Fake News Reporters Confronted By Marines

Marine Corps puts The Hill and WaPo reporter on blast for misleading claims covering Trump rally

The U.S. Marine Corps set the record straight after false claims were made about a Marine One helicopter seen at a rally for President Trump in Florida.

The military branch publicly corrected The Hill and a Washington Post reporter after they raised “ethics” questions over a video posted by President Donald Trump that showed the helicopter with the Marine Corps’ Helicopter Squadron One green and white design arriving at a rally last week at The Villages, Fla.

“President Trump’s reelection campaign appeared to use a Marine Corps helicopter to hover over a large crowd of cheering supporters, raising questions about the ethics of using the military aircraft for such purposes,” The Hill reported in an article Wednesday headlined, “Trump campaign event use of Marine Corps helicopter raises ethics questions.”

Washington Post national security correspondent Greg Miller also raised criticism, wondering in a tweet if this was a “new way” for the president to spread the coronavirus to his supporters. Trump shared the video in a split screen tweet that he posted Wednesday showing his rally crowd contrasted with the small gathering greeting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at a smaller campaign event.

The Hill noted that the helicopter unit is based out of Quantico, Va., and regularly transports Trump and other senior officials.

“It was not clear from the video if the helicopter was landing or hovered for a period of time before moving on,” reporter Ellen Mitchell wrote, adding:

The video raises questions about the ethics of the Pentagon’s role in the event.

Department of Defense (DOD) policy prohibits military members from participating in campaign activities such as volunteering for a candidate, attending a rally or appearing in materials while in uniform, though they are allowed to do so off duty.

CBS News’ Mark Knoller also claimed Marine One hovered over rally-goers.

But Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Joseph Butterfield made it clear that the helicopter did not “fly over” nor “hover” over the crowd in Florida as it transported Trump from the Ocala International Airport near the event.

“The entire flight was conducted in accordance with U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps regulations, operating procedures, and safety protocols,” Butterfield said. “Marine One landed a safe distance from the crowd, which the camera angle in the video . . . does not appear to fully capture.”

“In accordance with U.S. Navy regulations, no review or investigation is necessary,” he added.

The official U.S. Marines Twitter account responded to The Hill’s report and to the Post’s reporter.

Local footage also captured a different angle of the helicopter’s arrival as  Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son” played.

(Source: Villages-News)

Twitter users reacted with more video footage and appreciation for the U.S. Marines.



Sources: BPR: Marine Corps puts The Hill and WaPo reporter on blast for misleading claims covering Trump rally

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