Here’s What Kamala Has Been Up To

Here’s what she did in California.

Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff​ went for a power walk on Sunday in Washington, DC, following her hush-hush overnight trip to California over the weekend. ​

The Second Couple was captured in images ​taking advantage of the 85 degrees, sunny day in the capital.​

The Veep wore a black Lululemon shirt, Nike Airmax shoes,​ and a baseball cap from Howard University, her alma mater.

​Emhoff, matching her stride for stride, sported gray shorts and a blue polo shirt.

​He topped off the outfit with a Los Angeles Dodgers ball cap.

Tattoos on his inner left arm spelled out his son Cole’s and daughter Ella’s names.

The couple were followed closely behind by a contingent of Secret Service agents.

The sojourn along DC’s streets came after Harris took off at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland for a mysterious trip to California on Friday and returned Saturday.

The White House has been tight-lipped about the reason for the cross-country jaunt, and there was nothing listed on her public schedule.

Media ​were barred from covering her arrival at Palm Springs International Airport​ but her motorcade had a heavy police presence, local media reported.

Harris jetted off for California as President Biden traveled to Capitol Hill on Friday to press Democrats to keep his legislative agenda alive after infighting threatened to scuttle his $1.2 infrastructure plan and its companion, the $3.5 trillion social spending package.

Last month, Harris went to California to support Gov. Gavin Newsom in a recall election, which he won. ​

Harris represented California in the US Senate and served as the state’s attorney general.​

Emhoff is also from the Golden State. ​

Sources: FoxNews: Kamala Harris pictured power walking in DC following secret California trip

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Veeep Harris took a secret jaunt to her questionable birth state, to take in a WOKE Netflex movie, that is all, then returned to The DC Swamp!

  2. Just who the hell is paying for all these cross-country jaunts? You guessed it…we, the American taxpayer. You can bet your bottom dollar is was a campaign trip in the sense she was twisting arms trying to drum up support for those idiotic spending bills the democrats claim will cost nothing. The cost should be borne by the Democrats.

  3. It appears that Kamala Harris does everything but her job. Biden needs to
    be removed from office but Harris is not qualified to replace Biden. She is
    a coward but also a extreme radical which was displayed in Congress and
    before in California. Her decisions and actions in California is responsible
    for many of their problems now. She should never have been allowed in the
    seat of Vice President and she has absolutely no competence to sit in the
    Presidents seat. She would cause more destruction than even Biden. She
    has backed some of the most stupid actions in this country and should be
    removed from office along with Biden. Both are a danger to this country and
    the people.

  4. Looks like all she does is take trips paid.for by tax payers!!! She hasn’t one thing since she became VP only take trips !!!

  5. Ho harris is a buffoon. the only thing she is good for is succing willies brown.

    She is a complete and udder failure as a person or leaders.

    By the way who is it that is teaching these idiots the hand gestures? all the democrats are doing the exact same thing.

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