Entire Police Force Retires In This Hot Bed City

This might be the new normal.

Portland had better hope they’ve seen the last of the rioters. Their trained unit for dealing with crowd control refused that assignment en masse after prosecutors indicted an officer with fourth-degree assault stemming from an August 2020 incident. The police union called the prosecution “politically driven”:

All members of the crowd control team of Portland police have resigned from their positions in the unit after an officer was indicted on an assault charge stemming from alleged illegal use of force during a protest last year.
“On June 16, 2021, Portland Police Bureau employees serving as members of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) left their voluntary positions and no longer comprise a team”, Portland Police said in a statement on Thursday, adding that the employees will continue in their regular assignments. …
Portland Police Bureau Officer Corey Budworth was indicted on Tuesday with one count of fourth-degree assault, a misdemeanor, stemming from the August 2020 incident, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said.
The indictment marked the first time a Portland police officer faced prosecution stemming from striking or firing at someone during a protest, according to the Oregonian newspaper.

That stands in stark contrast to the refusal of prosecutors in Portland and Multnomah County to press charges against the rioters. The decision to indict an officer while refusing to hold rioters accountable is the “last straw,” The Oregonian reports, more than a little disingenuously when it comes to why:

A team lieutenant called Chief Chuck Lovell to inform him Wednesday night after members of the team, who volunteer for the assignment, voted to resign due to perceived lack of support from City Hall and from the district attorney over the past year during more than 100 consecutive nights of protest coverage. The indictment of one of the team’s officers appeared to be the last straw.
“Have I ever seen anything like this in my career? No, I don’t think any of us have,” said Deputy Chief Chris Davis, serving Thursday as acting chief while Lovell is out of state for a week in St. Augustine, Florida, for training. …
The team’s use of force has led to multiple civil lawsuits in state and federal court, sanctions from a judge and now an indictment. Aside from the Oregon State Police, few outside police agencies in the past year were willing to assist Portland in protest coverage.

The Oregonian implies here that other agencies refused to work in Portland because of the use-of-force complaints. That’s not just inaccurate, it’s flat-out false. The neighboring law-enforcement agencies refused to police Portland because prosecutors refused to maintain charges against the rioters, a point they made clear at the time:

These are incredibly challenging times in Oregon and throughout our Country. Law Enforcement has clearly heard and recognizes the need to make improvements to ensure it is meeting the needs of all communities it serves. With that said, abandoning Law Enforcement or the need for policing, is not working. It has only shown that it undermines the rule of law and puts our community at greater risk.
Over the weekend, members of our associations were approached to assist with policing in the City of Portland. Unfortunately, due to the lack of support for public safety operations, the associated liability to agencies who would be assisting in Portland and the lack of accountability for those arrested committing criminal acts, we cannot dedicate our limited resources away from the communities we serve.

How did Portland and Multnomah County respond? By dismissing charges against even more rioters. Instead of prosecuting the people who spent months rampaging and pillaging Portland, prosecutors instead want to indict and try one of the few people in Multnomah County that tried to stand up to the rioters for using his baton. If the officer broke the law, then that makes sense — but only if prosecutors are willing to charge and try everyone who breaks the law.

Small wonder this unit no longer is willing to serve on the front lines against the vandals. The police department followed this up by reminding everyone that they still can assign any officer to this duty, whether they volunteer for it or not. If they try it, though, the city might find itself without a police force at all. It sounds like the union has had enough of Ted Wheeler, the Portland city council, and especially its politically driven prosecutors. And for good reason.

Sources: HotAir: Portland’s crowd-control unit resigns en masse after member indicted for assault on rioter

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Now, Might be Time for the Entire Force to put out “Feelers”, for Employment in Other Jurisdictions….
    Those with Good to Exemplary Records of conduct and Policing Given “First Hire Choices” In New Jurisdictions…. Get Good Police where they are appreciated…. Let Seattle/Multnomah Co. Fend for themselves, With Citizen Enforcement, for a while….. Disband the prosecutors office, and send all the Riot Charges to the federal attorneys for Prosecution….

  2. you idiots in portland are about to get just what you deserve and when you do don’t be calling for help from the police because you asked for it

  3. you idiots of Portland are about to get just what you deserve and when you do don’t go crying to the police just remember you started all of this

  4. Biden is a weak mumbling idiot along with his so called administration.If I were the mayor, I would give police the order, do what you have to do. Crack heads open plus use deadly force when necessary. Their lives don’t matter to me.

