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Fox Fails to Appease Viewers

After coming under fire, Fox tries to make it all better. It did not end well.

Fox News has hit a crossroads with a lot of their viewers after their election coverage where they not only called Arizona early for Joe Biden, but also claimed that the Democrats were projected to have picked up a five seat gain in the House when in fact, so far, 12 seats have flipped to Republican winners.

Fox also antagonized the viewers when Neil Cavuto cut off Kayleigh McEnany when she started to talk about fraud in the election and when Sandra Smith was caught on hot mic appearing to mock a guest, Cleta Mitchell, who was also questioning the election results. But we called it, Smith exclaimed, as though that should have settled the matter. How dare Mitchell question their call that Joe Biden won!

On Friday, Sandra Smith tried to explain herself after several days of not addressing it. Frankly, she just made it worse with this.

She says she “was pointing out to the producers that we, in addition to other outlets, already called the presidential race.” Yes, that’s the problem. You still don’t get it, it’s not up to you to decide and Mitchell was right, despite you making faces about what she said.

She admits that was what she was commenting on, so what was the “false narrative?” That we weren’t supposed to see her reaction?

Then it’s interesting that this comes not shortly after she did it but days later, after they’ve hired a PR firm to try to stop the hemorrhaging of viewers. She makes it clear that’s what it’s about too, talking about the viewers, “thank you for making us your choice.” Except she doesn’t sell it well, it looks like what it probably is, a hasty put together suggestion by the PR guys. But it doesn’t demonstrate that they’ve learned anything or even understand what they did wrong. It’s just your fault and “rubes” like Cleta Mitchell for not realizing they already called it.

Needless to say, this very bad effort did not do anything to appease people.

Folks at the Million MAGA march had a message that’s not a good one for Fox.

Sources: Red State: Fox Tries to Appease Viewers With a Statement From Sandra Smith, But It Doesn’t End Well

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. What Leland Vittert did to Perrine this weekend was as bad as it gets. Rude, rude, rude!! What has happened at FOX since the kids took over? I’m down to only watching Tucker, sometimes Hannity, but I find I can find them on You Tube. Vittert was so disrespectful to this lady and did I say RUDE???

  2. Trump should pass a law that they can’t use the word news in their titles . We all know it’s not news anymore . Just BS story’s for the delusional democrats . They can call them … FAKE STORY’S STATIONS … or Peter pan station , maybe … down the rabbit hole station , the best would be … the BS station … either way it’s still fake story’s .

  3. Within a couple days of POTUS’s inauguration. Mike B of msnbc complained about his tweets to the public. Then she said: ” it is our job to tell the people what to think”.
    That, to me, describes exactly the position the msm takes when reporting to the viewers. Screw the bastards. Why would anyone waste their time absorbing reports that have to be fact checked. Their recent non-coverage of the MAGA support gathering in WDC and following violence by antifa & BLM says it all. Censorship by omission.
    Editing stories to fit the msm narrative. Cutting of guests. Rude to guests that don’t comply with the msm narrative. Their constant disrespect an vulgar comments of POTUS without any supporting proof. BS polls that are so far beyond reality. Election engineering during the voting period. Calling winners prior to the vote count competing. Not calling winners when it was obvious at 95%.
    NewsMax, OANN & Talk Radio is my go to now.

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