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Homeless Woman Proves the American Dream

A homeless woman showed how to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and live the American Dream.

“Just nine years ago, I was homeless, and only in America can someone go from being homeless to the House of Representatives in less than nine years,” Cammack said on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Cammack continued, “I ended up getting involved [in politics] when in 2011 an Obama era housing program took away our family’s cattle ranch out west, and after being homeless for several months, I made the life decision get involved rather than take over the family business, which had been my plan all along.”

Cammack emphasized the power of agency while recalling that she slept in her car while homeless.

“I remember so distinctly, thinking I’m never going to be in this position again,” Cammack shared. “I don’t have to get depressed or sad about this, because life is about choices, and I’m making a choice that is going to be better for me tomorrow, and keep on going, and that’s how you pull yourself up from your bootstraps.”

Sources: Breitbart: Rep. Elect Kat Cammack: ‘Only in America’ Could I Go from Homelessness to Congress

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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