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Fox News Host Drops Mother of All Bombshells

Fox News finally steps its game back up to support the President.

Every one of us who voted for Trump believes that the only reason Biden appeared to walk away with more votes was because of massive election fraud. On Tuesday, during her morning show, Maria Bartiromo dropped what must be, in this crazy year, the mother of all bombshells. According to Bartiromo, an intel source told her that Trump won the election. It’s now up to the Supreme Court, said the source, to stop the clock from running so the proper election result can be implemented, returning Trump to the White House.

Americans are used to losing elections. In a two-party system, after all, one side always loses. Traditionally, the losing party licks its wounds and works to do better next time.

That changed in 2016, when Democrats refused to accept that Trump had won the election. Without any vote fraud or manipulation, they ginned up a Russia collusion hoax that was long on paranoia and short on facts that showed how Russia got Americans to vote for Trump. The whole thing fell apart with the Mueller Report’s reluctant admission that there was no collusion.

In 2020, things are different: there are dozens of proofs that Democrats gamed the election.

Some of what they did was just dirty politics. For example, they used the Wuhan Flu to destroy Trump’s crown jewel: the American economy. That wasn’t fraud; it was just evil because it meant destroying the livelihoods, savings, hopes, and dreams of millions of Americans.

Democrats also relentlessly castigated Trump as a singularly evil man, right up there with Hitler. Credulous people believed this.

Democrats also accelerated their years-long efforts to destroy election integrity. In the past, they jettisoned voter ID, implemented motor-voter registration, resisted cleaning old voter rolls, made it easier for illegal aliens to vote, and authorized ballot-harvesting.

The Wu Flu allowed them to go to town with universal absentee ballots, mail-in voting, and the abolition of ballot deadlines. Indeed, some states got so excited that they forgot to have the Legislature sign off on these changes, making invalid all votes that came in via these illegitimate means.

And don’t let anyone fob you off by claiming that it’s not fair to Biden voters suddenly to invalidate their votes just because their Democrat (or Georgia RINO) governments cheated. How about the counter-argument, which is that it’s not fair to Trump voters to invalidate their votes because the Biden voters’ supported cheating politicians?

Big Tech and the media helped. Big Tech flooded Democrat zones with money and systematically silenced conservatives, right up to Donald Trump himself. Most nefariously, tech and the media blacked out all news about Hunter Biden’s and Joe Biden’s corrupt entanglement with China.

There was also old-fashioned cheating: phony ballots, dead voters, endlessly re-counted ballots, and voting machines that were intentionally set to alter votes. Multiple analyses revealed that even if one accepted that the majority of the mail-in ballots counted after the physical polls closed were for Biden, those ballots still were insufficient to elect him. Bizarre spikes, fake shutdowns of counting, and mathematically impossible increases in vote counts all pointed to Venezuelan voting machines doing for Trump what they’d done for Chávez and Maduro.

Evidence other than the polls also predicted with virtually 100% certainty that Trump would win. Trump massively increased his support with minorities, while Biden lost black support in the Rust Belt, Trump won the all-important cookie votes, Trump had extraordinarily long coattails while Biden had none, and Trump’s voter enthusiasm was through the roof.

Another giveaway was that Democrats only pretended to campaign. Biden hid in the basement and wouldn’t talk to the media — and Kamala hid, too. They knew that the fix was in, so why bother? Fox News gave the game away when it insisted that Arizona was a Biden state long before there were sufficient data to make that call.

Despite this evidence, the courts have been craven. While leftists crow that Trump and his allies keep losing in court, Trump-supporters have noticed that the courts have consistently refused to look at the evidence. So far, the Supreme Court has been just as bad.

And that gets us to Maria Bartiromo’s Tuesday-morning bombshell. According to Bartiromo, an intel source reports that the Supreme Court is the only thing that can stop the fraud:

Maria Bartiromo: “An intel source told me President Trump did, in fact, win the election. He says that it is up to the Supreme Court to hear suits from other cases across the country to stop the clock. This follows the high court’s refusal to hear the lawsuit from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.”

Trump’s been remarkably quiet.  Maybe this is what he’s been waiting for.

American Thinker

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Fox News Host Drops Mother of All Bombshells: how many times have we heard this from different new sites in the last 5 years, Oh the democrats are doing this , The Dems are doing that, Jail time for the dems, Mother of all bombshells. Can somebody out there tell me if I missed anything of any Democrat politician been jailed, any being censored, Your can find these perverts at any country club in their area whooping it up and laughing all the way to the bank while George W. Bush, Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn and a host of other RINO’S holding the door for them.

    • Nope Ron, you didn’t miss anything. Nothing but click bait and fear mongering from the anti-American folks at Fox, or is it Fake? But, read down in the comments and you will see that the cultist eat it up, and send money.

