members of Congress as well.

Similar thoughts are finding their way into opinion pieces in mainstream publications. The Washington Post, for example, recently published an op-ed titled “What the 1798 Sedition Act got right — and what it means today.” The column said that the danger of “misinformation” meant that free speech was not enough to sort out fact from fiction, and that opponents of the Sedition Act “were wrong to conclude that the truth would necessarily prevail in an open exchange of information.”

Sources: Breitbart: Left-wing Columnist: Put the Republican Party on Domestic Terror Watch List

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. It is very easy to tell a story that everyone can’t wait to read The reason for such a fine column That is if you don’t mind reading fiction He shows you points that are not points at all That is his imagination taken over If you don’t have the information for a story you make one up You get these blood thirsty morons being hired by Soros and you write these tales of Buck Jones So good that the morons are believing it And this slug sits back and laughs his ass off He can’t even believe that they are doing these things but the iron is still hot Your lies are causing a great deal of our problems because you wind up these mental midgets and they are causing damage and there are some people that want to stop it We don’t want that So do the right thing and tell the truth it will set you free

  2. It may be about time to MAKE certain folks Uphold their Oath To Support and Defend our constitution, or send them packing ! those folks would Include Nasty Peeloser, chuck the schmuck, AOC, rashida tlaib, presley, Ilhan omar, adum schifty, Fat jerry nadless, and a few more…. Greene hasn’t violated constitution YET…. but doing ANYTHING to preclude or Eliminate the first or second Amendments would be the straw…. There ARE states set already, to withdraw, from the Union if the Komrade in chief Keeps up his Unwarranted actions …. There IS already an article five convention in the works To set Term Limits…. Violation of our Rights IS NOT AN OPTION…. Communism IS NOT an Option…. Taxation without representation IS NOT AN OPTION…. Unlimited DEMOCRATS are NOT an Option…. IF WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT IN CONTROL ! YOU THE REPRESENTATIVES HAVE GOT TO GO ( you DO NOT legislate! YOU attempt to Dictate )

  3. This is so wrong on so many levels! The DemocRAT party are becoming full Marxists/Communists and it makes me sick. I really am scared at what this country is becoming under this corrupt administration and congress! God, please help us!

  4. The spineless Republican party, needs to grow a backbone. That’s why we lost this time because they allowed the democRats take over everything, and Mitch McConnell needs to be gone ASAP! He’s nothing but a liar and he is leading the Republican party down the path of destruction. I think that the American people that are against all the garbage from the dems need to separate from the United states and become our own party..

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