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Here’s A List Of Dems Profiting From Election Fraud

This must be stopped.

Abrams excoriated the bill, SB 202, upon its passage Thursday, calling it an act of voter suppression and “Jim Crow 2.0,” but Kemp celebrated the bill as a means of expanding voter access and increasing security in the state’s election processes. The governor accused Abrams, who founded Fair Fight — a voter rights organization and fundraising giant — of intentionally spreading inaccurate information about the bill as a money-making scheme.

“Stacey Abrams is making a lot of money off of this,” Kemp told host Matthew Boyle. “She’s getting billionaires and other people and people that don’t even have a lot of money to give money to this cause, really saying things that are untruthful to pad her bank account.”


Kemp also said President Joe Biden — who, like Abrams, criticized the bill as “Jim Crow in the 21st Century” — displayed a lack of awareness for the bill’s provisions, arguing Biden has failed to acknowledge strict voting measures in his own home state of Delaware and that Biden’s focus on Georgia’s new law allows the president to shift attention away from the growing southern border immigration crisis.

“I think Joe Biden’s so focused on Georgia’s election law even though he doesn’t know his own laws in his own state are more restricted than we are to take the focus away from the outrageous things that are happening on the border right now with kids being trafficked and people swarming across the border,” Kemp said.

The governor added, “I think that’s probably orchestrated probably not by him but his political minions that are serving in the White House now.”

One provision of the bill specifically gained attention after some voices, including Abrams’, suggested voters waiting in lines at polls were prohibited from having access to free water.

Kemp clarified, “Certainly any voter can bring water. They can bring food. They could order a Domino’s Pizza … while they’re standing in line, but we’re not going to allow a state representative or me as governor that’s on the ballot to go out and hand water, which has actually happened before in Georgia. We’re not going to let third party groups do that whether it’s Stacey Abrams’ group, the NRA [National Rifle Association], or anybody else. That would be inappropriate within 150 feet of a polling location, but you know if you get outside of that boundary, you can hold political signs up and you can do basically whatever you want. This is just making sure voters are not bothered or intimidated while they’re in line and voting.” He added that polling locations will be able to set up self-service water coolers for those waiting in line.

Abrams, dismissing the intent of the bill’s language, had written on social media, “They criminalize free water & food for those in line”:

Kemp described Abrams’ persistent attacks on the bill as a “scam and a racket.”

“And then you got Abrams that is making money on this,” he said. “It’s just a scam and a racket in many ways, and I’m just so thankful that you guys and a lot of other people like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post and the Washington Examiner and others that are simply putting the facts out there because you know even the Atlanta paper is putting editorials out there that are just factually not correct.”

Sources: Breitbart: Exclusive – Brian Kemp: Stacey Abrams Making Money Off ‘Scam,’ ‘Racket’ Election Bill Disinformation

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Democrats do not even have to attempt to tell the truth about anything since 95+% of the media will lie for them and then cover up.

  2. I think it’s time that the American people fiscally remove these clowns from the white house

  3. Stacey is a pain in my a-s , before she run for office she need to get her front teeth fix she has gap there big enough to push a hotdogs between those teeth

  4. The John Burke society warned us of this back during the 50s that there was a slow insidious move to Marxism in our society. Is well planned it infiltrated our educational system: machine it infiltrated are academics: left-wing liberal progressives teaching their sociology classes, it entered our politics.

    We were all very fast to sleep while the technocrats were forming. Think about it folks how could a communist society allow billionaires??

    they are going to be pushing our society into a totalitarian government with a Marxist ideology wake up it’s here

  5. This is another perfect example of the Criminalocracy in action! Spacey Stacey will be caught someday & I want to see the punishment she will face!

  6. If there is anyone our there that thinks Stacy Abrams is telling the truth, you are one of the dumbest people in America. Abrams was the one that was under investigation for voter fraud and ballot harvesting. The authorities had warned her many times about this illegal conduct. But then again, you didn’t see anything happen to her did you. You think its because she is a DEMORAT.

  7. Abrams worrying about people receiving catering while standing in line to vote, does she need to wipe them in the restroom as well. I am super over her fat butt and her sister’s fatter butt. Lie, cheat, steal and now that Biden is announcing that he plans to put a BLACK WOMAN on the Supreme Court, she will really be acting out. What a mess they have made.

  8. Hunter and Joe belong in prison. Their corrupt ways continue to show this time and again. DOJ needs to
    move on this.

  9. So Gov. Kemp, why did you not take action BEFORE the vote fraud happened? Is not the legislature (and not Stacy Abrams) supposed to determine how elections will be conducted? Trump was right. The swamp badly needs to be cleaned. No more mail out ballots.

  10. abrams has fattened herself too much on the people’s money!
    There is nothing worse than a corrupt person who has a little authority.
    It is too bad that she has NO INTELLIGENCE to go with her authority!
    biden will never introspect. biden can only proffer what his handlers are telling him in his ear. biden is on his last leg. I give him two months to be impeached and harris to do what she already does covertly!

  11. Stacy Abrams is a fat ugly lying hag who has made millions of dollars lying about Georgia. She only wants power for herself, nothing else is important to her. How do I know this? Look at her lies. She claims she won the governors race but yet she lost the vote tally by 80,000 votes. She has made up stories about every republican in the country. She lies and lies and lies.

  12. Stacey Abrams probably would kiss a mule’s ass if someone would offer her $1.00 to do it. She is one of the most radical racists the Democrats have, but the Democrat Party officials have so many racial heavy hitters they tend to let her go on babbling about her “injustices.” Adams and her sister – a judge – were two principal violators of the past election in Georgia. Both of them should know a lot about how to fraud an election. If they want to live under communism, why don’t both of them get the hell out of the USA and go live in a communist country. They could also take the Obama family with them as they depart our Nation; at least do something useful for the USA.

  13. Bumbling Beijing Biden is using this to take the attention away from his border disaster. 70% of blacks agree with voter ID requirements!

  14. Republicans need to stop the talking and act stacy should be investigated for illegal vote harvesting so is the new senator all who breaks the law needs to be arrest

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