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Equality In Schools Is Being Pulled Apart By Dems

They want our children to hate white people.

The head of an elite private school in New York City privately admitted to a teacher that the institution is “demonizing white people for being born.”

The call between math teacher Paul Rossi, who was later relieved of his duties after publicly criticizing the school’s anti-racist orthodoxy, and George Davidson, head of Grace Church School, took place on March 2. The two discussed wokeness at the school and how it’s affecting white students.

“Let me ask you something, George, because I think there’s something very different about having a single experience where you make sense of it, right, and having a teacher, an authority figure, talk to you endlessly, every year, telling you, that because you have whiteness you are associated with evils, all these different evils,” Rossi says to him. “These are moral evils, it’s not the same as taking like a physical thing, because it doesn’t affect your moral value. That’s the problem.”

“The fact is that I’m agreeing with you that there has been a demonization that we need to get our hands around, in the way in which people are doing this understanding,” Davidson responds.

“So you agree that we’re demonizing kids,” Rossi answers.

“We’re demonizing ki—” Davison starts to say before cutting himself off, adding, “We’re demonizing white people, for being born.”

“And are some of our students white people?” Rossi asks.

“Yes,” Davidson replies.

“Okay, so we’re demonizing white kids,” Rossi says. “Why don’t you just say it?”

“We are using language that makes them feel less than, for nothing that they are personally responsible for,” Davidson responds.

The conversation was posted online by the civil rights organization Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism. FAIR is supporting Rossi, who was “relieved of his teaching duties” for his public criticism of the school on former New York Times editor Bari Weiss’s Substack.

On Monday, Rossi responded to the head of school’s letter about him to his colleagues.

“Grace’s public story — the story it is telling to the press and to its own community — has been very different from what you have told me. In light of your statement that my essay ‘contains glaring omissions and inaccuracies,’ and in support of those who will inevitably be scared into silence by seeing the price I am now paying for speaking up, I am compelled to share what you have told me in our previous conversations.”

According to the Daily Mail, a former parent at the school claimed students spend one week per month learning Critical Race Theory.

Sources: TownHall: School Principal Privately Admits What ‘Anti-racist’ Curriculum Is Doing to White Kids

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The Communistic Chinese Are Already Here! The Socialistic Russians Are Already Here! And The Radicalized Islamists Are Already Here! It Is Past Time To Start The 2nd American Civil War, Lock And Load!!!

  2. How about putting black kids in their own school and the rest of the kids in a different school . Then wait to see how both schools make out . See which school is still standing and which kids learn more .that way no one can say it’s the white kids fault or its the black kids fault . It will show its the teachers fault for teaching hate instead of lesson in life the kids need . My grandson is a half breed like me , he has no problem making friend of every race . Even he saids the teachers talk down on different races . That proves my point right there . So stop this BS of racists everything . kids don’t care they just want to play with any kid that is nice to them and have fun . I got kids of all different races coming to my house all the time and we all get along great . It’s adults job to teach understanding with kids not hurt them cause the color of their skin . This is how you fix this racists BS not by burning looting and killing . Make the delusional democrats stop this BS . See how things change . That’s all I have to say about that

  3. I think some ass whoopen needs to start in New york. Let me hear of it around here a see what happens. BIDEN is a communist not a president. He is a fraudulent push by DAMOCRAPS. COMMUNIST biden and all those DAMOCRAPS need to be in prison and in front of a firing. SQAUD. And so does every teacher that teaches this bill shit

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