Gang Infested Baltimore Works on Fixing… The Police?

Another Democratic city being run by liberal idiots who think the way to solve crime is by attacking the people in the line of duty trying to stop it.

In Maryland, Baltimore County became the first county to enact a police reform bill. IF you remember correctly during the summer, there were several police involved shootings where officers, fearful for their lives, shot unarmed Black men. Images and footage from the scenes showed it was almost impossible to tell the difference between a weapon and a phone in these scenarios, but that did not stop some cities from overreacting.

The bill has many ridiculous provisions that hamstring police who are trying to protect the innocent public. But of course, that did not stop people from complaining that the bill did not go far enough. Liberals were complaining that the bill did not force police to walk their beat and mix with the general public enough. As someone who has a grandfather who served on the force for 20 years, I know they do this quite often.

People also complained that it did not do enough to curtail the use of chokeholds by officers. Chokeholds are one of the best, non-lethal ways to subdue a criminal. I don’t think anyone wants police officers using their weapons more often than they need to. What are they supposed to do? Sit there and ask the person to please sit down nicely? Yea, that doesn’t work.

Other activists wanted to be put in charge of the police disciplinary board. They did not want the police to regulate themselves. Given the mob mentality on the streets, you could imagine the types of findings they would have been handing down. Instead, the city has reserved 2 of the 12 seats for civilian members of the community while the rest will be comprised of law enforcement. No one will be satisfied with this but at least it is a compromise.

Baltimore needs to get its gang problems under control. Yes, policing the police is important. But being scared to walk down the street in broad daylight is the issue. It is not a safe place to live, and that is the issue.

Hopefully the attack on police is finally over so we can start making our communities safe again.

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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