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Disgusting Violence on Trump Supporter Ignored

It turns out this rioter who attacked this peaceful Trump supporter has a long criminal record.

A protestor who was arrested after he punched a supporter of President Donald Trump is also a registered child sex offender, public records show.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested 39-year-old Kenneth Wayne Deberry on Saturday for disorderly conduct, including inciting violence, aggravated assault, and felon in possession of a firearm after police found he was carrying a handgun, according to an MPD press release.

According to the MPD Sex Offender Registry, Deberry is a registered sex offender who was convicted in Washington, D.C. in 2008 of second degree child sexual abuse against a person under 16 years of age.

Deberry was arrested with three others during the Saturday incident, according to MPD, which occurred in the 1700 block of I Street, Northwest during demonstrations following the Million MAGA March.

“The suspects were involved in a collaborative effort to incite violence during first amendment assemblies at the listed location,” the press release said. “One of the suspects struck the victim rendering him unconscious. Other suspects assaulted the victim and took his property. Four suspects were apprehended at the scene by responding officers.”

Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura identified Deberry as an individual captured in the Daily Caller’s viral video footage showing a man punching and bloodying a Trump supporter.

Video footage showed the attacker come up behind the Trump supporter and punch him so hard that the victim fell on his face to the ground and lay still for several moments before those around him helped him to his feet. As he lay on the ground, a person briefly stomped on him.

The video footage showed blood running down the victim’s face and on his hands as people around him helped him to his feet. A man prayed over the bloody and stunned Trump supporter, and a police officer in the video appears to be calling the incident in.

Sources: The Daily Caller: Rioter Who Punched Out Trump Supporter In Viral Video Is Registered Child Sex Offender

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. why is it that blacks are always first to violence? Thugs male and female? Those worthless animals need to be rendered inoffensive. Neuter those lazy sobs. And put them in jail with white supremacists. They need to understand their own point of view is wrong and need to learn or stay in jail.

  2. This is what paid liberal rioters do, and many of them are convicted criminals. They attack people from behind or in mobs, often causing serious harm, or even death, but liberals in power either ignore the attack or bail them out of jail. Kamala Harris is a perfect example. She voices her approval of the behavior of these thugs, and has set up a fund to bail them out, once arrested This is criminal behavior and the people involved should be arrested and tried. Those who applaud their behavior and bail them out of jail, should also be held accountable, as should the phony media who refuses to report on them. It would certainly cut down the numbers of liberal Socialists on the outside, of the prison system.

  3. Thatd the Auntquifa way. Sneak up and sucker punch somebody from behind. If its somebody that is facing them and can defend themselves they run or hide behind the fat big mouth women.

  4. The lesson not being learned is that no consequence no justice. The fat pig that suckered that Peaceful Trump supporter should be put in jail for 10 years or more or they’ll never learn, no consequences for your unlawful acts, why obey the laws’? Its so obvious that any body even a college student can figure it out.

  5. It’s time for all repubicans to start defending OUR rights. These people think they can do or say whatever they want and we’ll stand by and let them. I say no more!!!

  6. Where were Biden, Pelosi, Walters, Harris(Holding the get out of jail free card), Schumer. Hiding behind cyclone fence and the military. Still talking about December 6 and making up new things about President Trump. Ignoring violence from her party. That is the real insurrection. Blame President Trump for that as well. How convenient.

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