  2. The American people will be in the poor house if Biden becomes president. China made sure Trump would not be reelected by giving the world COVID-19. We cannot prosper and help other countries if we are not the #1 power. The Democrats and Republican Rino’s helped Biden along so they can have their swamp finances back.

  3. Talk is cheap. Evidence speaks volumes. If evidence is there and judges refuse to allow it or even allow subpoenas to audit machines, we’re screwed, pure, plain and simple. At the very least one would hope SCOTUS would rule on whether or not audits should occur based on what we all now know.

  4. The Democrats seemed to have the idea that we Americans are going to turn over and allow them to have there socialistic ways, afraid not!!!! They are about to awaken the sleeping giant and then all hell will break loose. American, true Americans have fought to long and hard to let go! DO NOT TEST US!!!!!

  5. The SCOTUS MADE AN OATH! To protect and uphold the Constitution and to defend this Nation from all invasions by enemy forces! So where is their defense! They refuse to listen to the hard evidence! The whole country, including Democrats know what has been happening! Don’t forget Biden’s comment stating he had “a better organization of voter fraud than you had in 2016!”
    And let’s not forget the ongoing investigations of the Biden’s business dealings with China and Burisma! Homeland Security hearings before Congress in 2014, reported to the FBI, that went nowhere and were hidden by the media! If the Supreme Court does not step in and defend the rule of law and hear the evidence of the irregularities of the election then I have one question! What has happened to their integrity and oath of office? What can we the people now do to receive standing before we lose our republic and our freedoms?????

  6. Biden, Obamrat, Clintondeplorable, Harris and the newbies illiterates are all in someone’s pockets….gettting from China and taking from Americans.
    We Americans, who do not follow unreasonable masks and rules, should revolt. Bring on the ammo!!

    President Trump is the best president we’ve had in a long time….he was cleaning the swamp and making us strong again. ‘The Donald’ won!!! We can make it happen legally.

  7. How can the courts and half of the voting population support the election fraud that truly transpired? What is wrong with these people who call themselves patriotic Americans? They are all wrong and perpetuating the greatest crime in political history. The Democrats who perpetrated this crime of the century have got to pay for this evil pseudo-victory by putting a crime family into the White House. This treason cannot stand. The truly patriotic Americans, “We the People,” must correct this wrong or our country will never recover. We will become a totalitarian state just like China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Libya, and other crooked nations of the world.

  8. Maybe we should just insist on a all out remote using only paper and showing I’d when you vote. That should cut the fraud down some. I’m sure it will stil happen but not to the extreme is was this miserable time

  9. According to the polls and viewership reports FNC has lost 80% of the watchers. They are trying to change their tune because they fell down to the level of CNN. Not coming back… just like the NFL, I haven’t watched a GAME IN FOUR SEASONS—ever since kophucknik took a knee and the felons on the field followed. I have one thing to say to FOX–NEWSMAX!!!


    • Donna, you do realize that Trump appointed THREE of the current Supreme Court Judges, don’t you?

      Not to mention quite a few federal judges who shut his minions down for their useless cases, right?

      Your trying to tell me that the Democrats bought off all of these judges who were appointed by Trump to life time appointments? Seriously?

      • Your wrong the cases were never heard on merit which means they didn’t want to hear the evidence so they shut it down before any evidence was presented.
        Not 1 case has been heard . nobody wants to be the one who actually has to decide on the facts
        You should read the courts ruling not cnn opinion piece

  11. For those of you who are able to access One America News Network, they have pure unbiased news. They have not stopped believing in Trump and that he won the election.
    There are a few voices on Fox News Nation that have it right. Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham,
    Levin, Hilton, and Watters.

  12. Its time to take up arms and finish what potusa started take DC back with guns that way you cut out the cancer LETS ROLL

  13. Its about time someone told the truth here. President Trump has been through Hell just because he wants what is best for America. He is our President. We need President Trump. America will be destroyed in 1 year if Biden gets in.

  14. If you want to take your vote back what law says you can’t? If 14% of those who voted for Biden (81,009,468 X .14 = 11,341,325) wanted to take their vote back it would leave him with 69,558,143 and Trump with 74,111,419 would have won by 4,443,271 votes. If the 14% had switched their vote to Trump he would have won by 85,452,744. a complete land slide. What law says you can’t take back your vote. If every voter who wants to take their vote back, sent a home made ballot to their Senator or Congressman stating they were withdrawing their vote for Biden and either not voting for either or giving their vote to Trump, what says we can’t take their vote back?

  15. If you want to take your vote back what law says you can’t? If 14% of those who voted for Biden (81,009,468 X .14 = 11,341,325) wanted to take their vote back it would leave him with 69,558,143 and Trump with 74,111,419 would have won by 4,443,271 votes. If the 14% had switched their vote to Trump he would have won by 85,452,744. a complete land slide. What law says you can’t take back your vote. If every voter who wants to take their vote back, sent a home made ballot to their Senator or Congressman stating they were withdrawing their vote for Biden and either not voting for either or giving their vote to Trump, what says we can’t take their vote back? If 11,341,325 voters sent a revised ballot (home made) to the Supreme Court could/would they do nothing?

