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Famous Democrat Endorses Slavery

How is this even allowed?

Monday, Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI) discussed her recent visit to the United States’ border with Mexico amid the ongoing border crisis.

McClain told FNC’s “Fox & Friends First” that the border situation is “modern-day slavery.”

“As a mother, first and foremost, you want the best for your kids, and what’s happening to these families is an organized form of illegal immigration that I would argue is modern-day slavery,” McClain outlined. “The only people that are making out in this situation are the drug traffickers, the cartels, and the people that traffic these families over. … It’s worse than I thought.”

“I would suggest that before you have an opinion, come down from your ivory tower and actually go to the border and see for yourself what is happening. It was horrible,” she added.

McClain warned that the effects of the border crisis are “coming to a city near you” in the form of illegal immigrants or drugs.

“Because the Border Patrol agents are spending so much time dealing with all of these families that are crossing illegally, they have no time to protect the border,” she advised. “So, what do you think is coming in? Fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, and I can assure you that’s coming to a city near you.”

Sources: Breitbart: GOP Rep. McClain: Treatment of Immigrant Families at Border ‘Modern-Day Slavery’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Truthfully, the Fentanyl should be Directed to San francisco and NYC, Places where their Lawmakers Actually want it..The cocaine directed to compounding Pharmacies to be made into Painkillers.. The smuggled Humans returned to their country’s as Defective…. And the smugglers and Cartelli’s,, should be Hanging from trees all along the border, Like Christmas ornaments, Every third tree Reserved for Corrupt Politicians, Vote manipulators and Treasonous Individuals….

  2. Yes I would tend to agree to agree with her. The only ones making anything out of this CHAOS is the ” BAG GUYS ” , and like pretty much everything else that happens to the ” WE THE PEOPLE ” . they end up getting it in the HINNY, and fed a few crumbs, while the RICH and CORRUPT, live LARGE and WELL FEED. But slavery will be with us humans, until the sun burns out, it is here right now, it is called the STANDARD of LIVING, work hard and get little, make the ones that do downsizing , do multi-tasking as they make those under them work . Let the shot callers live the life of their work associates.

  3. Headline says “ Top Democrat endorses slavery.” Where is this explained in the narrative? Nowhere as far as I can see. What’s up?

  4. Ha ha this sick ass country that loves to murder the unborn baby’s and promote lowlifes to the presidency is getting what it deserves ha ha ha!!!

  5. Good for Lisa McClain…..gutless ….ruthless …spineless….don’t give a darn about what’s going to happen to this country with this idiotic open borders. What do these stupid asinine Libs think that all these illegals are going to all go out and get a job, find housing and contribute economically to this country. 20,000 kids showing up for school, if they send them, that can’t speak English. No way going to have enough teachers that speak Spanish that teach all the grade levels. All their attention is going to be spending time with them. No fault of these kids but not fair to the other kids. What darn planet are Libs from.

  6. If the people do not voice objection and make demands like BLM, demanding the end of immigrants being allowed in and demanding that the walls be finished and maintained. Biden and anyone that follows his lead are clowns with the leadership ability and integrity of a slug. This is a war we must fight against.

  7. Biden opened the border up to all and people wander how this could be getting out of hand ! Well from what I can see it is way past out of hand and Biden and Harris refuse to go to the border and see the mess they created ! It’s only going to get worse !

  8. I must of missed the democrat endorsing it. I read the republican criticizing it. Turn them all around.Send them back across. Quit spending tax payers money. Use the money that was already collected.And finish the wall. Alot of the wall money was personal donations. So,if you dont finish it. Either return money to its rightful owner.Or go to jail. At least thats what would happen to a average citizen. But,the wall law has already been put in place. Finish it. And send people back across to the other side.

  9. This is one reason why people are buying guns and ammo. They can’t wait for the defunded police to come, they will protect there property, family and themselves. Should be obvious to everyone the election was rigged, Biden is not in control, people not returning to work because they make more off the unemployment supplement, only scared people taking an emergency vaccine, prices going up on everything, value of dollar declining, still pushing systematic racism, children not attending school and Biden/Harris puppets advocating a spending package that has little to do with the infrastructure. Have you had enough Biden voters or do you want more?

  10. One form or another of human bondage…. a despicable show of mental, physical and spiritual warfare against humanity. Children of the world, our brother’s children, our children.

  11. Yes, I have had enough of Biden! I am angry that he killed the Keystone pipeline and the jobs that went with it. I believe the reason was his hatred of Trump. That’s called “Cutting your nose off despite your face.” STUPID

  12. This is what a part of the US wanted, Biden’s stupidity. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to also deal with the stupidity! Some people just shouldn’t be given voting rights.

    Load up your guns and if you oryour family is attacked, be ready! Enough of getting rid of the garbage of society will help get this mess under control until we get another Trump.

    This country needs an enema of the left and gutter trash of society.

  13. I’ve been here on God’s green earth for almost 84 years and I’ve never seen anything as bad as I’ve witnessed just watching the democrats un-American activities. Yes, You heard me correct, I said un-American. Just what kind of an act is it to have small children, not with their parents and dying along the way while enter our nation ? It’s a crying shame and a total disgrace and it must be stopped. The Democrats are going to pay dearly for their crimes and that’s more than enough for me to keep on living to see them pay dearly for their crimes. If you feel a I do let your feeling be herd.

  14. Our border policy is insane and demeaning to all Americans and JoeBiteme Biden is responsible for every child or other person who dies at our southern border. He is no better than Cuomo. He needs to be indicted for murder!!!!

  15. The wall should be finished. All governments south of the Rio Grande and Mexico’s southern border should be warned that any further migration north of such masses of people will result in an invasion and overthrow of those governments followed by occupation until such time that stabilization is achieved. Central American national resources will be used to pay for such an operation.

  16. She’s right. Everything happening because of the laxed border security is a direct result of Biden’s stupidity!!

  17. G. Biden voters aren’t capable of thinking for themselves. They cannot see through the smoke and mirrors placed to confuse Biden supporters from seeing the truth. If they actually saw the truth they wouldn’t believe it anyway.

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