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Does Biden Hate The Police?

His latest action proves that he does.

Saturday concludes National Police Week of 2021. While Biden had initially planned to fly the flags at half-mast today–which should be expected of him–he quietly changed his mind in an update to the original proclamation. As Landon reported, this comes after the president had already canceled former President Donald Trump’s plan for the “National Garden of American Heroes.”

Conservatives also used this week to call Democrats out for their defund the police mantra, as well as their hypocrisy for using police as private security, like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), as Spencer reported.

It’s also Police Officer’s Memorial Day, a sobering day considering how many police officers lost their lives last year.

Sources: TownHall: Does Biden Hate the Police? You Have to Wonder with His Updated Proclamation

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. biden is the lamest sob to inhabit the great halls of USA government. I’ll be so glad when he gets run out along with his COMMIE commrads.

  2. NO President has ever done more to DESTROY our Country than Obama and Biden. We need to call for a new election to replace Biden/Harris and get an AMERICAN President for the people not for everyone else in the World.

  3. joe Biteme biden is a chickenshit coward for not backing our American Heroes in blue. I absolutely hate this man and hope nothing good ever happens for him.

  4. The Police are the only thing keeping the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, the ANtifa and BLM alive. When the police are gone conservative will start killing liberal scum and Antofa and BlM It will be interesting to see how many die before they want the police back.

  5. Sure he hates the police he knows he is guilty of many things and knows if this government would stop sleeping at the wheel some of those cops should be coming after him. The smart cops already jumped ship . now we have left is commie cops. So people can’t trust them either.

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