  16. The SCOTUS had taken an Oath to defend the U.S. Constitution with their hand on the bible. That is a considered as a contract under the Federal Acquisition Regulations Subpart 49.4 to Clause 52.249-6 and FAR 49.401(a). Chief Justice Roberts should be immediately removed for non compliance of these requirements. Any of the other Justices should be faced with the same requirements. Their Oath was to defend the U.S. constitution and their rejection of the Texas litigation indicates they did not perform their duties to protect the Constitution of the United States. The Democrats intention is to destroy the U.S. Constitution at all costs. The Unites States President has the right in this case to remove each SCOTUS that will not adhere to the Oath they had taken.

  17. Justice Roberts was reportedly a passenger on Epstein’s jet to his island. If true, this certainly is why he has been issuing such awful rulings. The man is owned. It also makes all his rulings suspect and should be looked into.

  18. check the net wo ownobrth of all the homes these Gov. people own. obumer , comley hill billy biden, and others 100 times there salery ???? were’s the IRS?

  19. The Lincoln project is in never never land, rhinos find that the rest of us believe in our country not traitor politicians. Next election cycle VOTE them OUT by any means possible.
    America is still America and at least 74,000,000 agree
    NO SOCIALIST get elected. NO SOCIALISM in America
    NOT EVER get it or get out

    • The Lincoln projects only purpose was to divide and keep conspiracies about President Trump going… to keep the president on the defensive…

  20. American citizens can do something. Inundate your congressman, your senator, the FBI, the DOJ and the Supreme Court with letters demanding that they do their job. And ask for a reply. You won’t get one but keep pestering them.

  21. Every Morning when I wake up I see Pelousi’s face and throw up, then I see that sarcastic smile of Bideum and throw up again. And then I think WOW IM SO GLAD I AM NOT A DUMACRAT

  22. Please GOD,YOU KNOW satans’ followers on anti-GOD comments which I see a LOT on this site. It says in the Bible if these satanist would read—I WILL BLIND THE PEOPLE TO THE TRUTH SO THEY WILL NEVER BELIEVE AGAIN IN MY SON–JESUS CHRIST–and look what is happening. It also says that the road to HELL is wide and the path to HEAVEN is narrow. SO WHICH ONE ARE YOU GOING TO BE ON BECAUSE THE ONLY WAY OFF THIS WORLD IS DEATH—–ARE YOU READY? So remember always GOD IS NOT LYING AND ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISES. So all people of this world—read the Bible and pray that OUR TRUE GOD OF THIS WORLD WILL OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE TRUTH.

  23. There is one MAJOR point which all of you are missing completely. The MAJOR point is that Jehovah God weighed in His choice for president in 2016 and in 2020. He has already said through several of His proven (meaning that when the prophet says God said…. it happens as spoken) prophets that President Trump will get two terms. Therefore, President Trump WILL SERVE TWO TERMS; PERIOD.

    Satan, and those who are working for him, knowingly or not, have made their choices and they will have to answer for what they have said and done. Have you noticed all the exposure of evil actions. God has is even more fed up with the evil. Those who have been participating in any of it are being held accountable. He is “cleaning house.” God is merciful, but He is also the God of justice. When He has had enough people pay the price. For example: Sodom and Gomorrah. All one has to do is read Genesis (first book of the Holy Bible), starting with chapter 13. Then go to Isaiah chapter 3, verse 9, and Jeremiah 23:14. If anyone is not right with God, you had better spend some private time with God. Humble yourself, agree with God that you, like all of us, are a sinner and need the saving Jesus bought with His blood on the cross. If you need instruction on this on this part, go to I truly hope and pray you will take this crucial step! It is the SINGLE, MOST IMPORTANT decision you will EVER make in your life!!!

  24. I have been furious about the way Satan has influenced so many people, blinding so many to the truth..Yeshua, our beloved Jesus, was born of a virgin, God’s breath gave life to His son. Our precious JESUS took our sins, sicknesses, burdens, curses upon His body, shed His sacred blood so that anyone of us can be freed from the burdens of sin…all of us can have the power and freedom of the Ruach ha-kodesh…God’s power of the Holy Spirit. It is a free gift from our Holy God…just believe and ask the Holy Spirit of God to come into your heart and set you free from the lies Satan is telling all of us…not our fault because he hates all of God’s creation and wants to destroy us all…socialism, communism Marxism are lies from the evil one who wants to destroy us with hatred and division…AMERICA was claimed by God loving founders…I believe President Trump has been anointed by God to lead our nation and deliver us from the evil control of satan…GOD WILL PREVAIL…Demonic lies and theft will be judged.

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