Gov. DeSantis Launches Attack on Chinese Influence

Finally, leadership is taking the threat of Chinese influence seriously.

“For the last decade, the Communist Party of China has been meticulous and deliberate in their infiltration across the globe,” DeSantis said, explaining the CCP’s long-term goals and interests “are antithetical to the basic tenets of the American Republic.”

The CCP, DeSantis said, has made a mission of their global expansion of power to steal intellectual property from businesses, government, and academic institutions “all to further fuel their global objectives.” He then stressed the importance of providing strategic safeguards addressing concerns of the CCP, and other foreign powers, influencing the government, as well as academia and the economy.

That starts with what DeSantis described as one of the CCP’s “primary targets”: The education system. He briefly touched on the Chinese theft of American research, adding that the U.S. must “eliminate any tolerance of clandestine foreign influence in our schools.”

State agencies, state universities, public schools, and local governments must “never use tax dollars to establish language and culture programs with foreign governments that place the interest of those governments ahead of our own interests,” DeSantis said, mentioning CCP-funded Confucius institutes, specifically.

“With our proposal today, we will ensure that no such organization is able to gain a foothold in a Florida institution of higher education,” DeSantis said.

The proposal will require public institutions of higher education to report any gift of $50,000 more from a foreign government or a foreign person. It will also require “strict vetting” and review processes of foreign applications for important research positions.

Institutions that choose to conceal information, DeSantis warned, will pay 105 percent of the amount and give it to the state of Florida. The attorney general will take action against non-compliant institutions.

It will also require state agencies to report any gift over $50,000 and require anyone seeking a grant or contract from the state for more than $100,000 to disclose any “contact with, donation from, or grant received” from seven countries of concern. Those include China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela.

“The private entities seeking public grants or contacts in excess of $100,000 will also be required to report any contact with, donation from, or grant received from persons or entities substantially influenced by such government, having a value in excess of $50,000 from the previous five years,” DeSantis said.

“Not only is this an issue of establishing barriers to foreign influence. It’s also a measure of sound fiscal stewardship to ensure tax dollars don’t end up in the hands of the likes of Maduro, Kim Jong-un, or the Chinese Communist Party,” he added.

Further, DeSantis said the actions will “bolster law enforcement’s ability to go after corporate spies and beef penalties for any corporate espionage that benefits a foreign government.” He plans to modernize Florida law to include theft of cloud technology and “create a third-degree felony for a person who commits theft of a trade secret and a second-degree felony [for] trafficking trade secrets.”

Someone who does it for a foreign agent or entity will have their offense reclassified one degree higher “resulting in longer prison sentences,” DeSantis added.

The governor said laws will protect Floridians from foreign influence and corporate espionage, emphasizing the threat the CCP poses and deeming the proposals a “great first step.” DeSantis said he looks forward to working with the legislature to “get this on the books.”


Sources: Breitbart:  Sources: Breitbart: Ron DeSantis Unveils Sweeping Statewide Effort to Address Chinese, Foreign Influence

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. DeSantis needs to also make sure only our history is taught in our school books; no brain-washing info from other country/s are in the books & think there should be a class required for the student to study our Constitution to learn about our nation & the freedoms we have. There needs to be a committee in each state to guarantee that nothing is taught against our nation from other country/s (brain-washing the student). There needs to be more scrutinization of the people deciding what is put into the school books for our children to read, as well as the people who teach our children. Too many people from other countries have been smuggled into our school system to teach our children, as well as write in our school books that they need to go to socialism/communism instead of the freedoms & choices we have to better ourselves in our nation. We have been too laxed in our schools & socialism & communism has filtered into our nation through the teachings in schools; from elementary up through college. We need a better safeguard for our schools to stop other nations from entering into our school curriculum & from letting school teachers trained in their nation to infiltrate our schools with their ideas to teach our children (brain-washing).

  2. There are three governors that I would like to see on the 2024 ticket..DeSantis leads the way; he has less baggage than Trump and he is more solid, putting programs together that work together…Kristi Noem would be super also…how about a Ron/Kristi ticket? 🙂

  3. Guess the first one did not make it; I believe that individuals such as myself, that are activists and homemakers will be a great support for Gov. DeSantis; how about a Ron/Kristi ticket..that would be the ultimate of as perfect as one can get! Neither of them carry the baggage that Trump does and they both work with common sense….

  4. You Ask, What did i think and what was my reaction pertaining to governor DeSantis response and his attack on the Chinese Communist. Well I’ll be glad to tell you what I think but before I do let me give you a little of my background. I’m in my eighty’s now but in my youth,, as a telegraph operator, I assisted in the training of our Army Rangers during the Berlin crises. Without going into a lot of detail I’ll just say that I never in my life believe I’d live to see my beloved nation be in bed ,in more ways than one. with the Communist party. I’m sick and tired of the way our nation is being taken over by the radical Socialist and can’t wait to see our Republicans back in office.

  5. I have two recent Epoch Times newspapers which go into deep detail about this: (Jan. 6-12, 2021) How the CCP Interfered with the 2020 Election and ( Feb. 10-16, 2021) How the CCP Seeks to Control America. I also get Imprimis from Hillsdale College. Last year one of them (Sep. 2020, Volume 49, Number 9) discussed this, too. It was titled “Facing Up to the China Threat” by Brian T. Kennedy of the American Strategy Group.

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