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Did Our President Really Just Say This?

Yes, he did.

Joe Biden, who has good days and bad days, was apparently lucid enough to appear in public today. Amidst all the chaos on Capitol Hill over the far-left reconciliation package, the president set forth in order to help the negotiations. If reports are any indication, he did the opposite, but that was to be expected. Biden’s ability as a legislative mastermind has always been a myth, after all.

And is it really surprising that he didn’t convince Kyrsten Sinema or Joe Manchin to betray their constituents when this is the kind of commentary he brought?

Biden is right in one regard. A defeat of both bills would indeed be a gift to Republicans, who are more than content to let Democrats destroy themselves. Yet, he couldn’t just leave it at that. Instead, he had to invoke January 6th because the left in this country literally has nothing left. Further, Biden essentially saying “Do what I want or there will be violence,” is as anti-democratic of a position as I can think of. This guy is a tyrant at heart, using lies and veiled threats in order to get his way. That is when he’s not passed out in the White House basement because he’s so addled.

Do you know what people suffering under the current runaway inflation don’t care about? January 6th. Do you know what people who have their retirement in stocks don’t care about? January 6th. No one outside the beltway is still obsessing over a three-hour ordeal in which the only person who was purposely killed was shot by a police officer. There are also serious questions about what actually transpired after a judge forced the release of surveillance footage prosecutors had tried to keep hidden (see The Feds Are Forced to Release January 6th Surveillance Footage and Narratives Crumble).

Regardless, nothing Biden said today moved the needle. In fact, he seemed to double down on the very aspects of the reconciliation process that are so offputting to the moderates that hold all the leverage. Biden is classic “BSer,” and he’s learning quickly that he can’t “C’mon, man” his way past this legislative roadblock. Flailing about, bringing up January 6th isn’t going to convince Manchin to nuke his state’s economy, and we all know Sinema just doesn’t care about anything.

I would posit that what we are witnessing is the last gasps of a broken party that knows it’s about to get shellacked in next year’s elections. The disarray we are seeing right now didn’t develop overnight. It’s been building for a very long time, going all the way back to the Trump years. Things are just now starting to boil over, and I don’t think there’s any putting the water back in the pot. The Democrat coalition is too damaged, and their “leader” is a senile old man who can’t do anything but mumble about January 6th and vaccine mandates.

Sources: RedState: Joe Biden Makes Idiotic Comments During Bumbling Capitol Hill Visit

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. ALL THE DEMON RATS are TRAITORS to the Constitution if they keep voting for that horrendous DEBT!
    Sinema and Manchin realize the chasm that is building between the Conservatives and the Extreme Left! And NOTHING will ever be right if they sign on that treasonous plan!
    Their constituents will be squeezed dry and never be able to achieve the American Dream again. Then they will lose their post also. And the TYRANNY will forever be and KING Senile rapist Joe will be sitting on the throne!

  2. Friends may come and friends my go and friends may peter out you know. Biden is no friend of the American way there is no doubt and as for as I’m concerned, he’s all petered out.

  3. That Jan 6 reminds of the debates. Biden after babbling rembered, after he stopped then he said the covid virus for no reason. Tacit Dem response! Whether disasters they caused and blame others and say the words over and over till your brain thinks it’s true! He even blamed Trump for his disaster Afghanistan! If you think, you can see the scam!

  4. All this would of started back in 2012 if hillary could of won one for the gipper . But she lost to Obama even called him a Niger , but that didn’t matter cause after al, he backed her in 2016 which she again lost to trump . By losing both times this had to wait till Biden was handy . The rich put their puppet in place and here we are . The country going to hell like they planned to get richer then they already are . Why would our so called leaders let this happen one might ask . You see why 8f you only look . Sex and money . How many democrats are now being investigated as child molester of on the sex island no one talks about anymore . Why aren’t the names release go the public ??? After all we have a right to know who’s been raping our daughters . Or are laws only like the poor like hillary saids . God only knows how many times old Billie boy been on the sex island and how many young girls he raped . Funny tho how it’s always the delusional democrats that are in on this . I am sure tho there’s some republicans involved too . They all need to be taken down for the slimy bastards they are . After al, these are the same ones we belives would help fix our country only to let us down even more then we ever imagined .

  5. I hope the Dems continue to let Joe ramble about the bills and any other issues they are working on. He’s not helping their cause.

    What he is doing (because he has the power by executive order) is destroying our country. I know he’s passionate about getting everyone vaccinated, but not everyone wants to be vaccinated. Like it or not, it is still, and should continue to be, a personal medical choice. However, Biden is destroying the careers and livelihood of many American citizens by mandating that all Federal, healthcare, and certain other employees be vaccinated or be fired. That is tyranny and unconstitutional. The government (Fed or State) should not force people to get vaccines or other medical procedures against their will. It has been proven the vaccine does not prevent getting COVID and transmitting it to others. We want our FREEDOM back.

    If he cares so much about ending COVID, he needs to stop the illegal invasion through the southern border by thousands who come in untested and some have undiagnosed COVID and are then dispersed throughout the states.

  6. Hey China Boy Groper Joe Bribedem, stop using January 6th as a weapon. There was significantly LESS damage done in that protest than any BLM/ANTIPANTIES “mostly peaceful” protests you clowns fully supported. Besides, Senema and Manchin are finally doing the right thing by stopping your wasteful, irresponsible, pork filled legislation. We are all fed up with paying your “contributors” off with our tax dollars.

  7. There must be way too much truth going on fakebook and twit her I am told they have been down for 3 hrs now! Ya can’t stop the truth!

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