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Hostile Nation Happy To Have Weaker President Biden

A hostile nation kept in check by Trump will now run rampant.

China’s state media appeared to believe relations could get better with the U.S. in the wake of media reports prematurely declaring Democrat Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Editorials in the Chinese state media were optimistic about future trade and other relations with the U.S. after the Trump administration’s stronger stance against the Communist government. The state-backed newspaper Global Times urged Beijing to work with Biden’s team even as U.S. election results are still not complete and the Chinese government has not issued any official comment on the outcome.

The Global Times, a tabloid published by the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party, urged the government to “communicate with the Biden team as thoroughly as it can, making greater joint efforts to recover China-US relations to a state of great predictability.”

The outlet contended that President Trump’s strategy of pressuring China led to “bubbles” in U.S.-China policy. But a potential Biden administration could signal a shift as cited experts indicated that it would provide some “breathing room” for tense China-US relations.

“We believe it is possible to pop those bubbles,” the outlet said. “It’s in the common interests of people from both countries and of international community that China-U.S. relations become eased and controllable.”

“Biden entering the White House is expected to provide an opportunity for breakthroughs in resuming high-level communication and rebuilding mutual strategic trust between the two major countries, some experts forecast,” the Global Times stated.

“Biden is expected to appoint more professional officials to his diplomatic team,” the article claimed.

Relations between the two nations could be “reset for the better,” especially on trade, the state-run newspaper China Daily said in an editorial published on Sunday.

“By adhering to this approach and strengthening the ballast of their trade ties, the two countries can regain the generally positive momentum that has characterized their relations over the past four decades,” the editorial said.

In the article citing Chinese experts, the Global Times suggested that a Biden win would mean some “adjustment” in the frayed relations between the U.S. and China, but “no significant change.”

“The outcome could usher in a ‘buffering period’ for already-tense China-U.S. relations, and offer an opportunity for breakthroughs in resuming high-level communication and rebuilding mutual strategic trust,” the article stated, claiming that Biden would be “more moderate and mature” than Trump.

“It is one of the last threads linking the two sides,” the country’s official English language newspaper said in a separate editorial on the issue of trade. “It is notable that neither Beijing nor Washington has ventured to scrap the hard-earned so-called phase one deal they negotiated.”

Meanwhile, the Global Times article claimed that Trump’s position on trade issues “is not necessarily a mainstream GOP view.”

Global Times Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin claimed that China has been careful to “keep its distance” from the presidential race in the U.S.

The newspaper also noted in a tweet that the “Trump era is seemingly over” as leaders of Canada, Britain, France, India and Germany had already congratulated Biden.

But its Sunday article suggested that, according to Chinese analysts, there could be a possible “final madness” from Trump regarding China as his term ends.

The People’s Daily took a shot at the president over the weekend as he tweeted about election results before the U.S. media took it upon themselves to declare Biden the victor. The Twitter account for the official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party retweeted Trump’s post with the comment, “HaHa,” but appeared to delete it sometime later.

China, like Russia, has not officially issued a statement on the election outcome, though many other leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have publicly congratulated Biden. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin did not seem to be jumping on the bandwagon yet.

“We understand that the outcome of the general election will be determined in accordance with the laws and procedures of the United States,” Wang told CNN. “We will handle the issue of the statement (of congratulations) in accordance with international practice.”


Sources: BPR: Chinese state media seems eager and optimistic about Biden win

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Beginning with WOOPY GOLDBERG nad the Local Domestic ENEMIES OF THE REPUBLIC , I am Sure that Iran, China, Nato and other Foreign Enemies are having a POST TDS celbration in their SQUARES like in nYC to give raise to COVID 19 so that dementia Biden can CURE thta cHINA TERROR ATTACK on the World! LOL

  2. we all hope that Biden be more careful to deal with his VP and the Socialism group , who are hide under Democrat umbrella . we had seen a lot of things were not good for America during the period of 2008-2016. Those try to label themselves as the patriot , but actually they manipulated the citizen for the ballots. When they gain the powers in their hands they destroy our culture, sabotage the history and weaken our nation totally. They scrapped Defense budget , made USA powerless , bowed in front of the enemies , just think a moment and refreshing your mind . The guy head of the free world was called S.O.B. His diplomatic relationship to other Nations were so weak. Biden was in that administration. How many Americans were release while in their enemy hands? How was the economy then? We are kind of worry for the four years ahead. People please praying that GOD would give them the wisdoms, IN GOD WE TRUST. During 2008-2016 there any celebration the Holy Xmas in the White House ?

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