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Experts Warn That The Entire Internet In America Is Compromised

Socialism will brainwash young Americans through the web.

In a recent op-ed published in Newsweek titled “A Second Internet is Needed for American Survival,” Marvin Avila, the CEO of Right Forge, argues that American survival is dependent on reigning in Big Tech firms and the possibility of the creation of a new type of internet.

Right Force is “a full-service technology infrastructure company,” according to Avila, and provides IT services to brands including Beteran, RE Factor Tactical, and Tier 1 Concealed.

In his op-ed, Avila notes that in the last six months major tech firms have censored newspapers, de-platformed Parler, and banned former President Trump from almost every major social media platform.

Avila discusses how these tech firms differ from American companies in years gone by, writing:

The multinational corporations that make up big tech do not at all resemble the great American companies of the past. Yes, those companies sought profit like any other private enterprise with a bottom line. But they were supportive of the American middle class and of advancing our national sovereignty. And along the way, they were unabashedly dedicated to—and successful in—defeating the twin tyrannies of fascism and communism.

Some will claim we’re exaggerating the situation by pointing out big tech’s monopolistic behavior. Those who possess only a cursory grasp of the past deny connections between yesteryear and the present because they’re looking for precisely the same actors. As Mark Twain advised, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does often rhyme.” Twain was implying that we won’t find exact mirror images—because they don’t exist. So we need to think more critically about the arc of history, to read between the lines to locate key trends and patterns.
Section 230 reform—or any other legislative proposal—is insufficient. Big government can’t fix big tech. The two phalanxes have become far too intertwined and too dependent upon each other’s power. All Americans committed to our sacred rights, namely freedom of expression, demand an internet that’s truly free and open. That’s why my colleagues and I started Right Forge. We’re creating an entirely self-reliant, self-contained vertical infrastructure. By controlling all the “means of production,” from the physical data centers to the hardware to the code, we are replatforming America and rededicating the internet—the greatest forum for debate and information exchange in human history—to the founding principles of our exceptional nation.

Avila finishes the op-ed asking, “what institution in America is prepared to stand up to big tech?” Despite numerous major transgressions, Big Tech remains relatively unregulated and aside from a few seemingly ineffective Senate hearings, little has been done to reign these firms in.

“We must create a second internet to begin restoring our great republic and our way of life,” Avila states. “American survival depends upon it.”

Sources: Breitbart: Tech Entrepreneur: ‘A Second Internet Is Needed for American Survival’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I appreciate your coverage of the truth, so difficult to find these days. Thanks to you, Newsmax, RedAlert News, Patriots America News, Renewed Right, Mammoth Nation etc., I don’t have to see or listen to the established Left Wing news media.
    We all need to be informed and armed with the truth to counter the negative impact of the liberals in our lives.
    I am thrilled to receive your updates so I can keep up with today’s “devastating dictates” that will undermine our rightful freedoms. Thank you!

  2. To expect something different from a known crook is tedemont to insanity. Integrity is totally missing in all democrat forms of goverment. We must overthrow such tyrants using there own methods, whatever it takes.

  3. Republicans on the rise, so happy to be a part of this great GOP movement. As we get stronger and stronger with people that believe in the Constitution and law and order, I know on President Trumps team nothing can stop America. We will defeat the democrats and there insane ideas. The Republicans are now the working class model as the democrats are for themselves only, no one else is important. They are elected officials and they are paid by the people that elected them. If they don’t live up to the job, impeach them or never vote for them again. President Trump is my President and Biden the boob is not even human. I have faith that everything will be ok with the leadership of my President Trump.

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