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Here’s What’s Coming Up For Dems

It’s not looking good… for them!

A poll conducted by NBC News in August found that President Biden’s approval rating among Independents tanked and Congressional preference increased in favor of Republicans.

The poll, which took place August 14-17, in the midst of the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, showed President Biden’s approval rating among Independents down 15 points, his handling of the economy down 15 points, and his handling of the Wuhan coronavirus down nearly 30 points. Congressional preference among Independents swung 15 points in favor of Republicans.

In NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, moderator Chuck Todd discussed the findings of the poll and how Independents could decide the fate of future elections.

“There’s one small group of voters that make the polls move and I want to show you who they are. They’re hardcore independents. This is less than 15% of our sample,” Todd stated. “They’re the only people that seem to be moved by events. President Biden’s job approval, in April, among independents, 61, now 46. On the economy, it dropped 15 points. On handling of Covid, it dropped a whopping 30 points. On congressional preference, you saw a swing of 15 points.”

Todd then added that Independents are the “only voters in America” who are “actaully moved by public events,” such as COVID-19 and the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“The point is, these are the only voters in America that are actually moved by public events, what’s happening in the administration,” Todd said. “This group of independents, that’s who’s going to decide who’s in charge of our politics for the next couple of years.”

Sources: TownHall: New Polling Spells Very Bad News for Democrats

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. All those polls are forgetting a whole slew of voters, voters who are as much impacted by the stupid actions of the left extremists that we find at the head of the party!
    All the little people, the REAL democrats, who toil everyday to put food on the table, raise their children the proper way, they are all afflicted in the same ways the Conservatives are: TAXES, TAXES, TAXES. Every store has to raise their prices because the fuel to transport everything from the harbors is more expensive. The food. same problem! ( plus, the lack of water makes everything less available and more expensive for less quantity), etc, etc, etc.
    Now, the “””despicables, the smellies, the uneducated, the trades, the UNSOPHISTICATED””” are realizing they are able to CREATE THE CHANGES NEEDED to bring what was 8 months ago back!
    And they are ready!
    All these LIARS and ARROGANT worthless in the media are helping the real democrats make their minds up! Keep up the horrific job, Hairless Butterball, cuomo, MADCOW and company, little pus .y-whipped Joe and girlfriend. Keep going spreading the disinformation, the lies, the horrendous job you are doing!
    You the DEMONS of the left, thank you!

  2. My poll number is “0” for Biden and every member of the anti American Biden administration. including the laughing hyena.

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