  5. How sad that a lovely city like Portland has become like a rat’s nest. When I was out there for a conference several years ago,I really enjoyed my time there. I cannot imagine what it’s like now, with the riots and all the damage that has been done. How sad that the police are not allowed to do their jobs all because they have no support from the city and it’s government!!

  6. I will never ever set foot in Portland, OR. My heart goes out to the good folks that are still left there, but voting does have ramifications and the mob won.

  7. I wanted to repost this article but decided not to because of the misleading headline — the officers didn’t retire, they resigned from a highly trained crowd control unit, because of lack of support from leaders.

  8. Excellent move by the police. Poetic justice to Oregon. Well know for it’s liberal politics is deserving of what they get. They have surpassed that infamous level of stupidity that can not be fixed.

  9. Not prosecuting these people who break laws is just moronic. That makes us another China. We also have a useless President who will not close the border, this Prick is going against our Constitution and should be thrown out of office ASAP. I call it treason.

  10. So glad to hear it . I hope the entire department can find work elsewhere. Hopefully there are some liberal buffoons who will buy their homes and afford them the privilege of relocating . Portland is a cesspool because the majority of the voting public wanted it that way . I hope they get everything they asked for. I look forward to watching those liberal morons sink with the ship .

  11. At the rate of ignorance by many Democrat Socialist are treating the Police officer it would not
    surprise me to discover that they all have put out “feelers” to other police depts around the
    Nation that are more responsible. Then a Massive departure from such ignorance and
    corruption as Portland and other bastions of ignorance are demonstrating. Lets see how the
    Citizens enjoy their “freedoms” as the criminal and gangs take over completely and there is
    no enforcement of any laws except the absence of any laws except survival by jungle law!

  12. Here again, one of my honest realizations is proven – there are times in life when we finally get what we deserve! Those who want to or have defunded or obstructed police in violence will be left to take care of their own. White on white crime is bad, but black on black crimes is 300% greater. You can sign up for a Chicago’s or other dem-run cities and the crime stats prove this point. Every Monday I get a crime report or shootings/homicide of the city of Chicago and they are rarely under 90% of white on white shootings. Here in Jax, over father’s day weekend, TWO fathers (black) were shot and killed by their own son!!

    It is so sad for me that these people have no response unless it’s violent. don lemmon recently stated that “white people don’t see blacks as human beings”. That is so untrue! – except when people act like animals are referred to as animals. He (don) was confronted with the fact that reparations have already been made in the form of EOA, AA, HUD, and a few other black-support hand-outs (especially for minority businesses). Even mothers in the wild will defend their own babies, but black mothers and fathers are even barely involved in their upbringing.

  13. Portland, Ted Wheeler and the City Council and City Attorney will get just what they asked for. No police response to any calls for help without assurances of support. BLM/Antifa should love this environment, they can BurnLootMurder all they want and nothing will happen happen to them. Do not feel sorry for these people, they got what they asked for!!!


  15. Re read your article! They are not leaving the force, they have left the voluntary riot squad.
    The National Guard should be brought in with live ammo and these “riots” would be over in short order.

  16. Portland Police Department Personnel need to walk out and QUIT ! Let Portland go to HELL and the THUGS take over completely ! I feel sorry for those Conservative Citizens that have no way out !
    Let the Libturds live with their lack of responsibility and actions !

  17. It breaks my heart to see how the left along with there allies, at Face Book, Google, Twitter, the Media and the big companies like Coca Cola bow to the idiots. It is time to take this country back by the same illegal means that has stolen it.

    It is time that we declare a peaceful boycott of all this left wing propaganda and stand up for America. Our forefathers must be turning in there graves. It is time to rid ourselves of the education system as it is and bring real American values to our land. We are going to have to be the second greatest generation and rise against this tyrannical regeem that currently thinks they can call the shots.

    This is America not a socialist dictatorship. If you don’t like it Joe, Kamala, Nancy… Zuckerberg, leave and start you own country or better yet move to China and see how you like that

  18. It is amazing. I guess since the only villain the democrats have is Donald Trump. While Joe gets a pass for his quid pro quo with Ukraine to protect his son. And the China deal that no one will ever perdue. The crimes committed by Hunter Biden, conveniently covered up by the media.

    Apparently only white conservative males are now the target for law enforcement. This group if sissies, backed by their thugs antifa an BLM has taken the justice system to it knees. Like in Portland spineless DA’s release people charged with violent crimes with no bail while being heavy handed on law enforcement. As a law enforcement professional I would leave too.

    People need to be held accountable for there behavior. Let’s start with Joe, Kamala, Nancy and the squad. Or the can just go hold the line in there $2000 suits and let the mob take the people down who deserve it. Good riddance.

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