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How Dems Decide Who Should Resign

The guy who sexually harassed female workers? Nah, ignore him.

Following the results of an investigation from New York Attorney General Letitia James which found that Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) sexually harassed female workers in violation of state and federal law, various figures have weighed in. When it comes to fellow Democrats, however, the reactions have been mixed.

New York senators and representatives, regardless of party affiliation, have called on Cuomo to resign, as has President Joe Biden. The president, however, wouldn’t really comment on whether or not he should be impeached should he refuse to resign.

As Madeline highlighted though, many Democratic governors have failed to make such a call. This includes, as Reagan pointed out, Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA), who has faced his own scandals.

Days after he made remarks advocating for infanticide in 2019, it was revealed that Northam appeared in a yearbook photo where he was either wearing blackface or appearing in a KKK outfit. He also admitted to wearing blackface for a Michael Jackson moonwalking contest.

Another Virginia governor has weighed in, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who is running again as the Democratic nominee for 2021.

McAuliffe has called on Cuomo to resign. “Yes. He can’t serve anymore. He doesn’t have the capacity to govern,” when asked by Edward-Isaac Dovere.

When it comes to how McAuliffe called on Northam to resign, though Northam ultimately did not resign, McAuliffe says that it’s different, and that he believes Northam when he said he didn’t appear in the yearbook photo.

However, as The Washington Post reported not long after the photos were unearthed, “Gov. Ralph Northam admits he was in 1984 yearbook photo showing figures in blackface, KKK hood.”

In a Sunday column for Townhall, Derek Hunter pointed out other particularly shameful reactions from Democrats.

Perhaps no one else is worse than MSNBC’s Joy Reid:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made it to the weekend and will likely go nowhere, ultimately. Republicans will continue to attack him, which will eventually cause leftists to rally around him. Noted racist and homophobe Joy Reid came to Cuomo’s defense because she’s a bad person.
Within 30 seconds of talking about the scandal, Reid managed to make it about Donald Trump because she’s an intellectual lightweight and obedient dog to the liberal establishment. Were she not, she wouldn’t have a job. Her past anti-gay writings and lies about them being the result of a hack would’ve destroyed most people, but she’s quick to cry racism and that scares MSNBC. Half their programming is calling everyone else a racist, their audience is conditioned to believe the charge. The rest of the country, thanks to this business model, now tune it out, it having been sapped of all its power. It’s why the left started using “white supremacy” more often. It’s just as dumb, just as meaningless and empty, but the people they’ve made numb to “racist” haven’t adjusted their cynicism yet.

Curtis Houck covered the segment for NewsBusters and also tweeted clips.

As Audrey Unverferth mentioned for The Federalist, it’s not just McAuliffe who called on Northam to resign in 2019, only to since support him when he did not.

This includes Biden who just a few months ago gushed that Northam is “one of the best governors in the country,” and had also said “Governor, I really mean this, I’m not being political, you’ve done one hell of a job.”

The same reaction is likely if and when Cuomo doesn’t resign, who has refused to do so, despite polls showing a majority of New Yorkers want him to. This includes Democrats.

Sources: TownHall: The Democratic Standard of Deciding Who Should Resign is a Strange One

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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