Here’s What These Border Hoppers Have Been Up To

Murder, is what they have been up to.

Freddy Remigio Mendieta Pando, a 23-year-old illegal alien from Ecuador, was arrested and charged in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, with first-degree murder in the September 11 death of 23-year-old Karina Torres, as well as third-degree murder.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency confirmed to Breitbart News that they had lodged a detainer on Pando so that if he is released from local custody, he will be turned over to them for arrest and deportation.

According to the Upper Darby Police Department, Pando turned himself in to police and confessed to murdering Torres along the nearby Schuylkill River Trail.

Police said Pando met up with Torres, his ex-girlfriend, at the location to discuss an ongoing domestic abuse case where Pando was being charged with strangling Torres sometime in July before they broke up. Torres had secured a protection from abuse order against Pando.

Pando, facing five to 10 years in prison for domestic abuse, told police that he was talking with Torres about the case when things got heated between them and she pulled out a knife. Pando allegedly confessed to taking the knife from Torres and stabbing her with it until she was dead.

From there, police said Pando threw the knife he used to stab Torres into the nearby river, along with her cellphone. Pando then hid Torres’s body under a pile of trees and drove back to his residence after throwing out his clothes in a garbage can.

When Pando turned himself in to police, he allegedly led investigators to Torres’ body. Pando is now facing life in prison and remains at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility where he is being held without bail.

Sources: Breitbart: Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering Woman Who Reported Him for Abuse

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. A criminal coming into America and still a CRIMINAL. Now someone has to die to get people to believe.

    CRIME is the America the democraps want “CHAOS”.

  2. This is just the beginning and look into the future. How are all these “immigrants” suppose to live without aid. They will still commit crimes. Not all of them but enough to swing the nest election and lower our living standards to that of Venezuela. Just watch. There will need to be a revolution at some point in time.

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