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How Many Crisis’ Can One President Be Responsible For?

Biden is setting records, that’s for sure.

Well, we’re all on the Titanic, and everyone is going to drown with Joe Biden captaining the ship. It’s actually worse. Whereas the lookouts might see the iceberg, under Captain Joe, his order is to go full-steam ahead into the mound of ice. Why? Well, if he just assures the crew and passengers that nothing is wrong, maybe the ship won’t hit.

That’s been the modus operandi of the Biden administration. Give a speech, check it off the list, and pat yourself on the back for handling a crisis. That’s not how any of this works. Maybe when you’re half braindead like Joe, it does, but multiple crises are eating away at the nation, and Joe is nowhere to be found. Worse yet, he’s the task force king, but they never solve anything.

Let’s start with the global supply chain fiasco. It’s a ticking time bomb. We’re already seeing empty shelves due to a lack of goods, and we’re even getting warnings to be prepared that not everything we want in grocery stores will be readily available. Why? Well, it’s due to a lack of labor and COVID protocols at the ports. It’s mostly the former. What’s Joe’s solution? He wants to keep the ports open 24/7 because there are fewer people on the road at night. I’m not making this up. He pretty much said this. Joe, again—lack of labor. What don’t you understand? This is what happens when you go on an unemployment benefits extravaganza.

Inflation is already a known problem, with paychecks being diminished and grocery bills starting to strangle American families. How do Democrats respond to this? Well, apparently, they think inflation is solely a “high class” problem. Right, because only the rich can feel the pinch of inflation. That’s the embodiment of the snobby, insulated, and detached liberal elite. They truly think middle and working-class families don’t see any price spikes. It’s actually the opposite. The rich and the elites, which is liberal America, can afford to soak up the spike in prices.

What about natural gas? Yeah, let’s talk about this looming crisis because Joe Biden is truly about to become the grim reaper if nothing is done. We’re expecting natural gas prices to spike between 30-50 percent from last year. These people do know that fixed-income seniors are screwed, right? They do know that working families’ home budgets are about to be blown up, right? Heat the home or starve—the new motto of Biden’s America.

I don’t even need to discuss job creation. Biden’s jobs reports have been utter garbage. So, what about China and foreign policy? Well, they tested a hypersonic missile recently that totally caught our intelligence community off guard. Why? Did they focus too much time on manufacturing evidence to prop up the Russian collusion myth to hamstring the Trump administration to notice? And where is Joe on all of this? Sleeping?

The border situation is still out of control. The nation is done with COVID. Airline pilots and workers are revolting. This man just can’t do the job. He tried to be a basement president and do most of this stuff via executive order. Well, now he needs a legislative win—and he’s not going to get it. At least one that will satisfy the most vocal and aggressive wing of his base.

I guess that’s why he takes vacation all the time? He looks at one briefing sheet and blows a fuse. Right now, five compartments on this ship Joe is captaining are flooded, but he wants to sell that his navigation plan is stellar and we’re not sinking. This is dementia, and it’s deadly when it’s in the captain’s seat.

Sources: TownHall: The Biden White House Is Engulfed with Crises…and Joe Probably Doesn’t Know

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I assume China will make their move onTaiwan very soon. Possibly when Joe is out of the country. Russia too will also be on the move to gobble up their old territories.

    China ia also buying up and creating ports around the world to control supply.

    Better stock up. Remember you can live 35+ days without food but only about 7 days without water.

    Time for an ice cream cone.

  2. When your a democrat/ liberal / progressive you do not know how the world works, how economics works, and how people work you can pretty much screw up everything.

    Every liberal / democrat / progressive on earth deserves to be turned into fertilizer.

    They would finalize have a use and make the world beautiful.

  3. They better impeach that idiot it should be in a nursing home or better yet prison for trying to sell our country out along with a handful of his beloved followers unfortunately quite a few of my friends voted for the idiot and they regret the hell out of it and I let him know on a daily basis how stupid they were

  4. “How Many Crisis’ Can One President Be Responsible For?”,…. I have lost count in ten months and three days how many he has had !,…. But with this many so far,…. we are doomed if this Idiot Stays,…. worse off if the hooker takes over,…. and totally screwed if nutty nasty nancy takes over,….
    how was it we ended up with the top four positions filled with mental incompetents, And anti-American, Idiots

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