Dirty Dems Just Took It To Another Level

Are we forgetting our country’s past?

Born around 1845, Quanah Parker became one of, if not the most feared and respected Comanche in the latter half of the 19th century. He’s certainly the best-known Comanche. Any book written about Comancheria, Quanah Parker would be prominently mentioned. He was respected by Comanche and feared by Texans.

Parker left a decade-long bloody trail through North Texas before surrendering to authorities in 1875. He was a smart man and knew that his days on the plains were over. He also knew that any admission to murdering white settlers would land him on a scaffold with a rope around his neck, so he kept his secrets; but there is little doubt that during his time on the Texas plains, he participated in murder raids where settlers were brutally tortured and murdered. During those raids, people who didn’t end up dead were taken captive and enslaved. One of those enslaved was his mother Cynthia Ann Parker. Cynthia was taken captive at the age of 9. Although slavery was widely practiced by Native tribes including the Comanche and was a common practice of native tribes throughout the continent, it’s generally ignored by historians. Quanah Parker likely owned humans. And he undoubtedly murdered and tortured people and was himself the son of an enslaved white. Yet, he is revered.

Quanah Parker is honored by Texas generally and the Texas Historical Society specifically. His likeness is preserved in bronze statues that grace landmarks and parks throughout the state. Parker was a man of his time and, slavery was part of his culture. After his surrender, Quanah Parker was also a vocal advocate for his fellow Native Americans. After settling in Oklahoma, he labored tirelessly for Native land ownership and use. He helped preserve native culture and native religion. He became friends with whites, including Teddy Roosevelt. He was in summary far more than the ugly parts of his past. He deserves to be remembered.

Recently the New York City Council voted to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson that graced the council chambers for over 100 years. Jefferson, they complained, was a slave owner and they just couldn’t bear to look at his likeness. It’s reductive nonsense.

If we reduce everyone to his or her lowest common denominator everyone is erased from memory. That’s the game the left is playing. The author of the Declaration of Independence is reduced to his ugliest practice and defined, not for his greatest moments, but by his lowest. It’s an awful and dangerous precedent that no human, living or dead could survive. If removing statues because of that person’s lowest trait is the benchmark, Quanah Parker is reduced to a slave-owning murderer. He’s a son of a slave, who sold out to the white man. Martin Luther King is reduced to a philandering socialist. It has to stop. It needs to stop.

Founders are having their statues torn down or removed because they were born 300 years ago into a system they didn’t invent. While statues of truly great men and women are being pulled down, others are being erected. George Floyd comes to mind. This game is only played in one direction.

Sources: RedState: Canceling History: Tearing Down Thomas Jefferson Statues is Reductive Nonsense

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. If we are erasing the past of these MEN, then we should erase that slavery never happened. Take it out of the text books, libraies, out of statues of slaves etc. But of course it will never happen.

  2. These dirty Democrats want us to forget about our past why else do you think they are taking away our history and our historic statues?? During the 2020 riots, the Democrats sent their Nazi Brownshirts out to Burn down all of our city’s and to tare down our Historical Statues so that we will forget about our history. The American men and women as well as all of our X-military men and women need to get out there and start organizing our militias before it is to tate.

  3. Laws on the books state l plain English and should be enforced. We will be paying for this with school, health çare, ĺaw
    ènforcementt TAXES

  4. This is just insanity. I agree with the point the writer is making. How is it right to destroy one man’s accomplishments and good deeds just because he committed some offense in the course of his life, while at the same time you give another man who has lived a similar life a pass due to his color or because there is something you can connect too. Just because someone has a different idea or a view point, doesn’t give them a right to come along and destroy a belief and a standing that has survived for one, two, or three hundred years. You cannot beat people into believing something just because you believe it. Its wrong.

  5. The demonRATS tear down statues of our foundering fathers and erect one of a common criminal is beyond comprehension. Floyd was a crook high on ILLEGAL drugs but yet the left hold him esteem is stupid but since most of the demonRATS are stupid I guess it shouldn’t surprise me.

  6. This bull-shit about cancelling or destroying our American history must be put to bed. Why is our country being torn apart because of a few idiots who are just looking for power and to destroy our heritage as a country that became great starting as a piece of dust from our ancestors, who had the grit to start a a country town by town until we became a Nation, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, RULED BY THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS. Let’s not let a few junk heads take over our land and government because they want everything given to them instead of doing like the majority of Americans do, WORK FOR A LIVING, RESPECT OUR FLAG, RESPECT OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM AND ALL THE VETERANS WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS WITH SOME GIVING THEIR LIVES, so you idiots can live a good life, with freedoms many other countries wish they had. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT HERE IN OUR COUNTRY, GET THE HELL OUT AND TRY TO PULL THE BULL-SIT YOU WANT TO PULL HERE, GUARANTEED YOU WILL EITHER EWND UP DEAD, IN JAIL OR CRYING TO COME BACK TO THE GOOD OLE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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